Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot Comment Leads CNN To Fire Him


Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot Comment Leads CNN To Fire Him – CNN’s Rich Sanchez has never been the type to bite his tongue. During his Sirius radio show on Thursday he made a number of comments that have been quite controversial and have been discussed around the internet. He called Jon Stewart a “bigot” and also said that CNN and other networks are run completely by Jewish people.

When the subject of Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” was brought up, he said that he was not a fan of the show and that he considered Stewart to be a “bigot.” The conversation started with Sanchez attacking the Northeast establishment liberals, who he believes see him as a guy that is on the second tier of the nation.

He also said that he thinks that guys like Stewart and Stephen Colbert see him in a similar way as well.
It is interesting that he decided to attack Jon Stewart. Although he does express some very personal opinions on the show and can debate with the best of them, he opts for keeping his show more comedy heavy, and never getting too overly serious with any of his segments.

Sanchez did not go on to explain why he thought that Stewart was a “bigot.” When asked who he was bigoted against, he replied by saying that he believed it was ”anyone else who was not like him.”


Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN earlier this afternoon.


  1. It is a big mistake to corner Rick into a position where he express a personal opinion. As a journalist, he has been one of the most fair that I have watched. I am a liberal Democrat, and I believe Rick deserves the benefit of the doubt.

    Please NBC, offer Rick a position so that he can continue his nonpartisan journalism.

    Or Rick, come to South Florida and let run for an elected office on the Democrate ticket.

  2. Rich Sanchez is an outstanding news journalist and commentator. What have you done, CNN? I hope another network grabs him soon so that he may continue what he does best! To fire him so quickly over his personal remark sorta validates his opinion of being treated like a person on the second rung. He has the courage to say what many people feel, and for this he should be held in high esteem.

  3. I’ve enjoyed Ricks show however what sticks to my skin is that his actions and statements are just a reflection and retort to the exact sentiments that he expresses? I don’t know too many races or religions that have escaped persecution of their skin tone or faith and Rick continues the cycle…

    For those that don’t think that those of the Jewish faith have not had bigotry directed towards them just consider Rick’s remarks. He also made note of economic privy which suggest that these folks were all born into wealth and therefore powerful? Is there a resentment towards the greater majority of leaders that did start from the bottom up as he indicates to be his experience? This is a very angry person…

  4. i love rick, been watching him for years,and he’s right,if you are not a straight, white man in this country, you are f*cked

  5. Journalists are NOT supposed to express their personal opinions. Unfortunately, Rick Sanchez did it all the time….Fire his ass? YES….

  6. Sanchez thought ‘He’ was the star of the show when interviewing a guest, interrrupting often and making speeches …………. about time he got fired. YESSSSS.

  7. Hello My name is Lisa I am a White Person but I do have a name. Lets quit this name calling it’s not funny not even to a comdiean now, I would be a good comdiean but I would use clean jokes not dirty jokes to hurt other people’s feelings now, that is what this John Person did to Rick he hurt his feelings first so Rick decided to hurt him back and he gets fired for it I mean really! I watched Rick’s shows everyday and I love watching him he say’s like it is normally you don’t here things like that anymore so CNN Are you scared of the truth? Rick is just telling it like it!! Wake up people.

  8. By the way I am writing a book myself it’s about my family. I was adopted at age five years old and I was suppose to give them hope, love and joy then five years later my dad dies of colon cancer and his family will not talk with me anymore. I do have a disability does this mean I am stupid well, not if I play the Grand Piano as a concery professionalism I don’t think I am that stupid. I am on Chapter Twenty Five right now, I am in high school my first day there and I got lost too! I would love for Rick to promote my book if he will. I think Rick is a very nice kind man. He has every right to stick up for his heritage and people keep on slapping him down and that’s not a nice thing to do! After reading my book maybe the world will see things differently. I had to deal with Bullies too and I broke ONe boy nose for tryting to push me. That is how I handled the bullies. I think you should take Rick back or give him another network he is a kind man but he does have that other side to him we all do even I do. We should not judge him and your pointing that finger at him. Rick your probably wondering why I am sticking up for you I do on all the celebrities that get pounded by the media or by other peoole who do no know them! They entertain us yes. But I like clean entertaining like Star Trek for example the only swear word they used is “Hell or Damn and that’s about it. I do like scary movies too. Not at the age of seven years old I didn’t that will be in my book. I hope Rick is reading this because I think I know you from my childhood as a boy. I think I knew your mother too she was very nice to me but a little wild. I think it was you I remember a little Spanish Boy Named Rick you had a crush on me but I was not interested. I hope this helps. I Do Like Rick and his shows. I can’t beleive you fired him. Why hasn’t Fox news fired Glen Beck well, Rick go to Fox News They will give you a contract I am sure of it. I got get back to my book so I will say so long. Rick Keep your chin up things will work good for you and your family. Love and best wishes Lisa.

  9. Sad to say that subtle racism is rampant in America. No doubt. Unfortunately, this kind of racism can negatively affect one’s own intellect and mental well being. All kind of discrimination is plain wrong. So anyone who subjects to racism may, hopefully, be relieved if they know that any act of racism is due to his/her fault, but rather stems from the racist’s narrow mindedness.