Megyn Kelly Slams Stephen Colbert Congres Testimony


Megyn Kelly Slams Stephen Colbert Congres Testimony – Megyn Kelly is not happy with the testimony that Steven Colbert gave before Congress regarding immigration and migrant workers in the United States. He took to the stage and mostly delivered jokes to Congress, instead of ditching his act and speaking candidly about his feelings on the subject. Colbert is a pretty sharp guy, but apparently was not smart enough to realize that he should drop his act instead of wasting the dollars of taxpayers around the world.

During her show, “America Live,” Megyn Kelly spoke out against the testimony, admitting that it may have been “hilarious to some” but also said that it was “a huge waste of taxpayer time and money.”

During his testimony Colbert was asked to leave, but then other committee members asked that he be allowed to stay. While Colbert was talking about very real issues, he did so in a joking manner that was likely to draw more attention to his own show than to give his opinion on the policy changes that the country needs.

There was one moment at the end of his testimony, during which he said that he thought that we should issue more visas to migrant workers who are willing to do the jobs that many Americans are not, instead of ousting them from the country. It will be interesting to see if Colbert continues to be criticized for his humorous exchange with the Congressional committee.


  1. I find Fox News the most repulsive organization imaginable.

    Yesterday there was another story about the Chrysler workers drinking on the job. Megyn Kelly tried to tie this to Obama!! Unbelievable! At the end of the interview she said this happened “5 days after the Obama pep talk”, so “no more pep talks”! She seemed to be implying the pep talk was related – Fox News will stop at NOTHING to attempt to discredit the President!

    Neither Kelly or Congressman King didn’t like what Colbert had to say, so her/his response is that Colbert is a liar.

    I suspect that by accusing Colbert of not really working a day in agriculture, they hope that nobody will notice he’s not refuting the points Colbert made— namely:

    1. Farmwork is hard. Not many people want to do it.
    2. Farms are shutting down because of the lack of available labor.
    3. Production of fruits and vegetables is moving to other countries.
    4. People from other countries are going to pick the crops that still are grown here — whether we give them visas or they come here illegally.

    Kelly and King can attempt to discredit Colbert all they want to, but that doesn’t change the situation.

  2. I wonder if Megyn and Jerry (the writer of this column) truly don’t understand the concept of what Stephen was trying to do, or if they simply try to ignore it for their own benefit.

    Stephen’s claim to fame is being a comedian. He’s not a politician. So if he gets invited to speak in front of the Congress, he should first of all take the opportunity with both hands (isn’t that his duty as an American, to be involved in the political process?), and secondly, he should not forget who he is and how he got there: as a comedian.

    Through rediculous extrapolations, hyperbolics, obvious sarcasm and other humorous methods, he explains exactly the points that missmolly eloquently describes in her comment above. Does that cost the taxpayer ludicrous amounts of money? It’s 5 minutes, for christ’s sake, and Congress _invited_ him!

    Let’s be clear: if they listened carefully, they probably learned a lot more from his five minute speech than from any tea party supporter in the last six months.

    The funny thing is: republicans are now trying to discredit the comedian. Firing an ad hominem at a comedian for doing both his work and his duty as a citizen, that’s hilarious. Especially when it’s blatantly obvious that this is simply done in order to downgrade his message, because they can’t find some actual relevant arguments to discredit the point of view itself.

  3. I found what Colbert did funny as hell. Its ironic that the CONservatives and reTHUGlicans didn’t like it, considering that they have had their celebrities testify infront of CONgress. Maybe the subject matter had something to do with it? Oh well, I hope that we can see more of that