Master Chef Winner 2010 – Whitney Miller


Master Chef Winner 2010 – Whitney Miller – Surprisingly, Whitney Miller was able to win the Master Chef competition on Fox on Wednesday night. Her competition was David Miller, a 29 year old software engineer from Boston also is a student. The two of them squared off for the coveted title of Master Chef. The contestants were asked to cook their three best dishes including an appetizer, entree and dessert.

Whitney went with a corn cake, country fried chicken and a break budding for desert. David went a little more traditional with his choices, cooking scallops ceviche, beef wellington and nectarine crepes.

Coming down to the final minutes of the competition things remained close. Whitney threw her chicken in with just ten minutes left but was able to finish just in the nick of time. The judges were very fond of the food that she cooked, and said that she knows how to cook her best dishes very well.

They were initially worried about her buttermilk chicken and collard greens, saying that she would not have time to cook it in seven mi9nutes. She proved everyone wrong when she was able to get it done and ready to eat in less time.

It was a wonderful ending to a great season of Master Chef, which has become one of the networks most popular shows since it premiered. It will be interesting to see who they bring on or the next season of the show.


  1. What a joke that finale was….you watch for an entire season to see someone win by undercooking 2 shrimp and making a simple piece of fried chicken over glorified creamed spinach???

    Gordon needs to be reminded that it’s not a popularity contest, but a cooking competition.

    I can assure you I won’t be tuning in for season 2.

    • Obviously we are always disappointed when we don’t see the person win that we rooted for. But to say she didn’t deserve to win based on undercooked shrimp (Joe said he was concerned it wasn’t done, but never said it was undercooked for sure) or a simple piece of fried chicken over glorified creamed spinach? First off the simplest recipes are the hardest to make taste awesome. It wasn’t fried chicken, it was buttermilk chicken fried chicken. Very different in flavor and texture. Secondly, the glorified creamed spinach was collard greens which are very difficult to cook as well as she did in the time limit given. Her food was done her way and utilized her roots. David Miller was cocky and his beef dish was horrible, the pastry was not fluffy, the beef was not cooked properly. They showed the bad in both people to get the drama factor. She was the better chef, she won. No need to be bitter. Good for her.

      • David Miller was not cocky but a confident 29 year old software engineer. Sometimes the jealousy in judges causes people to lose or maybe this country has too many feminist ideals. The big guy in the middle brags about being a top chef at the age of 27 henceforth the hypocrisy!!! Just as when they cheated taht “stephan guy in Top chef; the insulted the contestants this year again by allowing a simpleminded cook like Kevin” to win over Angelo whose taste and refinement of food is obvouisly more Top Chef-like.

        • Feminist ideals??? What the hell does that have to do with anything? Sounds like someone is a self-loathing female to me. (Hint: you).

      • Are you serious??buttermilk fried chicken is not any harder to make. The buttermilk makes the chicken moister and keeps the chicken tender. It does NOT make frying the chicken more difficult. Collard greens are not hugely more difficlt to cook than spinach, yes collard greens need a longer cooking time-but really it is not complicated. Next your going to tell me the difficulty of making a no-bake cheesecake – b/c as far as I am concerned a no-bake cheesecake should have never gotten her into the finals! No bake cheesecake it was appalling!!!

    • Are you a family member of Dave’s? It is like he looked in a Gordon Ramsy cookbook. Studied what he likes. Practiced those things over and over. Tried cooking like Gordon Ramsy. Not creative at all. Those dishes didnt tell me anything about his personality nor what his cookbook would consist of. Not buying that cookbook.

      • I did not like David much – but I have to ask where is the creativity in frying a piece of chicken?? The only thing I can think of is that maybe generally do not cook enough but I learned to fry chicken by the time I was in high school it is not really difficult!

    • Yeah, honestly think it was jealousy on both the big guys part and Gordon because David Miller needed it and deserved it more than the 22 yr old from mississippi???

    • Yeah think Gordon and the chubby judge were protecting there own ego’s; knowing that when dave miller becomes a chef h’ll make thema thing of the past !!!

    • IT WAS AWESOME!! BY FAR THE BEST COOKING COMPETITION I’VE WATCHED IN A VERY LONG TIME !! the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) concept was applied here and proved to be a winner.

    • It was a good season end. first of all you don’t have the right to say that it sucked because you weren’t even a part of it. you’re just a mere spectator of what those people have gone through. If you were in their shoes, would you rather risk making the most difficult dishes and lose what you’ve worked hard for? yeah it’s a cooking contest. in real life, if you do mess up a part of a dish to be served to the public, youre f*cked. and david messed up a bit, that’s why he lost. whitney earned it so give some respect. and nobody cares if you don’t tune in for season 2.

    • David is a good chef but lets be honest. He was not really cooking his own food. He was pretty much just trying to win Gordon Ramsey by cooking his signature and favorite dishes. He wasn’t bringing master chef worthy creativity he was playing a teachers pet card. It is a good show!

  2. Ok, I know David in person and he is a amazing person he is cocky but that’s just who he is. He didn’t act differently for the show and i applaud that. It was by my understanding a producer decision not the judges to pick Whitney she had more people rooting for her and well it was a clear choice. I am surprised they even went through with it after how bad she did in the final match.. just awful, really… Dave was head and shoulders over her courses and you could see it in their faces. You have yet to see the last of Dave and if you Don’t like him fine but hes amazing entertainment and I’m sure you talked more about David then Whitney during and after the show 😛

    • Loved his work and think that the big guy in the middle who brags about having been a top chef at age 27…; is the jealous bastard who costed Dave the prize !!! Perhaps Gordon was a little jealous too because it was obvious that Joe and the rest of us who know what the competion was all about were rooting for him. Honestly am from New York why would i go to a restuarant to eat anything that she prepared from homecooking recipes if can do it myself ???

    • Tell dave the East coast (N.Y.) thinks he rocks and we the judges were being harsh and phony cause nobody’s gonna pay for some homecooked recipe at a restaurant when they can have that at Grandma’s for free.

  3. I am so glad that Whitney won… Im not saying that david was not a bad cook, but he acted so full of himself and then cried over his beef like a spoiled child who thought that his little tears would of swayed the judges to him. lmao glad you lost and congrads to a girl who deserved the title. Hope to see you in the future on top chef. David go home to Mommy and learn how to be a man.

    • For your information “real men” do cry than you very much. And being competitive is not a crime it was a competition and being from the east coast sometimes it comes as conceited; but was just his game face. Maybe you should lighten up !!!

    • Wow you sound like another jealous bastard; could it be you and the big guy in the middle have something in common. If you at the start of the program he brags about having been a top chef at the afe of 27…;
      oh the hypocricy …; oh how jealous are we, huh rick ???

  4. What a JOKE ! I will not watch this crap again, full of filler material and emotional response crap, i want to see cooking not the dam family or the personal interviews. And the two guys who deserved the win that showed the most technical skills and complexity were cast aside so some southern idiot cooking the same old thing could have the win. absolutely disgusting. typical American crap on tv today, what a waste. hope fully david miller gets his own show, and i will buy anything and eat anything that man makes. The other guy was great too, great skills and world class presentation. What a shame. I think gordon ramsey is finally showing his true colors, he works for the television industry.

    • Agree with you 100% … what a joke; big guy in the middle brags about being #1 at the age of 27 and then denies David miller a skilled artisan the rightful winner and gives prize to a 22yr old from mississipi ??? Am from New York and that was total b.s.; unfortunate for mr. miller who unfortunately shares the same last name.

  5. I think Whitney deserved to win!! She has heart and soul when she cooks. She is confident and very humble at the same time. She can cook for being so young. Never underestimate a country girl. You Rock Whitney!!!

  6. Whitney won because she took very modern country dishes and added a very high quality flair to them. Her dishes were the only ones that were truly unique yet she stayed true to herself and her heritage. I think this is the first king of fusion of it’s kind! Gourmet southern food! She deserved the win for being unique in her strategy.

    • what is unique about fried chicken? I am confused. She seems a very talented pastry chef but I have to say the last episode where she made both a no-bake cheescake and fried a piece of chicken do not seem to demonstrate any flair or gourmet talent. I am appaled that she made it toe finals based on a no-bake cheesecake and then won with a piece of fried chicken! I know allot of people who apparently could be considered a master chef!

  7. I think it was very hard to tell whose cooking was best from just watching TV. Ramsay seemed to imply that the beef Wellington was ruined by slicing into it too soon. Joe B implied the shrimp was not cooked properly. All we can go by are odd comments. I can say that of the 2, I’d sooner have eaten her meal than his. I don’t care for overly contrived food, which his seemed to be. But others seem to appreciate it, and that’s fine too.


  9. obvious from start judges were all gaga over Whitney – the ingenue… especially Joe, Lydia’s son.
    it was plainly a popularity contest

  10. Hmmm it seemed that Gordon wanted her to win. I cannot believe she made it to the final round based on no-bake cheesecake??? There is nothing wrong with simple cooking. But I am willing to bet if Gordon came to my house and I served him basic fried chicken, a marginal appetizer followed by a no-bake cheescake he would have turned up his nose. She is a lovely girl with a talent for baking but I do not need a cookbook from her to make a no-bake cheescake and fried chicken…

  11. I too think that David was a little cocky…That seems to be the norm for most chefs :o( I am happy that Whitney won…It was a competition and Whitney is who the judges picked…”PLAIN & SIMPLE” Nasty remarks about her cooking is unnecessary and totally uncalled for… I love to cook…But to be under that kind of pressure would not be worth it to me for any amount of money!!! David seemed to make the “FANCY” restaurant meals that I personally think are over priced and leave you wanting to swing into a drive through on your way home :o( He is 22 and stayed true to her roots for this competition…For that…I applaud you Whitney!!! PS I have a 22 year old that has just recently mastered packaged biscuits & gravy :o)

  12. I was so happy to see Whitney win! She won the most competitions throughout the season and was almost always in the top. David didn’t fare quite as well, although I’m not knocking him. I was incredibly surprised to see him make it to the finals though. The stipulations for the final dishes was for the contestents to make THEIR best dishes, the dishes they get the most requests for. If fried chicken and collard greens are the dishes Whitney receives the most requests for and makes the best, then of course she should make them. David obviously tried something that was much more elegent, but not his BEST dishes because they simply didn’t work. Beef Wellington is really not that hard when using frozen puff pastry as David obviously did. I am NOT a chef, not even an actual cook as my husband does all the cooking and I just attempt different dishes for fun. Even I can make very good beef wellington (although not with their time constraints) and also make my own puff pastry. Making her BEST dishes (although considered simple according to many of the comments posted) worked for Whitney. So as far as I’m concerned the right person won!

  13. What I think is a joke are the people that have not tasted either dish trying to say who “should” have won….obviously her food tasted better all around. Just because something looks good on the plate, does not mean it tastes good.

  14. Loved the show, but I am sorry, there is no way Whitney should have won. David’s ego cost him the title. They want the show to be a success so they picked America’s sweet heart. Besides if David is a software engineer he is already making decent money……..That was his second downfall. This is America where we root for the under dog and if the under dog doesn’t win, we give them a handicap.

  15. I will be watching the next show. I’m happy that girl won. And I’m sure she cares less about what some of u haters think. She’s a chef now. And she won lol now move on peoplecuz ur wasting ur time talking about it cuz we are not the ones making the money off that show.

  16. whitney won! this is gordon ramsay were talking about, in his dictionary, YOUNG CONTESTANTS who has potential ALWAYS WINS NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE OLDER ONCE ARE. CHECK ALL THE SEASONS IN HELLS KITCHEN TO FIND OUT THE WINNER’S AGE, SO WHITNEY WINNING IS NO SURPRISE. I rather see SHEETAL win, she is publishing her own cook book ryt now and can’t wait. I hope david miller is making his cook book to.

  17. for gordon ramsay, the youngest contestant who he thinks has potential is always the winner no matter how good the older contestant is (if gordon ramsay chooses a winner, its always predictable). check out hells kitchen winners their all younger. besides i rooted for sheetal to win, she is making her own cookbook ryt now and can’t wait. i wish david miller would do the same.

  18. I dont understand why some people here judges whitney’s food without even tasting it. I mean grow up people! They are both great chefs. ITS NOT ABOUT HOW THEY MADE IT OR PLATED IT! BUT HOW IT TASTED!!!
    Soo stop being mean and accept the fact that Whitney won!

  19. you fools!!! whitney is skillful than dave because she cook the chicken within 9 minutes and the judges said:its imposibble to cook chicken within 9 minutes….you fools

    • Guys, my friend went to cooking school and is a professional chef. He told me that he cooks an 8oz chicken breast in 8 mins exactly, every single time. What she did was not amazing, though she did recover well. But the end result was not amazing, let’s get that right. It isn’t master home cook, it’s masterchef. I should look at a dish and go, wow, I couldn’t do that. All of her dishes could be done by an above average home cook. David’s would take a few more attempts. David should have won.

  20. yeah.. who could manage to have a 11.5/12 score from three top food critics? its not fair for david but what can he do. big boys make decisions

  21. to me Whitney won because she is your prototype FOX poster girl, like a little Sarah Palin who can cook.
    because of the structure many contestants kind of slipped through episode after episode.
    Whitney had shining moments, with her souffle and cupcake, which as good as it was had a single fatal flaw in my opinion. She presented perfect venison.
    Some of her criticisms were equal in severity with reasons other contestants became eliminated. They considered her chinese food attempt, to be like a tv dinner, what master chef would ever serve anything that came across asa tv dinner?
    She said it wasn’t her element, so what Sheetal had never cooked venison or crad, and she nailed them on her first attempt, Sharone made 2 incredibe desserts, inspite of his aversion to baking. To me Sharone personified the spirit of the show.
    Look at his performance during team challenges, he wasn’t working on ly for himself, he had brilliant ideas for the burgers, on the spot he came up with a way to win the truckers over, double burgers. He challenged himself, he challenged the judges, only a very few times did it not fly. Never did he recieve a critique of tv dinner, Whitney also used canned tomatoes, what chef opts for canned anything ever? Especially when fresh tomatoes on the vines were right before her eyes. This showed her level of taste and lack of care for excellent ingredients.