Lady GaGa The Next Michael Jackson Says Rodney Jerkins


Lady GaGa The Next Michael Jackson Says Rodney Jerkins – Lady Gaga has seen a barrage of media attention in recent days, especially after an analytics company has announced that Lady Gaga was the first recording artist to reach one billion music video plays online. She was able to do so with her three most popular videos including “Poker Face”, and “Just Dance.” She received more good praise recently when Rodney Jerkins stated that he felt that Lady Gaga was the “next Michael Jackson.” That is more than likely the highest praise that any pop artist could ever hope to hear. Representatives for Lady Gaga have not commented on the comment, but it is expected that they will in the coming days. She has also enjoyed sold out shows across the world. She has also been known for her wild music videos that are usually filled with sexual references. She has been able to build a following that spans the globe, and is a platinum recording artist in nearly a dozen different countries. Lady Gaga first got her start in the industry writing for other artists, and was able to write a long list of hits for other artists before coming out as her own artist over three years ago.

“We haven’t seen an artist that really has no fear,” stated Rodney Jerkins. That may be a true statement, as Lady Gaga is known around the world for her crazy costumes and uncanny ability to entertain her fans. It was not immediately clear if Lady Gaga had spoken with Rodney Jerkins after he made the comments. The two of them have been able to produce several hits together including the recent song with Beyonce entitled “Telephone.” Lady Gaga is scheduled to start her musical world tour in a few weeks, starting in the United States.


  1. Far, far away from Michael Jackson. I like that she’s different and she really knows how to put on a show, plus she seems to care about her fans…but that’s pretty much it. There is no such thing as “the next Michael Jackson”.

    • I agree with you 100%, I think the next Michael Jackson will take a long time to make, he him self was not created in a couple of years, it took a lifetime and a LOAD OF HARD WORK, also for the record: LESS IS MORE!!!
      Something that he has also was that even in the most dinamic shows he did, he always looked like he was under control, that it flowed easy to him and that’s when people know that it’s a natural and it’s not forced.
      Any thoughts?

    • I agree with you. There will never be another Michael Jackson. The guy who suggested this is extremely ignorant and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • i do agree with the fact that michael wont be replaced, but he replaced elvis and if there is any artist with talent, vision, and commitment it would be gaga. She not only cares about music, but she cares about her fans and she liberates them just like MJ
      you have to take into consideration that in MJ’s time, music was listened to from records not from itunes. gaga is probably the only artist in recent time to reflect such an impact in the music industry.
      Her debut album has sold more than 17 million albums and it was certified gold which is very rare these days.
      MJ will always be MJ but i think the next great preformer of this generation is LADY GAGA
      theres just something so profound and special about this girl and i think that her success will eventually have some resemblance to michaels.


  3. lady gaga is the next mj my a*s! she has NO talent. she is a gimmick. rodney jerkins is a fuck*ng retard for saying that, especially since he worked with mj

  4. Too be honest, all of you are just really strong Michael Jackson fans. I will like to say that Lady Gaga has huge potential for being the next Michael Jackson. I love Michael and I know where you all are coming from but Lady Gaga just started out. In the course of years, she could be just as captivating if not more so than Michael. Nothing to do with Michael Jackson, but we are in a new age. With the internet and everything Lady Gaga can concur the world in ways Michael could never do. In addition, she is also capable of becoming a person as lovable as Michael Jackson was, just give it time and let her sink in on you. You might agree and so might the world. In the end, who really knows, Lady Gaga could also become just another popular fad which no one has ever seen in history before, her next album could bomb for all you know. However, there is a large chance that she might become as successful if not more so then Michael Jackson. Give it time she is only 23 years old. Michael was around the same age when he became larger than life and she is only now just starting out. She has a lot of potential.

    • They may all not be fans of his and if you strongly believ this then you don’t know what real talent and what real music is.

    Michael you earned that title with 40 years of hard work and you’ll forever be the Kind
    BTW Gaga is a huge fan of MJ too!

  6. I think Lady GaGa is a true talent, and she is reminiscent of David Bowie, Elton John and moreso Madonna with her sexual exploits and shock value…as far as comparisons to Michael Jackson, maybe her creativity, but as far as her legions of fans perhaps if she’s around as long as MJ. I remember Beyonce self-proclaiming that she was going to be as big as Micheal Jackson and that her Single Ladies is on the same level as Michaels “Thriller” and I had to throw up in my mouth because she & her family claims, she’s the best at everything and she’s not….so I mean, people comparing themselves to legends and producers making assumptions of artist is neither here nor there, because the music industry has changed so much over the years…it’s more about the money first. But I have to give it to GaGa she does have a lot of talent and loyal fans and is making quite a name for herself….but we’ll have to see how long it’ll last.

  7. Rodney Jerkins needs to stop wishing she was the new Michael Jackson. Let’s see how many albums she sell first before he starts camparing anybody to Michael. Michael is also known for being the biggest humanitarian as a celebrity. Lady Gaga haven’t even reached Michael’s success and Rodney got the nerves to be hoping and wishing that Lady Gaga will get that far. It’s only his opinion. It’s not like she’s doing anything different. She’s doing stuff that’s already been done. The only thing I like is her clothes, thats it. But her music isn’t all that. Atleast Michael’s music had meaning and inspiration to it. Lady Gaga is no inspiration to young kids.

  8. And the lady gaga haters are in the house. Haha. Lady gaga is a gimmick, shes psycho, she just wants attention,shes wont be around for a more than a couple of months, she has no talent. What do these comments have in common? They are all ignorant and false. Lol,even Micheal jackson liked her a lot, thought she had talent, and wanted her on his tour before he died. All you haters are envious jealous and ignorant, so please stop posting.

  9. 4 A start No1 can ever be like michael jackson even if they can dance like him.
    but untill she can sell over 100million Albums then come bak and say shit lyk tha. and that aint fair the mans just died and already trying to replace him… his fans wont be happy including me:@

  10. People won’t remeber her in five years, let alone watch her videos in near enough thirty years like Michael Jackson.

    It’s ridiculous, the world waited billions of years for Michael Jackson and a few months after his death people think there will be another. As Wesley Snipes said, god gave us Michael Jackson and we treated him bad. He will never send us another.!

    Face facts. Michael Jackson will always be the greatest, Lady gaga is just dull. All her songs sound the same, which is dreadful considering after five minutes of listening to them you are fed up of them for life.

    Just one more thing. She has sold like eight million albums in two years, Michael Jackson hit those sales in one week. Now tell me again she is going to be another Michael Jackson.

    All in all it’s just a ploy to get her more publicity. I’m glad to say that public opinion has laughed off the comparison as pure blasphemy.

  11. They said, beyonce is the next mj and now gaga. WTF???
    She is not the next MJ or EVER will be, not even close. She is just another attention seeking whore. sorry fans, but that’s true.


  12. Gaga has pure talent there is no denying that. I am a huge fan. However, Michael Jackson has broken many bariers in the music industry. What barriers has Gaga broken? She is just like any other artists…she sings and dances. She does what she needs to do but MJ went over the top he excelled over every entertainer out there and will never be “replace” by ANY musician. Also people, just because the media put that label on Gaga does not mean that Gaga put that label on her herself so don’t bash her for something the media puts on her.

  13. Lady Gaga has a lot of talent. i respect her because she’s original, fresh and can actually sing. Im not a fan of the lyrics, but the tunes are catchy.
    Also alejandra, i dont think by people saying shes ‘the next MJ; means she is equal and/or better than him. It basically means that in the context of this new generation of audiences, shes the ‘next big thing’. Take a chill pill alejandra 🙂

  14. what the heck is that ? are you awake ?
    rodney must be having some injections from Conrad or something?
    guys come on ! there’s no such thing called NEXT MICHAEL JACKSON, trust me there’s no such thing at all, PLUS we even don’t know yet if lady gaga is really a LADY ! DUH !
    and what makes it more funny, is just applying the name of the great MJ to lady lala or whatever her name. she’s just a starter , why don’t u guys say she’s the next Madonna, that makes since, both of them madonna and the gaga thing belongs to the same catagory weired sex selling thing. i mean LMAO

  15. The difference between Lady Gaga and MJ is that MJ’s most popular album contained good, well written pop music, the opposite is the case for Lady Gaga.

  16. Totally absurd! I find it hard to believe he said that or it was taken out of context. She is not or could never be an equal to michael jackson..Most of the world disagrees with that idea.He cannot be replaced and why should he be.I think someone wants to fill a void..Not GAGA

  17. There is no such thing as the next Michael Jackson as there will never be a next Elvis Presley. Lady Gaga has just started and she is not going to be as huge as Michael Jackson by just dressing crazy. She cannot sing and dance like Michael Jackson. Her controversial ‘Telephone’ video is not as superb as Thriller. Stop insulting the memory of the king of pop,people!!!!
    Just because she got 1 billion views of her videos on youtube does not mean she sold more cds and collected more awards than Michael Jackson.

  18. She might be the next Madonna, but NO ONE will ever be the next Michael Jackson. NO ONE will ever come to what Michael Jackson accomplished. He was/is a pure genius who was sent from God, who comes along only once. NO ONE can sing like him, dance like him, write and compose songs like he did, sell albums like he did and influence people the world over like he did. He was/is simply out of this world in so many ways…He was/is magic. I feel just gratful that I lived and witnessed the greatness of Michael Jackson while he was alive. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

  19. I don’t even have to read this article to know this is complete B.S.
    No one will ever take Michael’s place!! Sure, Lady Gaga has catchy songs and unique costumes, but I’d love to hear what she has done for the world in terms of charities and helping children in need. Did she donate all of her money from all of her tours to orphanages? NO… Did she write songs like “Heal the World”, “We are the World” and “Earth Song”? NO. Does she have millions and millions of dedicated, loving fans from every country in the world? NO. Can she dance? NO. Does she try to spread the message of “LOVE”? NO. Is the the biggest selling artist of all time? NO. Did she create the idea of music videos and “short-films”? NO. Did she make MTV what it is now? NO.
    This is an insult to Michael’s fans everywhere. Don’t EVER compare ANYONE to MJ.


  20. I think lady gaga is the closest thing we will ever get to Michael Jackson. I’m not saying she’s equally as popular but she the closest thing we can get. She will never reach Michael Jackson status, because of her explicit material, and the lack of support from those who are moral nerds

  21. It is sad he died, I think it must be his doctors fault. I wonder if they will conviced him so I follow the process closely.

  22. Are you KIDDING ME?!
    There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson! He’s in the Guiness book of world records 13 times! And has broken so many more records and has over 400 awards!
    Every artist today owes himm and they’ve all said it. Lady gaga will never inspire dancers, singers, producers, choreographers like he did. It’s MICHAEL JACKSON, and lady gaga. So ridicilous. Jerkins, gtfo

  23. I still can’t believe Michael Jackson is gone. It seems like a dream to me. Everytime I hear his songs especially Ben, I just weep all day. Like many I think Michael is one of a kind. Will there ever be another child that can sing like Michael or even close to Michael? Who knows. All can say he will be missed.

  24. Are you kidding?? Lady GAGA next to Michael Jackson is ridiculous and far fetched..Michael had tremendous talent and GAG seems to depends on being wierd..I’m sure this statement by Rodney Jenkis was distorted or taken or of context..

  25. Lady Gaga has taken Michael Jackson’s spot just like Michael Jackson took Elvis Presley’s spot a few decades ago.

    MJ has been replaced. Deal with it.

    • NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE HIS SPOT…although i believe gaga will be very successful in this industry with all the trends and differences we have in the world today. she is already a household name. but NEVER AS BIG A MIKE…EVER!…close maybe…but NEVER AS BIG!

  26. Tara please go clean ur ears and heart 🙂
    there won’t be any next michael jackson, so u go deal with it 😉 not the whole people who replied before u
    so save us the drama and go listen to ur lady bla bla

  27. I think this is precisely the problem. First of all, Michael Jackson basically created modern pop. Because of that fact alone, he will always be recognized as the artist who revolutionized pop music for time and eternity. Secondly, MJ did not set out to be bigger than anyone. He was just God’s gift to the music industry and people just can’t seem to understand that. It’s not about who has the most #1 hits, the most grammy’s, the biggest theatrical show, the prettiest face, the largest clothing line, the most fans. It’s about the lasting impact these artists will have on the world years from now. Because of that, I can name only one pop artist who is known virtually in every village in every continent of the world who has had and continues to have that affect, Michael Jackson. No artist before Michael and surely no artist today has ever caused such mass hysteria around the globe. Whenever you see people fainting, crying, receiving oxygen, blowing in paper bags, pulling out their hair, and trampling over other people just to get a glimpse of one person, who know that a particular artist is something rare. No one will ever come close to Michael’s level. If so, it sure as hell won’t be any of those people mentioned (Chris Brown, Usher, J. Timberlake, Beyonce). They’re already too old and have not had a fraction of MJ’s success. Michael Jackson was a superstar at age 12. Where were all of these people at age 12? Not in the music business making music history and breaking records to be sure. Out of all of these artists I would say that Beyonce is the most successful to date (I don’t know about album sales), but definitely in world wide appeal. However, I don’t see her lasting much longer if she doesn’t get a hold of some real music and craft her own style. That is all.

  28. this is sh*t in 5 years she will be gone like Michael Jackson will have 9 more albums in 7 years and 3 movies and 1 video game. NO ONE CAN BEAT MICHAEL JACKSON LIKE REALLY NOT JUSTIN BEIBER AND NOT LADY GAGA HE IS LOVED BY AT LEST 3 BILLION PEOPLE. HE HAS SOLD OVER 750 MILLION ALBUMS

  29. He is the fuck*ng king of pop like who is she she has been in music for 1 year MICHAEL JACKSON HAS BEEN IN MUSIC FOR 45 FUC**NG YEARS

    • michael jackson writes his own music also ..DUH!!WTF??!!! he wrote over 700 songs just to go on the “bad” album, but it was cut down to fit on the album…WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN!!!!!????

  30. Lady Gaga is not, and maybe, never will be as asuccessful as LEGENDARY Michael Jackson. However, she is making her prints in history, as well as justin bieber. Lady gaga has only been out for like 2 years, true, but look at the impact she’s made already. Michael Jackson is and forever will be THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER that ever walked planet earth & “the moon” haha :)..With the technology that we have today, Lady gaga has a chance, i think, to become very successful and iconic. Although she’s just starting, she’s starting off just as Michael Jackson did with thriller, NOT AS BIG.NEVER…but with the award wining and makin impacts in peoples’ life. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, has tremendous amounts of potential, not because of his talent so much, but looks play a great part in the music industry today. He’s also starting off young, and, not only do kids love him, but older people as well, and that, alone, is enough to blow him up. #think about it…::all of his young fans are going to grow up listening to his music, so they’ll already love him. Gaga, if anybody, will be the next MJ. 🙂

  31. Ok if anyone could be the next Michael Jackson it would be GaGa because there hasnt been a pop star since MJs and Madonna like Lady GaGa Here are some Facts Lady GaGa can actually sing and dance she writes her own music and she dresses weird so her fans know its ok to be different and in her concerts she spreads love and peace she actually cares about her fans and she doesnt care about #1 and superficial things she has made a big name for herself just like MJ and Madonna no and i believe she had 5 number 1 singles off her debut album which broke the jackson 5’s record for 4 number 1 singles and i also believe MJ wanted her to be on his tour. MJ was the greatest Pop Star ever and GaGa is in the process of becoming a Legend Herself she has all the qaulitys of MJ, Michael was Different and GaGa is Different even my grandmother has stated that “this woman reminds me of Michael Jackson when he started.” Its sad we lost such a great creature in this world but like a phoenix it burns then the ashes make a new one. GaGa was a virtual unknown to this in just 3 years She gave a heart stoping performance at the VMAs and a duet to match any other at the grammys has had a sold out show all over the world as of right now taking on senator John Micain and getting ready to release a highly anticipated 3rd album “Born This Way.” This Woman is on her way to great things, with an army of Little Monsters Behind her. Micheal Jackson one of your biggest fans R.I.P miss and love The King , and Little Monster For Life all hail the next Queen!!!

  32. well obviously lady gaga is too new to be compared to micheal jackson at least musically but as far as weirdness and being able to garner attention for outlandish behavior I think Lady Gaga will always be appealing as a news story and as someone as unusual as Micheal.