Lady Gaga ‘Being Gay is Not a Choice!’


Lady Gaga ‘Being Gay is Not a Choice!’ – Lady Gaga, the recently popular pop star has stated that she believes that being gay is not a choice at all. Lady Gaga has discussed her bisexuality at length during several interviews, and has stated before that she believes that both men and women who are homosexual or bisexual are born that way, and do not choose to be gay. Gaga recently released a video for her song “telephone” that features a fair amount of homosexual imagery. Gaga is known for her extravagant and strange wardrobe, which often includes styles of clothes that have never been seen before.

She recently described her video for “Telephone” as “groundbreaking,” and said that she purposely made the video much longer than the song (the video stands at nine minutes long) because she wanted sexuality to be an open discussion when her video was played. Vocals on the track were also added by Beyonce Knowles, who made a very brief appearance in the video. Lady Gaga has reportedly told Beyonce Knowles that the video will be a “classic”, and will still be relevant to America several months down the line, so she does not foresee the video going away any time soon.

Lady Gaga has stated on several different occasions that she feels that she could fall in love with a woman, and that she is not only attracted to women in a sexual way. She had stated that there are “No rules or limits when it comes to love,” and that she sees sex as a completely different entity than love. Lady Gaga has been the focus of controversy in recent months for the amount of sex that her music videos and live shows contain. While she may be popular with the younger generation, Gaga has stated that she does not make her music for underage individuals and that if the parents have a problem with her music they shouldn’t be letting their children listen to it.


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    • Shut up. This is a boring cnversation which I have been hearing for years and I am tired of it. It’s not even newsworthy now.

  1. Well, if she’s so pro-gay, why does she leave gay men out of her videos? She’s done it on a number of occasions. I think she’s a phony who is using girl-girl action to get attention but refusing to put any guy-guy stuff in her videos.

    • well brian perhaps since she’s may be lesbo thats the reason y she mite be posting lesbo actions.. but never the less she still supports the gays and lesbo and watevers… strangely.. does she support the transexuals?…hmm.. i wonder?..

    • There have been gay men in her videos, just not gay male sex. But there was a live performance of “Boys, Boys, Boys” she did that featured two of her male back-up dancers making out.

  2. Lady Gaga is not gay-friendly. She’s using lesbian imagery to get attention in the way Madonna did early in her career. I know a lot of gay men who are starting to realize that she hasn’t actually done much for gay and bisexual men. For instance, she refuses to include male-male sensuality in her videos.

  3. i agree we love u.. but listen to our comments!! hehe i do agree she needs to add gay videos 2 to balance her reasoning..

    • check out GAGA’s speech at the October 2009 Equality March – if that’s not doing anything, I don’t know what is!!! She rallied all her fans for days on Twitter to go and march for equality!

  4. I don’t know a whole lot about this lady gaga but if she claims to be “biesexual” and she claims to be for the gay community then why the hell does she try so hard to fit in like I believe it is all a front so people won’t say anything about her “homosexual videos” in reality if she would really be backing gay people up she would really do something about it not just say “Being gay isn’t a chioce” even though she is correct on that she should help show the world how ignorant they are being man that is all I have to say.

  5. um, get over yourselves? the male gay community doesn’t need someone to be FOR them. Gaga is bi-sexual and shes not hiding it, and its as simple as that. Maybe you should go critize ricky martin for not having male-male sex in his videos lol.