Justin Bieber In Love With Allua


Justin Bieber In Love With Allua – Justin Bieber has found love and his fans can not do anything about it.
Justin Bieber has revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that he did go out with Miley Cyrus on one date but his heart belongs to a beautiful white lady named Allua-you see Allua is a female beluga whale that is currently swimming in the pools at SeaWorld San Diego .
On Friday afternoon (May 14) it became official no female on earth or in the sea for that matter can resist Justin Bieber’s charm and unique hair cut-not even the whales!
After breaking Oprah,Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres’ heart Justin Bieber went to SeaWorld in San Diego where the teen star shattered another heart: the one that belongs to Allua.
The beluga whales are all white and unlike other whales they are capable of swimming backwards. These whales are known to be very sociable.

However just like a real lady,the young Allua did not seem very interested in Justin in beginning – Justin was quite suspicious on his side.
But we know that a guy like that has to deal with wild fans every day so he did not hold back. Thus, his smile was enough to win beluga’s heart which lead her into giving him a long kiss on the cheek.
In related news Justin Bieber has just finished shooting his music video for the song called “Somebody To Love” and will be performing for Radio KIIS FM in Los Angeles over the weekend.
Additionally in a few days he begin his tour in the United States. Now that he has conquered the whales, Justin can rest assured: his world tour will be a success!


  1. due to pressures &
    fear of rampafges or crushes

    the presentations of


    “Justin Bieber Stampede” are moving to undisclosed locations as private functions

    Theater for the New City presents the show as part of their Lower Eastside Arts Fest before it goes West To
    San Francisco & LA

  2. I managed to catch this show in a special invioted audience preview & it was tops

    “justin Bieber Stampede”
    lives up to its expectations
    which usually means cancelled!

    Justin is our nouveay Elvis & Beatles Jr
    Menudo & Ricky Martin-esque

    these icons come alive in Myers nostalgic polemic
    at Theater for the New City

  3. This is ridiculous. After an Orca at SW Orlando kills a trainer, they were moronic enough to let The Bieb by another wild animal held in captivity. Stupid. Someone should also educate JB on the ethics of keeping animals for entertainment. He’s a cute kid, but when he decides to stick up for them instead of pose for photo ops, then I’ll be a fan. JB’s agent should be more on the ball about propriety.