Jon Cash Fired


Jon Cash Fired – Jon Cash, a well-known weather man for WAVY-TV has been fired after having spent more than 20 years working for the station. The news was posted on his website.The preacher stated in his press release that details regarding his termination would be made known in the coming weeks.
The general manager of the station has yet to comment on the firing, but has confirmed that Cash is no longer working for the station. He had a strong local following, and it is surprising that the station would choose to fire one of their most well-known figures.

Cash said that he would be fully dedicating himself to his preaching and to God in the wake of his firing from his job. He encouraged his fans to make donations to him to help him and his family through the trying time. Almost immediately, fans of Cash spoke out about his firing, and even created a “Bring Back Jon Cash” page on Facebook. Within 24 hours of his announcement he had garnered over 1,000 fans on the page.

It will be interesting to find out what exactly he did to deserve the termination. It is not often that a news station will fire their most popular anchor, which has led some to speculate that there must be more behind the firing than has been released thus far.


  1. I remember the gentleman from Elam you fired years ago. He got his job back because the viewers stoped watching T V 10. I too will stop watching because of the loss of Jon Cash. I will pray for your reasoning. Concerned

  2. The only reason i ever turned on WAVY for news was to see his snow forecasts. Now I;ll just be sticking with WTKR channel 3 for every thing. No Conan, No Cash, No watch.

  3. I will not watch WAVY local programming. And will not support any advertisers who advertise on WAVY. I will tell advertisers that too. The person who fired Jon should be FIRED!

  4. I certainly hope his ministry had nothing to do with him being fired. WAVY won’t care but I will have nothing to do with them after watching for 30 years. I am disgusted with WAVY TV 10.

  5. The only reason I have watched the Wavy 10 morning news for the past 10 years has been because of Jon Cash. His weather was always on target, and his humor was delightful. The rest of the team will never make it without him. I promise NEVER to watch Wavy News again whether morning, noon or evening. Jon was the highlight of the morning show. I hope he sues Wavy to the point they have to go off the air, or the person responsible is fired.

  6. You know, Patrick Rockey on channel 3 news aint half bad. i quit watching wavy years ago because of jon cash and carey furey.. “Lets put our pictures on the wavy helicopter landing pad”..

  7. I loved jon cash on wavy-tv 10. The problem I am having is, I can’t imagine why he was fired… and no matter … they kept Andy Fox (no offence) with issues he had. I will miss jon and will just have to tune into another news station. I will miss the Redskin fan… @ least he never minded saying that.. and neither do I… Go Skins!!

  8. What a joke. Wavy tv sux out LOUD. So let’s take a look at this: Andy Fox gets busted with an open container @ the beach a few years ago and all the controversy surrounding that and did wavy fire him? Nope. I will not watch or support wavy tv any longer. I hope Jon Cash sues the crap out of wavy.

  9. I am also awaiting the reason for the firing of Jon Cash. I thought he was a true professional. I can not imagine that it had anything to do with the performance of his job. That leaves his personal life to include his ministry. I think WAVY should come out and state the reason for his firing or do them want Jon to address the issue first. I agree with Brenda, they kept Andy Fox.

  10. Ummmmm yes hello is this wavy 10 on your side.I know a guy who needs your help. he was fired from a job after 20 years and never did anything wrong in the publics view.Yet a co-worker broke the law and got caught but he is still working there.

  11. I have worked in corporate for many years, and i understand that you need to investigate any accusations before taking action, in Jon Cash’s case, there was not any steps to lead to his termination, according to public view, so if firing him was based on a single episode of misconduct this does not seem a very smart corporate decision or process. In light of this, I will not support the corporation of WAVY 10 further as they show their ignorance publicly by their malpractice. If anything, they should have to give reason, I mean isn’t it a “N E W S” station, and didn’t they promise to keep us abreast of any breaking NEWS? Is this not NEWS? How hypocritical and ignorant.

  12. My kids loved Jon’s snow hope index and looked for that infamous snow flake in wait of that snowday that we here in this area raerly get but Jon made it fun to hope for.The new guy they have replaced Jon with doesnt do the weather he seems to be reading it, not a good tv personality at all.
    I never did think the anchors on the other channels were very personable either but we can get the news and weather from a number of other sources and I will choose one of the other channels over WAVY 10 now any day. I can learn to like another channel even one I never like before.
    I felt like Jon and the rest of the WAVY team were like a part of my family that I welcomed into my home everyday and with that being said I am gonna miss everyone at WAVY 10.
    We want our Jon Cash back and I know this isnt gonna bring him back but I just want to let any one from WAVY who may read this to know how important Jon was to more people that they realize. Good Luck Jon I am keeping you in my prayers thaat you and your family are doing well.