Jennifer Knapp Rumors:Jennifer Knapp Gay


Jennifer Knapp Rumors:Jennifer Knapp Gay – Christian singer Jennifer Knapp recently came out of the closet and told everyone that she was gay. The 33 year old singer said that she felt immense pressure and felt stuck between her orientation and her religion. Ricky Martin recently came out of the closet as well, but his situation was a bit different than that of Christian musician Jennifer Knapp. Knapp was recently interviewed by Christianity Today and acknowledged that the rumors that she was in a same sex relationship were true.
“I don’t want to come off as somebody who’s shirking the truth in my life,” Knapp told Christianity Today.

Recent rumors have stated that Knapp left the music industry to go on a sabbatical because she was lesbian. In response to the rumors, Knapp sad that her orientation was only;

“..a stray in my decision, but there were many straws on the camel’s back at the time. I’m certainly in a same-sex relationship now, but when I suspended my work, that wasn’t even really a factor. I had some difficult decisions to make and what that meant for my life and deciding to invest in a same-sex relationship, but it would be completely unfair to say that’s why I left music.
Knapp went on to say that she did feel pressure to choose between her religion and her true feelings. “Everyone around me made it absolutely clear that this is not an option for me, to invest in this other person, and for me to choose to do so would be denial of my faith,” Knapp said in her interview. Knapp later acknowledged in the interview that her coming out of the closet would feel like a betrayal to some of her fans.
“I’m quite comfortable to live with parts of myself that don’t make sense to you,” Knapp said in response.


  1. Christianity is a sanctification process esp. in the se. xual area, which includes frigidity, which may be even worse in God’s eyes esp. if it’s Pharisaical/legalistic. Even other religions have a quasi-sanctification process. What sadly many Christian leaders fail to realize is that the sanctification process involves deliverance from evils spirits and/or fallen angels, internally and externally, many pushing a gay lifestyle in opposition to God’s design. Hollywood’s bizarre portrayel of demonization is rare and the reality is usually more subtle. The extent of the legal rights of oppression/demonization is related to generational and other curses and sins. Knapp is clearly a true Christian but in need of deliverance and proper counseling, e.g. counseling from Freedom in Christ ministries. Instead of ‘giving up’ in her sin struggle, she should fight it with spiritual warfare which includes breaking her bad soul-tie to her partner and not seeing her for some time. Churches like Calvary Chapel teaching that demons don’t invade Christians are doing a greater harm to Christianity than Knapp opening up about her activity.

    • I agree with JandJ, there are powerful homosexual demons, even on christinas, this woman needs these demons cast out (in Jesus name), then she can be free. This is what is lacking in the churches in the west.

      The western church should stop egnoring this one side that the enemy is using very much to attack the christins. If Jennifer Knapp keeps on singing with this life style, which in the Bible is clearly forbids, the song will not be anointing, cause God has no part in this evil sin, she can continue singing in the flesh like the world does, but the powoer of God will not be working through her. I wish she will come into the realization of the sin lifestyle and know she can be free and be whold again.

      I will pray for her.

      • You need the demon of hypocrisy to be cast out of you.
        Can you imagine how many devils/demon would come out of you if the exorcism began? According to you then,everyone is walking around with possibly hundreds of demons in them. Again according to you….if one sins it’s because of the demon in them. Whether fornication demons, self-righteuosness demons, theiving lying demons etc they all live in us.
        The scriptures said there is none perfect. Everyday we sin. Because of the demons inside us
        Have you been casting out your demons? How do you account for all your sins? Do the demons keep coming back. Take a good look at yourself in your self-righteousness. Sin comes in many forms. Don’t isolate them.

        • you should definitely read “pigs in the parlor” by frank hammond and “when the pigs move in” by don dickerman…basically, almost everyone has demons and for so many different reasons!! soul ties (becasue of fornication), generational curses, trauma..not just sin! almost anything in your life that is bothering you can be attributed to demons. even people w/ schizophrenia and especially people who are psychopaths and psychotic are completely posessed by demons. thats the extreme case but most of us have demons because we struggle w/ pride, lying, lust etc. read the books they can explain it better than i ever could.

  2. Well, I just found out that Jennifer Knapp came out as a lesbian. I really love her music. She is a very talented musician. I know God loves her as much as anyone else on this planet. God doesn’t categorized sin, we do. So, her lifestyle isn’t any worse than my own, b/c I sin daily. Praise God for grace and mercy! I can’t forget to look at the beam in my own eye before judging someone for the spec in their’s. If Ms. Knapp believes in the Word than her eternal salvation is sealed on her belief and confession that Jesus Christ is Lord, His redemptive work on the cross, and His triumph over the grave! The only unforgivabel sin is the rejection of God’s only Son. The Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Romans that “all things are lawful, but not all things are helpful.” I do not walk under the weight of the law; however, that does not give me a liscense to sin. Why? Sin will sepratate me from a relationship with God here on this earth. Having a relationship with God here on this earth will give me the strength, joy, and power to walk into the destiny that God has planned for me! When I believed on Jesus as my Savior my spirit became renewed, but my flesh remained corrupted. My flesh will sin, no matter how hard I try to be good, I am weak. The good news is that in my weakness He is made strong! Why? Because, no matter my sin; past, present, or future my eternal destination is still the same. How? The blood of Jesus that covers me, and makes my spirit whole, pure and alive in Him. When I die, my sin will remain in my flesh, as my spirit made pure by the blood of Jesus, will enter heaven. Then, upon the resurection I will be given a new body that is incorruptable!!!I am saved by faith through grace (undeserved favor). Faith works by love. I once heard it said that love is the “coin of the relm” of the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus said if we love him we will keep his commandments! So, in the end it all comes down to love.

  3. lisa this isnt about one sin versus another sin or judging one another. The word of God is what is at stake here. It comes simply down to this. Either the word of God is truth or it is a lie. Jennifer Knapp has decided it is a lie, written long ago and misinterpreted. WHether that be a homosexual or a liar, murderer, or an adulterer that would say “there” given part of sin that is mentioned in the Bible is erroneous and other people start to believe well if that part is old and misunderstood than so is my part and so is the part about Jesus being the only way, truth, life. WHere do we stop dissecting it for our own Way, our own Truth and our own Life. This is NOT about homosexuality!! WHat is on trial is the word of God! Yes we all sin but I don’t exalt my sin and say it is ok and God’s word is a lie. That is what makes me sick. So come out if you feel the need to come out but don’t attack the Word of God! People, don’t go blind just cause someone is blowing smoke in your eyes!

  4. I think that what has been posted above is well stated. You can’t justify sin and still be obedient to Yahweh. We must live out our faith day by day in fear and trembling. We are to trust in HIS redemptive grace and the penalty HE paid for our sin. Not try to rationalize what may give us a “rush” or make us “feel” good or stimulated. To compare an imperative, that is so clearly stated as a self-destructive sin in both old and new covenant scripture, to dietary laws (as has been attempted in this recent “coming out”)of the old covenant designed to distinguish the Hebrews from the surrounding cultures is ludicrous and exposes a lack of understanding and a willful defiance. We ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Yeshua, after he had rebuked the self righteous acusers of the adultress ended by telling her to, “Go, and sin more”. He knew she wouldn’t be without any sin from there on, but he required that she consciously turn from her previous behavior and by the filling of the Holy Spirit, live a lifestyle that honored HIM.

  5. I believe that part of our inheritance in Christ is freedom (“sin shall not be your master, for you are not under law, but under grace”), so I would never allow a brother or sister struggling with homosexuality to settle for defeat. I’m thinking about it in the context of alcoholism, for example. “Can someone be an alcoholic and be a Christian?” I think the obvious answer is yes. They may be struggling with addiction and longing for freedom, but God doesn’t kick them out of the kingdom temporarily until they find total victory over it. 2 Cor. 5:21 teaches us that His imputed righteousness covers us (ALL of us) while the weaknesses of our sin nature are being exposed and defeated. None of us can claim to have the absence of sin. So how do we harmonize the presence of sin with the promise of salvation when we know that “the wages of sin is death”? We trust in the cross and that grace redeems us from the curse WHILE we are being sanctified.

    To those who can’t seem to rid themselves of homosexual desires, I would remind all of us that God, in His wisdom, sometimes allows “a thorn in the flesh” to teach us His sufficient grace. In the same way that someone who struggles with rage should not give in to the impulse to kill, the one struggling with homosexuality shouldn’t feel permission to practice a gay lifestyle simply because the presence of desire remains. It needs to be seen as a tool to drive us toward trusting God and learning the great lesson of “abiding” (John 15): obeying in the absence of feelings. That one should practice abstinence, let some brothers/sisters know about the struggle, remember that there is no condemnation in Christ, and cease to make their struggle the center of their lives.