Jackie Evancho National Anthem Video: America’s Got Talent Youtube Sensation


Jackie Evancho National Anthem Video: America’s Got Talent Youtube Sensation – Jackie Evancho, a ten year old from Pittsburgh, is looking likely to take the show ‘America’s Got Talent’ by storm with her incredible opera voice that sounds very seasoned and professional.

The public were very much on her side, with a glowing endorsement in the form of votes to keep her out of the 20 000 youtube videos presented.

Evancho’s voice has been described as emotive, heartfelt, and angelic. Word is being spread that she may be the next Susan Boyle.

Evancho performed live, which is the first time the show has ever been shown live.

“I’m sort of half excited and half terrified,” admitted judge Piers Morgan before the show which was filmed live in Hollywood, a first in its five-year history. “I have no idea what’s going to happen. Well, it’s the most unpredictable show we’ve ever done.”

“That is one of the most extraordinary performances I’ve seen on ‘America’s Got Talent’,” said Morgan. Howie Mandel voiced his agreement, with the judges being quite excited over the prospect of finding another star ready to be made, and one with such a high talent ready to be trained and molded into a future star.

Evancho looks set to progress through to the next round easily, with glowing words from all who have heard her voice.


  1. Little Jackie Evancho was my favorite highlight in the history of AGT. I am so glad that I recorded the show. Ever since, I’ve been playing her over and over again. She’s an obvious sensational, most angelic child performer ever. I cannot foresee her losing and I hope she wins it all. I absolutely love her.