Ed Schultz Takes On Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally


Ed Schultz Takes On Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally – Glenn Beck and Ed Schultz can both be described as controversial figures. Now, the two of them are having a war of words. Schultz, like Beck, hosts a radio show and a cable news show, but does not have the same following that Beck does. He caused a stir this week by saying that he would have no problem gathering the same size of crowd that Beck did to the Washington Mall.

He said during one of his shows that he would use the internet to rally people to the location, suggesting that he has more pull than Glenn Beck. Even though estimates have stated that there were 300,000 people at the rally, third party estimations have placed the amount closer to 90,000. The station likely chose to inflate the numbers to garner media attention to the rally once it had ended.

Although both Schultz and Beck have very differing viewpoints, they do agree on a limited number of subjects. It is interesting that Schultz would chose to attack Beck openly in the media now though, immediately following the conclusion of his rally and the launching of his new website, The Blaze.

Beck’s celebrity has never been bigger, and Schultz does not garner the ratings that Beck does. Despite his clams, this is not a war of words that Schultz will be able to win.


  1. Ed Schultz, just shut up. No one is listening to you. Don’t you get it by now? Just another stupid liberal. You couldn’t get 100 people to the Lincoln Memorial. Come on, try it, I for one would LOVE to see how many show up!!!!

    • There are currently 2.5 million people unemployed and under employed in America today; if a 3rd of them showed up in Washington D.C. It would scare the hell out of all of maroonie Beck’s worshipers.

    • I watch him everyyday. Glenn Beck is a scary nut. I am a well educated independent. Msnbc has taken a huge step with the heathcare clinics. I would gladly go to a rally led by Ed. I am as much of a patriot as all those who follow the performer,Glenn Beck

    • I am listening and have listened to Ed for years. He has always been about middle America, the working class. He recognizes the true value of Unions; organizations that fight hard for working conditions and a LIVABLE WAGE. Ed also recognizes that millionaire Beck and his billionaire backers need to demonize and destroy Unions so no one will be left to advocate for the middle class. Thanks to Ed’s challenge, I am trying to make arrangements for me and my 22 year old son to travel the thousands of miles and stand with other union brothers and sisters.

    • Ed is informed and speaks the truth. Beck is an opportunist and speaks only to fill his own pockets. When we he visit some free clinics. He is proven to be a hypocrit and now he found religion? He tells lies at every turn. Who are following these RRRs (ridiculous religious republicans)

  2. Ed’s just an angry old white man…..hm….funny how it’s so easy to play it back on him. Glenn has 100x more class than angry Ed.

    Shhh, don’t tell Ed, but part of the reason why Becks ratings are so good is because he and MSNBC can’t stop talking about him…well, that and Beck’s show actually has substance. All Ed does is piss and moan about the right and Fox news. Your never supposed to talk about your competition. You’re supposed to act like they ain’t nothin’; when you do it always has a negative effect.

    The typical incurable mental disorder called, Liberalism.

  3. Beck is a loon. Ed knows his stuff. I would love to see them debate. Substance (ed) versus meaningless word salad (exploit expert loon man beck). Have you listened to Beck? kooky.

  4. What an idiot. Not a Beck fan but Ed sure is making me one. I think this is the only way old Ed can get any attention. Like all media, he’s just a self whoring idiot that doesn’t deal in truth. Only self preservation.

    • What we are witnessing is the complete polarization of America, and any real attempt to have a meaningful and civil discussion on how to best move America is lost in zero-sum gotcha politics of both the right and left.


  5. Your a very disturbed man and your desperation is so relevant in all your anti America comments. Can you do one show and not rely on attacking Rush or Beck to try and boost your ego and ratings.

    • Ed is a pathetic excuse for a human being. He epitomizes the hate and intolerance of the left. Here, have a listen to “for the little people” Crazy Ed.


  6. Get your mind out of the gutter. There is a reason why only 125,000 people watch your show, you should pray and ask GOD for the answer. This is all you have? I’ll pray for you too, you need it. On another note, I was wondering would you be willing to debate Rush on his show, otherwise people might think this was a stunt for you to get raitings.

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    • Ed, I know nothing about nothing, and I could beat you in a debate on anything, in your studio, on a school night I don’t care if it’s subject I never heard of. You can give me the topic two hours before the debate and I’ll still beat you. I only ask that there is a guard between you and me. You are known to have quite a temper and prone to violence. Smash teeth? grind bones,? urinate on people, Huh…

      • Debate Ed? Your 7th grade comments above places you in a debate forum more with quitter Palin than Ed. You and Plain both seem to share the same intellect and qualities. Uninformed, hater, selfish, and unAmerican hypocrit that show with every comment how little you know, and lack the smarts to compromise to make things better. I just wasted 3 minutes with my response.

  7. Someone please tell Glenn Beck to read the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no mention of god. The fact that America is a great country is not because of Judeo-Christian values but in spite of them. The Founding Fathers in their wisdom, embraced a secular humanist and scientific approach to government. Hooray for the de facto separation of church and state that the constitution provides.

    FOUNDING FATHER John Adam’s opined –that if they were not restrained by legal measure Puritans–the fundamendalist morons of their day—would “whip, and crop, pillory and roast.”

    Phony televangelist Beck would have America turn to “god”. While I personally respect everyone’s RIGHT to believe in an any pathetic unprovable god they so choose— be it the Jesus, Allah. the tooth fairy etc, the truth is America became great because of the freedoms of that the constitution provides and SCIENCE. Hooray for Universities.

    • Our founding fathers wanted people to be able to practice thier religions in America. They were deep in thier faith, including the way they signed the documents honoring God. Thomas Jefferson purchased Bibles for the DC schools so they would be read in school. You may not want to believe the history of our nation, but don’t re-write it.

      “It is not that liberals are ignorant, they just know so much that they don’t know”

      • Not trying to rewrite history—-I suggest you read or re-read the Constitution because in the end, it is ultimate basis for the rule of law in this country. Again, the Constitution makes no mention whatever of god. The omission is too obvious to be anything but deliberate.

        I also recommend that you read some of the writings of Thomas Jefferson. He was a complex man. I sure hope all of your knowledge doesn’t come from the distilled and dumbed down Glenn Beck show. Please feel free to read the original documents.

        “The day will come come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the supreme being as father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter”—Thomas Jefferson

        “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say that there are twenty gods or NO god. It neither picks my pocket or breaks my leg” —Thomas Jefferson

        “IN God I Trust” I also suggest that you read the definition of the word “secular”.

  8. Wow…the lunatic Right could at least spell…….so teabaggers…the geese sent from G-d over the Beckapalooza, did they crap on you?

  9. I get all of my tinfoil hats at glennbeck.com.

    If the Music Man is ever re-made, Glenn would be perfect in the role of Harold Hill.

    • Glenn would also be perfect for the role of Eli Sunday in “There Will be Blood”. Gotta love the character’s name— Eli Sunday—- as in “I Lie on Sunday”.–Love to watch a Saturday Night Live skit where former football player Ed Shultz kicks Beck’s ass, and in no time Beck cries out “I am FALSE prophet and god is a superstition. I am a false Prophet and god is a superstition!!”

  10. What would ed talk about if there was no Glen Beck,for that matter where would msnbc be with out fox?I try to have an open mind but I just can not bring myself to listen to a station that is nothing but personal attack after personal attack.When ed and gang start to attack a mans religon or faith then I draw the line and give them zero credibilty.

    • Ha ha, you are upset that Ed makes fun the the phony televangelist rantings of Beck? I guess we can assume that you feel the same way about Gingrich/Hannity/ Beck et al attacking the President’s faith??? Think about it?

      “Keep religion out of politics”

    • Do you mean like the republican crazies question Obama’s Christianity? Who cares about religion in this debate of politics? Obviously not the cheater hypocrits like cheaters Newt, Vitter, and a host of other republicans that grope or have had affairs with either sex. Then cast votes against their own indiscretions. It is funny if it weren’t so sad.

  11. Monkey see…monkey do. I really don’t understand why Beck would LOWER himself to even “acknowledge” this damn idiot Schultz! This guy is just a bafoon…plain and simple! He wants nothing but “attention” to feed his massive ego!! 6 months ago the thought of having a rally had never even crossed his little bee bee sized brain, but now all of a sudden he’s got to try and “out-do” Beck. What a f**king loser!! And of course you can bet your ass that Schultz will have all of his buddies with him…Sharpton, Jackson, Shiela Jackson Lee, … I promise you, this guy makes me want to just barf! How anybody coulod actually “like” this guy, or endorse what he says…is just beyond me!

  12. This man is a flippin nut and I have never seen anyone act like him in all of my life. He has anger issues and cannot conduct him self in a professional manner, he walked off of fox news and went on the most incredible rant against fox news I have heard, he needs to be fired immediately, what is wrong with NBC, your anchors are just nuts!!!

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