Demonizing Alex Jones


Demonizing Alex Jones – ABC’s “Nightline” recently took aim at the world’s most known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Some have said that they did not do the greatest job of exposing Jones as a crook, while others have said that their special changed their opinion on Jones. They described the type of news that he covers on his show as “paranoia porn” and took aim at a number of his more popular theories.

The network claimed that he was giving ammo that helped stupid people decide to do stupid things. They even referenced the recent incident involving James Lee, who took over the Discovery Channel headquarters by force before he was eventually killed by a SWAT team. He was a psychotic environmentalist who had been arrested in front of the station’s headquarters before.

Jones claims that the global elite are in the process of establishing world government. These claims were made out to be ridiculous on the recent ABC “Dateline” special. Of course, Jones supporters quickly fired back with a number of news reports, including one from the Wall Street Journal that claimed that the Copenhagen Agreement was the beginning stages of a “transnational government on a scale that we have never seen before.”

It will be interesting to see how Jones fires back at the network. Surely, he will direct more attention to ABC and claim that the network is making attempts to discredit him because he knows too much. The real question is, if Alex Jones knew so much about the inner workings of the government, why has he not been dealt with?


  1. the question is if you looked at his information you would find out mr alex jones is trying to inform you of truth not fiction. sad your part of the propaganda crap for the elite

    • Alex has not been dealt with for the very simple reason, it would be to obvious and the game will be up. This little hit piece has jsut failed, PEOPLE ARE AWAKE and they know the truth…

  2. “The real question is, if Alex Jones knew so much about the inner workings of the government, why has he not been dealt with?”

    Dah? He is being dealt with. The hit piece is the first step. These kind of attacks will continue. They will serve to quell his message. But if for some reason Alex Jones’ stock rises above the resistance level, even after these type of attacks, you better believe the power structure will step up their ways to deal with him.

    • mr idiot delt with lol hes a truth seeker and he tells you facts please listen to his words theve killed many for giveing truth but then they give truth a boost think damn it

  3. Why has Alex Jones not been dealt with? He is probably the only thing holding back violence which he opposes. Ask Google what happened with the Obama Deception.

  4. the hit piece was a piece of crap and the guy who posted his version on this site is a moron who doesnt know nothing
    but the fecal matter he promotes

  5. “Jones claims that the global elite are in the process of establishing world government.” You need to insert an intervening clause here “Jones claims”, through citing various news sources such as Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, “that the global elite…” The presence of evidenceis a key fact it is not just his words without proof. And mentioning an ABC, single source, “news” piece as discrediting his claims is shaky at best even with the presence of documentaries like Invisible Empire, a documentary about a one world government, which is based on various news sources.

    A fact is that most people, Americans and those in other countries, are becoming more aware of a systemic move by the few to control the lives of many. There is growing evidence to support this awakening and this little segment covering one person who wishes to spread information and remind people that they have the power to access alternative non corporate sponsored news sources gives credence to that fact.

    I wonder when ABC, or other biased/corporate media, is going to do coverage of the Federal Reserve’s disturbing act of refusing to tell and inform the American public where our tax dollars went? Or the fate of the bill to audit the Federal Reserve? Or why the Federal Reserve is privately and not publicly owned and specifically owned by whom?!

    No, instead they insult the public and focus on a personal attack of a messenger or go to the idiotic extreme of distraction by having “entertainment news.”

    There should be no small wonder why people are loosing faith in the mainstream news.

  6. I noticed that my previous entry, about the private Federal Reserve and its refusal to be transparent to american taxpayers about where our bailout money went, was not posted. The focus should be on whether or not the issues Alex Jones raised, like the one in the first sentence, is valid and not using obnoxious sophomoric catch-phrases like “paranoia porn” to make it appear as if he should be censored for indecency.

    Post my entry this time, I dare you.

  7. People BELIEVE Jones NOT for their “paranoia porn” fix…they believe him because his take on world events makes more sense then the garbage journalism the mainstream tries to feed us in between “green butterfly” commercials for Ambien and “bathtubs in the amazon rainforest” commercials for Levitra. Stop drinking the kool-aid Mr. Journalist Man.

    • It’s because he’s a credible journalist. He has a really good track record and covers issues that matter and keeps in interesting. He’s not playing his audience for idiots and insulting their intelligence. So far just about everything I hear from that show is verifiable and credible.

  8. Re:The network claimed that he was giving ammo that helped stupid people decide to do stupid things.

    Nothing can be any stupider than the act of James J. Lee!
    You cannot put him in as a follower of Alex Jones as Lee is a Greenie Environmentalist whose hero was Al Gore!

    Alex Jones has covered the fraud of al Gore multiple times in his shows! This really shows the bias and lies these Globalists are working to spread! We need to send these globalists, Elites and banksters scoop shovels to shovel out the BS in their propaganda!

    Alex and staff and and tell what is really going on as opposed to the fluff about Lindsay Lohan which is about all the news we hear on MSM! Asif that information is woth a tinker’s dam?

  9. More people listen/watch Alex Jones than abc because Alex is honest unlike abc (or any of the corporate tv stations). I think that abc was being a sore loser. Go to hell abc

  10. Alex jones site infowars links UN and governmnent documents and legislation to all of their articles. If anything they are one of the most credible media sources.

    I have never seen glenn beck, keith olbermann or dylan ratigan link government documents to their stories. The truth is mainstream media feeds us opinion that is based on pandering to emotions, not cited in fact and historical precedent like alex jones.

  11. Alex Jones is a true patriot, we must weave ourselves together to defeat the NWO. Combining our talents with the talents of others is the only way to expose these murderous, corrupt, villians. We must not fall subject to the religious, racial barriers that they are now breeding on CNN and Fox news. You are the elite and I will call you out and expose you. May Jesus bless Alex Jones and his crew and all others who expose the deeds of the evil empire. I am now going to pray and lift up all those who oppose the NWO.

  12. This is just business as usual for the government contolled media who buries any opposition to the “one world” thugs. Truth cannot be be changed or destroyed, but these crazy sold out bastards haven’t learned that yet, but time will take care of their back side.

    A day of reckoning is on its way and many patriots are gearing up for that day, so look out traitors we know who you are! Hang in there Alex, you are not alone in your stand against tyranny and the destruction of America.

  13. Alex Jones, Jasom Bermus, and radio TV staff are the best Journalists and news Reporters on this planet!

    Main Stream Media owned by the Global Elitists, has been left behind in the dust with the dinosaurs , when it comes to true occurences that are happening in the world!

    I prefer it my first choice, in comparison with the fluffy news articles, that the MSM will allow their listeners and readers to hear and read!

    Keep up the great work Alex and staff!

    • as their ratings. . . go down. . . down. . . down . . .

      Let them do it. They’re digging their own graves. In fact, I hope they keep it up. They’re making sure they fail in the long run at the stake of their short term goals, which is very positive. No amount of fancy camera work and middle of the road computer animation can change the fact that they’re a dying breed. People are sick of that crap, and they won’t learn from it: thus they will fall, just like the music industry who refuses to adapt to the market. The dinosaurs will go extinct and people who give the public what it wants will fill the void. The public wants the truth, so that’s what they’ll get, and what will prosper.

      My area of “battle” is with new media now. YouTube journalists and bloggers are where the fight really is in the future. These guys are just cranky that they’re about to be in the unemployment office because people aren’t impressed with their trade anymore.

  14. Obviously I am able to determine even a cover-up on the websites that are carrying this article! Previously last night when I read all of the articles sent in by correspondents, that hit some good points in favor of the evidence we have all observed Alex and his staff find and we know that we know he is right on target! In addition to that he attaches to his articles, “News Videos”, with people like Globalists “Henry Kissinger”, former British Prime Minister”Gordon Brown”, former President “George Bush Senior”, all calling for a “New World Order”, “One World Government Non – Elected Representative”, Scientific Technocracy Dictatorial agenda”, they state this in live living color over National Television, Radio and You Tube Videos, for the whole world to see! Then these arrogant criminals that have infiltrated our governments and are pushing their illegal agendas down the world’s throat – turn around and say, “They didn’t say that”! See their problem is that they believe they have dumbed us down so much that they can do and say anything right in our faces and that we are such “schmucks” that we are going to allow them to rob and pilfer our lives! Well I’ve got news for them we know who is manipulating all the lies and performing crimes against humanity and this Schmuck for one will fight you and stand up to you one way or the other, to the death! There are billions in the world who will run against you! I promise! In God I Trust, so help me God! God helps those who put their faith forward and helps themselves and I am prepared to do that like David and Gideon!

    At any rate where have all the other articles that were on here last night in praise of Alex Jones, writers and staff of and , these broadcasts are carried on on over 70 radio AM & FM stations throughout North America and Europe, he has over 1,000,000 listeners, viewers per day I can see why ABC and other Main Stream Broadcast companies would be jealous and upset with Alex Jones Broadcasts, he is and Indie and his ratings are higher than theirs!
    That is what happens – when you tell the truth!

  15. I can’t belive what i’m reading.You people are the greatest. I thought i would visit this site to defend alex.This really made my day. thank you and god bless our republic

  16. One big problem with the ABC Special is that they go after Alex Jones, personally. They focus on the man rather than the message. There was a time, not too long ago, when they would have pulled this off flawlessly. Unfortunately, because of people like Alex Jones, and many others in alternative media, many of us are growing accustomed to examining source material and evidence related to the material being presented. We are not falling for the ad hominem attacks.

    The reason A.J. hasn’t been “dealt with” is because the establishment is perfectly aware that there is a profound change in the way a great number of us receive and disseminate the information that we are given. Also, so many of the altrnative media may disagree on certain points, but they are united in their message in relation to government corruption and coverups. If A.J. were suddenly “dealt with”, those of us (growing in numbers daily)who have been made aware of the mainstream media tactics and government intelligence tactics, would see full confirmation of the supposed “conspiracy theories” that they are trying to discredit. In short, the spell has been broken. Alex did say, “That’s why you’re discreditted”.

  17. Excellent answer to that foolish question. It is as if the reporter is suggesting that Mr. Jones knows nothing and that is why he has not been “dealt with.” It is extremely vexing that there is a continued belief that this awakening is not happening and that all of us are distracted by media fanfare.

  18. Yes,Global Elitists Eg. Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Gordon Brown, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Politicians’- Democrats’ and Republicans’ are on the run and pulling out all the stops at endeavoring to manipulate the American voters, into another major mistake as Puppet Barry Soetoro aka; Barak Hussein Obama and Prior to that George W. Bush has been to “The Fall of the Republic”!

    Now an Alex Jones produced video that has had over 400,000,000 views! ( )

    It was announced on Lame Stream Media, National News networks this evening that, “Michelle Obama”, is being requested by Nancy Pelosi to campaign for the Democrats – because her popularity Polls are not as low as President Barry Soetoro,aka; Barak Hussein Obama!

    I guess Pelosi must believe, the American citizens don’t mind that Michelle and children too ventured out on an extremely costly, expensive vacation to Spain, at a time when the American economy is at an all time low! It is very obvious to all of us that she has an, “Let them eat cake”, attitude toward Americans!

    Those Democrats that are hardline Globalist and Federal Reserve Bankster sympathizers and Marxist style Socialists, as well as those that are Fascist RINO’s and Parasite Global Elitist sympathizing Republicans like, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin ( from the John MCain camp)and Hucklebee, are going to do their best to manipulate setting up yet another regime toward building “One World Government”!

    So they scramble, to keep the people blind and fighting about Left and Right when in reality – Left and Right are the same party with minor differences, for the sake of keeping you, the voter, in the Left/Right Paradyne!

    “Round and round the Mulberry Bush”, in order for the Shadow Elitist Government to keep control of you and the population around the world!

    The’re are only two people that I know, are fit for the Presidency of the United States and they are not announced as, officially running: Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul!

    Other than those two, danger awaits!

    “An email from my fine Christian friend, Frank” – some truth to this, however, I believe he may also be stuck in the Left/Right Paradyne as well!
    Be aware my friend!

    I’ll bet our Muslim President wouldn’t like this one ( or understand it )
    I have often wondered why it is that conservatives are called the
    “right” and liberals are called the “left.”
    And then by chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)
    “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool
    to the left.”
    Yep, that’s it! ‘Nuff said!

    • The thing of beauty is that not all the money or riches in the world mean a thing. They are no more powerful than your average garbage collector if people don’t accept them as such. They could just as easily be stripped of their fortunes and thrown in prison, and it would happen without much effort.

      They know this. This is why they have to pay people off and maintain huge propaganda efforts. At no costs can people realize that they are just a bunch of pathetic snake oil salesmen who are no better than your local bank robber. They’re just better at crime.

  19. We have their attention folks. We are gaining ground, even mainstream has adopted our opinions on global warming, Glen Beck being a mainstream sheep dog has been using our info to try and turn the tide back to the Republican party. Sara Palin has teamed up with Glen Beck on the original Ron Paul started Tea party movement. As previously stated, we have many who haven’t quite got the whole picture, but they know our Government is corrupt and mainstream news is more then not a joke. Now we have to turn the tide with the awakening of the 2 party control.

    • I was listening to some middle of the road corporate talk radio a few months back and they had one of the big executives of CNN on. They were talking about a bunch of unimortant stuff, but then the talk came around to how the mainstream media has “fallen on hard times”. The executive started ranting that they have to put Ron Paul on all the time because their ratings spike like crazy when they do it, even if they don’t agree with him. He was saying things like “It’s like magic. I put Ron Paul on talking about anything, and the ratings shoot through the roof”.

  20. I think that the answer to your final question is that no smart government is going to want to create martyrs. It’s incredibly stupid to do so as it empowers your enemies, not supresses them. I think the story of the Quakers is a perfect one to illustrate. The governments at the time did not take a liking to their ideas and so sought to eradicate them with brutal force, by killing their leaders and imprisoning them. The end result was not a defeat of their foes, but an explosion in the amount of people who were Quakers. Tyranny breed revolution and enlightenment in response, tyranny arouses people’s fighting instinct and makes them rebell. Martyers turn them into an almost unstopable force as nobody can view the persecuters with a positive light and thus nobody will defend them.

    Good article though. Very fair.