David Archuleta The Other Side Of Down Album – October 5 Release


David Archuleta The Other Side Of Down Album – October 5 Release – While his debut single was released not long ago, David Archuleta has just announced that he is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album The Other Side Of The Down. Archuleta also unveiled the album cover, few weeks ago via his website.

A sober enough cover for David Archuleta, the new little prince of Pop music. The young singer debuted his new song “Things Are Gonna Get Better” during Jerry Lewis Telethon few days ago, the performance was well received.


David Archuleta The Other Side Of Down Track Listing

1. The Other Side Of Down
2. Something ‘Bout Love
3. Elevator
4. Stomping The Roses
5. Who I Am
6. Falling Stars
7. Parachutes And Airplanes
8. Look Around
9. Good Place
10. Complain
11. Things Are Gonna Get Better
12. My Kind Of Perfect

David Archuleta’s “The Other Side Of Down” album will be released on October 5. What do you think of David Archuleta’s new song “Things Are Gonna Get Better” ?

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  1. I’ve heard snippets and a few full songs that will be on David’s new album, and I cannot put into words how excited I am for October 5th! This young man’s VOICE and his humble, classy demeanor is intoxicating!♥

  2. “David Archuleta, the new little prince of Pop music”. Yup, you got that right! 🙂

    This Prince wrote/co-wrote 10 out of 12 songs in The Other Side of Down. So far, we already heard Something ‘Bout Love, Elevator, Things Are Gonna Get Better and a clip of The Other Side of Down. He also performed Not A Very Good Liar and If I Could Only Be which did not make it to the CD.

    All in all, these songs have great message in them and they show David Archuleta’s maturity and creativity as a songwriter. The heavenly voice is already a known fact, that’s for sure.

    Can’t wait for October 5th!!!

  3. Looove that we will soon have more music from David Archuleta…and the songs I have heard are so uplifting and fun. Everybody needs a dose of positive sometimes and I love that this young man delivers it!

  4. I really cannot wait to have this album in my hands. I just love everything about David. From what he’s trying to accomplish with his music to his personality and humility. He’s top notch in my book!

  5. I absolutely love TAGGB!!! It’s got this catchy pop/inspirational/cross-over country-ish vibe to it that is upbeat and uplifting. Can’t wait to get the whole album on Oct.5th. David is the best young pop artist out there!!!

  6. Great things come in small packages!!! David is NOT little!
    Nooo sireee!!! Not by a country mile!!!
    His huge heart and unmatched talent make him stand heads above people twice his size!!! Make no mistake about it though, he definitely deserves the title Prince of Pop!! His soothing, soulful voice and his caring heart work in sinc to make listening to his songs a very exciting and uplifting experience!! After listening to David sing, one can easily become addicted. David is a musical talent that is one of a kind!

    “Hang in hang on for the ride of your lives!” Don’t forget to get his new album which will be coming out on OCT 5th!!! It will be EPIC!!!!

  7. The Prince of Pop, I think it sure fits. His voice has a unique sound and quality missing from the current artists.

    I’m loving all the songs I’ve heard so far and can’t wait to get my hands on TOSOD!

  8. I adore David and love his voice. I’m really excited to get (and get lost in) the whole album. David did a great job on the telethon chose a really nice track to sing. It’s one of the ones David co-wrote in Nashville, as is the title track The Other Side of Down (I LOVE the snippet we heard of that yesterday). Re little prince of pop – yeah and that immediately reminded me of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) by Saint-Exupery. “On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.” (“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”)
    kristian – You forgot Parachutes and Airplanes which David sang at BYU and it’s on the album. I much love PANDA.

  9. Prince of Pop…please…he can’t even crack the BB top 100 with SBL and Elevator sucks…David has to actually like sell records to be even considered a pop star that matters…Bieber has came and took it all from him and more and Bieber has way more success than David..get real delusional DA fans…CHR radio in the US ain’t feeling him at all.

      • not jealous, speaking the truth…Archuleta is a nobody on US radio right now and has no charting singles…he needs a hit and you know Jive is cutting Idols this time around…if David bombs, he’s gone…plain and simple…David has one hit to his name, Crush and that was all the way back in 2008…2010 honey and he has no hits..in the pop world, you are only significant as your last hit…

      • I guess you would like David to have a career releasing Xmas albums and covers…Clay Aiken anyone? David wants to be a pop star, then he needs constant hits like a pop star…I mean can chart another song in the top 40? can chart a song on the bb hot 100?

      • get real Yeah! David is bombing right now..hope for strong first week sales because a low first week will be a killer…I personally think he is in the wrong music genre…he should go the Groban route…way more money there and he can sing in his better voice…his pop voice is nasally and annoying…that’s probably why pop radio is ignoring him, listeners do want to hear that

  10. I loved David’s performance of “Things Are Gonna Get Better” at the Jerry Lewis Telethon. This is a great song with a great message. David has a way of singing a song and making it special. David Archuleta is such an amazing talent and has a huge heart!!