Dance India Dance Season 2 Winner Shakti Mohan


Dance India Dance Season 2 Winner Shakti Mohan – Shakti Mohan, a resident of Mumbai, was named the winner of the grand finale of the reality show Dance India Dance at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai on Friday after 18 weeks of very intense competition among the competitors.She was able to beat three other skillful finalists named Punit Pathak, Binny Sharma and Dharmesh Yelande on her way to the title.
Shakti had studied professional dancing with renowned choreographer Terrance Lewis at his academy prior to winning first place in Dance India Dance. She also won the golden hat and Rs 50 lakh contract with the channel that broadcasts the show. During the finale, Ranbir Kapoor, Manoj Bajpai and Rajneeti director Prakash Jha were present for the broadcast.

Shakti, as an award for her victory will also receive the opportunity to shoot a promotional music video with Farah Khan for the upcoming movie Tees Maar Khan. Tees Maar Khan will star Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutta.
Dance India Dance has been running for two seasons. The first season was won by Salman Khan, with Alisha Singh and Siddhesh Pai finishing in 2nd and 3rd place. Only individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 are allowed to appear on the series, and once they have been chosen they are trained by professional Bollywood choreographers.


  1. she was 100% deserving person to win golden hat. my best wishes for her future….. she was far n far better dancer than other competitors with a good looking personality.the competition was just normal & the result was 100% fair this year….

    • The reason Shakti won over Dharmesh was that when Amar got eliminated before the finals, his votes could have gone to Shakti (Both were from Terence).
      Both Dharmesh and Shakti were equally good and either one of them deserved to win.

    • I think D sir was more deserving .. he was the true performer and a real dancer no one can catch beats like him.. one should be a dancer to understand this.. whereas other performed more circus up in the air or all over the stage than dance.. a good looking personality is what people look for these days but not true talent.. ofcouse when bollywood gets involved what can one expect..thats the reason why there are more flop films than super hits..

  2. she desrve this positiion. she has all charater to deserve dis position ………….yaaaa this result is absoutely true…..

  3. I don’t agree. It doesn’t make any sense! how can a person who got highest votes all season just loose in the finals. No doubt Shakti is talented but slightly less than Dharmesh. Dharmesh is the true winner!

  4. Waw! Shakti u really worth that hat, i was amazed the way u presented your dance at final show wit Terence that was superb. Keep it up n my congrats to u Congralation! N wish u gud luck n gud luck in your future. Luv yah, mwah.

  5. I agree with the beloved of Shakti Mohan. She performed well compared to all the contestant in “Dance India Dance Session 2”. I wish her all the best, and would like her to see not only in Bollywood movies, but anywhere where the Dance is the Passion. Shakti deserves the NUMBER 1 A1 Position in Dance India Dance. Shakti you rocked, keep it up, all the best for your future endover. Cogratulation!!!

  6. I think Shakti deserves to be the winner.she was the best. i’am really very happy 4 hr n as terence sir said she is not Shakti but ‘Shaktimaan’. just wish all z bst 4 hr future

  7. I am so happy for Shakti, you deserve it girl! she really have alot of talent. Congratulations, and all the best in the future!

  8. I am from Malaysia and I didn’t miss the ‘Dance India Dane’. I think Shakti deserves the crown as she outshone the others. Congratulations Shakti

  9. Everyone know that D sir is sab ke sar you know and the first place was just for D sir,,,, yeh sab onka chaal hai or agar nahi hai people who voted for shakri were stupid bcoz D sir deserve this first position NO ONE ELSE

    Love you Dharmish Sir