Chelsea Handler VMA 2010 Negative Reviews


Chelsea Handler VMA 2010 Negative Reviews – The reviews for Chelsea Handler’s role as host of the MTV Video Music Awards have come in, and the majorities seem to emote the same sentiment. It would seem that Handler’s act fell completely flat with most major news outlets calling her awful.

The New York Times said, “She was among the worst in the show’s history—purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor.” They went on to say that she “never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material and the wattage of those around her.”

Sadly, most everyone else seemed to feel the same way, as the bad reviews don’t stop there.

Chelsea Handler VMA 2010

The Washington Post said that her act was, “a string of flat punch lines felt a few degrees below crass.” Not even Handler’s attempt to get the crowd in an unruly mood helped, as the show saw no major controversy or upsets.

AOL TV said that, although Handler tried, most of her skits were unimaginative and simply didn’t contain any creativity. They also said that there was a lack of true Hollywood celebrities at the awards, saying, “Hollywood just didn’t show up for this shindig.”


  1. Chelsea is a joke…Her late night show dogs most celebrities. What else did she expect? I was surprised to see Lindsey in the beginning, I guess Lindsey has a sense of humor because Chelsea constantly makes fun of her.

  2. Its not Chelsea who sucked it was the VMA’s. Music today revolves around looks and repetative sounds and vocals. If you know how to repeat the same line and sing through a autotuner you are solid gold. And last and not least learn to write your own music. Cant blame it on Chelsea if you dont have mush to work with. Plus if you dont play videos on MTV and a bunch of realith bs dont complain.

  3. The VMAs does little to award the true musicians of today. It’s all based around the music labels and their ties to MTV. It’s all based on $$$ and advertising these hella mainstream artists. Burn MTV!