Beyond Wonderland 2010 Music Festival Rave


Beyond Wonderland 2010 Music Festival Rave – The Beyond Wonderland 2010 Musical Festival will have special significance this year with the release of “Alice in Wonderland” in theaters now.
The Beyond Wonderland Music Festival is considered to be a rave by many, so if you are into electronica its time to break out the beads and glow sticks. There are many different bands, groups and artists that will be at the festival playing their music for all of their fans to hear.

This festival has been marked by controversy in recent years after some fights and drug dealing have been running rampant among attendees. In order to combat this, police presence at this years music festival will be beefed up, and every guest will be searched prior to entering the show. These are problems that are common to similar music festivals and it is not immediately clear if the local police enforcement is planning anything special to ensure that no one is dealing drugs inside the festival.

While the list of performers has not been released yet, it is rumored that there will be a number of big name entertainers who will be performing at the Beyond Wonderland Music Festival of 2010. The festival is among the most popular electronica festivals in the United States and is attended by fans of the genre from around the world.
The prices of tickets into the festival have been dropped considerably in recent weeks after a backlash from a price hike that was announced several months ago. Currently, the tickets are the same price that they were during last Seasons festival, but that doesn’t mean that they will continue to stay that low for the duration of the festival. In previous years, as the festival grew closer, the price of the tickets would often go up.


  1. Actually, the event took place on March 20th, 2010. The line up included artists from around the world with top DJs like Paul Van Dyke, Christopher Lawrence, Caspa, Pendulum, 12th planet, and more up and coming artists. This is actually the first Beyond Wonderland festival ever. There was at one a Wonderland event that Insomniac Events put on and this was to bring back the formal magic that Wonderland had once produced and push it Beyond limits.

    The outdoor decor was stunning to say the least, with large pastel colored lanterns hanging from every tree and magical interactive artwork near every stage. Once again to reiterate this was actually the first Beyond Wonderland thrown, and its lineup has been released for months.

  2. And to correct other reporting inaccuracies, they didn’t have to beef up security because of previous fights. The police presence and security was the same as all big festivals in the LA area. I have yet to see a fight at any of the 12 raves I’ve been to in the last 3 1/2 years.
    And the pricing was not lowered in recent weeks. In fact, I bought a general admission ticket for $45 back in February and right before the festival they were $65.
    They also announced on Saturday afternoon before the rave started that the festival had sold old (30,000 + tickets) and that they would not be selling tickets at the event.
    This article is inaccurate and one sided to say the least.