America’s Got Talent Winner – Michael Grim – 2010 AGT Finale


America’s Got Talent Winner – Michael Grim – 2010 AGT Finale – The winner of America’s Got Talent has been announced, after a showdown between soul crooner Michael Grim and 10 year singing sensation Jackie Evancho.

Evancho received high praise all round for her mature singing talents, as well as her mature attitude towards life and performing, unlike some other performers twice her age. After losing, Evancho showed her respect and maturity, saying “This experience has been amazing,” she said, without showing any sign of disappointment. “I have loved every single moment that I’ve been doing it, and I just really hope that I’ll be able to sing for you guys again.”

Grimm, the winner, was in disbelief and shock at the announcement, saying “Is this really happening, is this real?”

There were two other performers on the night, opera singer Prince Poppycock, who judge Piers Morgan told “You are a star and you will be star” after his elimination, and Blacklight performers Fighting Gravity, who got a glowing recommendation from Sharon Osbourne, who told the group that she’d want a front row seat for their shows.

There were some high quality guests appearing on the final night, such as Cirque Du Soleil’s Love performer, Usher, David Copperfield and Lionel Richie, offering the audience some quality entertainment.


  1. the right person did not win. I would want to see certified votes. I think AMT picked the person because
    of their age. None of the person expect Terry have gone on the make anything of themselves, but Jackie will go on for many years with her talent and won’t need the endorsement of AMT. She truly was the winner.

    • Jackie openly admitted that she has had to give up a lot of her childhood just to do this show. How unfair to her and the rest of her family to have to live a life on the road just because of one child. She got what she was looking for going on the show, publicity! She is going to go a long way without the endorsement of AMT.
      Congrats to Michael Grim! I had him picked from the very beginning!

      • you are so self concided with that comment see what would you do say to make the others not to have to travel she should give up her new found career
        wow i wonder how many famous singers and people would have made it with an attitude like yours
        grim was not bad but come on be honest there was real talent that lost and was better than him i dont see a show around him there were better regular signers

        • Michael Grim is sensational…he deserved to win as much as any of the top 4…Jackie was not his competitor…she is also extremely talented and will do well….the only thing that Michael has over the others by winning is the money…they will all go on to do well, so give up the ridiculolusness of saying he isn’t talented!!!

        • Hi kevin, It’s me Mrs. Rogers I am so sorry for passing you in spelling class back in the second grade because you brought me your dads weed that day. It is so apparent that you now spell like you have a 1st grade education. I am so buzzed from your gift but feel that you should have not smoked the other half before class. You now have turned out to be fairly dumb. This may not hurt your career as an aluminum collecter, but if you ever get a job that requires any intelligence you may not get the position, for that I am sorry.

      • That’s just it! She needs to experience some childhood. She’s a precious child and will no doubt, have a beautiful future, but she needs to have some fun as a little girl for a change.

      • Kevin-proofread before you reply. I am not “self concided”! Maybe if Jackie hadn’t said what she did more votes would have went her way. Was always told, “what you say and what you write may come back to haunt you.” That may be what happened to her! Just saying!

    • i aggree as i thought that for Michael grimm to win was a definately not right if you are looking at pure talent
      now i feel the show did not want to take heat from the wiered o’s that sent so many comments about bad parents etc
      they are jealious that a 10 year old could be so good
      definately not the right winner

      • Michael was awesome and so humble – He was my favorite from almost the start – Lots of good talent this year – lots of entertainment – I do not like opera but would love to sit an hour and listen to him while enjoying a great night in Vegas – Hope he makes an album – Lots of people voted along with those of us in Texas who would love to give him a hug !!

          • I’m so glad to hear from someone who kind of knows him. I thought he was the best. I actually felt protective of little Jackie. Her voice was immature and that’s just plain age. In any event, I had hoped that Michael the humble guy he appeared to be. I’m thrilled to hear he is. I actually cried tears of joy along with him. What a GREAT guy and a marvelous singer!

          • I do agree, that he was the sure winner, and deserved it. I would like to know the name of the cd. I did see him the following day, singing I Would Rather Go Blind, and hope it is on his cd. He is a wonderful artist

      • You have to understand what the show is about, who ever won the hearts of voting audience wins. You can’t compare Michael Grimm and Jackie on who gets more talent. On my point, the first time I saw Jackie, I was like ‘Wow’, but after that, she maintains her high quality but no more ‘wow’ factor. For Michael, every time he surprised us, his voice, his performance gets better on every competition. He caught the emotion on all audiences. When listening to him, gave me goose bumps. AGT got it RIGHT!

    • I think the right person won because Jackie is probably already signed up and at her age will make millions, they were both great singers.

    • I think America picked the right winner. Michael Grimm’s final performance is unbeatable…way to go Michael. America did vote for him, if you go to AGT website and see all the supporting comments, you know the vote is legit…

      • All of the 4 that competed have amazing talent and will do very well in the future. I disagree with the person who said that singers like Michael can be found in large numbers and that Michael is a lounge singer. I have watched the AGT show since the beginning and I can tell you that when Michael auditioned I stopped what I was doing to see the performance. Outstanding! A lot of singers wish that they had a voice like Michaels. Michael is a true talent and he puts his soul in every performance. As far as I am concerned at this time my favorite singers are Michael Grimm for blues music, Adam Lambert for all around music because he can sing anything, Clay Aiken for ballads.It would be great to get them together for a concert.

  2. I agree – the little fabulous opera singer was not chosen because of her age and that is wrong. This girl has amazing talent and although the guy was good – he was no where near the talent of the 10 yr old – “pointe finale”. I would pay money to see her and will certainly buy her CDs – and I am not an opera fan – but she is so gifted! I am surprised that this choice would be allowed. We are not stupid!

    • She was not chosen because the voters, people who would pay money to see a Vegas show would not pay to see her but they would pay to see Micheal!!!! Sorry – everything goes where the money goes and I don’t see a 10 year old opera singer being a hot ticket in Vegas.

  3. It was rigged. Anyone with any sense at all knew the little girl with the big voice was going to win. The network even knew she was the whole show. Why do you think they set her up as the last performer? Because they knew people would stay tuned just to hear that wonderful voice. I’ll never watch the stupid program again.

    • Get over it America does not want to see a child singing in a casino, yes she is talented and should try again when she is 21. I went with Michael all the way till the end!

      • Jackie ‘try again’ at 21? Are you kidding me? By 21 her career migh surpass Sarah Brightman. Within the next couple of years young supernova Jackie would have sung for most luminaries out there and probably will for the Pope as it happens with talent at this level even at a yong age. In case you missed it, MG won some annuity $$ and a chance to headline a group tour for the AGT finalinsts, that’s all. He desperately needed AGT for the push. AGT desperately needed Jackie, who alone is responsible for the ratings peak. She will be signed w/in in the next few months, continue to make appearances worldwide and her records will be snapped up in pre-orders. I can’t see this happening to MG, however nice, and decently talented guy he is. At least he cleared out the backstock of his 4 older recordings and may build his grandparents’ home, and that’s all his voters really seemed to care about. By the time she’s 21 AGT will just be a blip from the past

  4. I knew Jackie wouldn’t win because she can’t play a headline show in Vegas because of her age! I expected “Fighting Gravity” to win though, so I’m surprised by Michael Grimm’s win.
    Also the “million dollar” prize is paid out over 40 YEARS. Better JUST to get the publicity from appearing on AGT and not have to wait 40 YEARS to get a prize!

  5. You are all stupid. This show is terrible. No one goes to Vegas to see a 10 year old girl sing. The novelty will be lost when she is 14 and bitchy. The puppet guy will be the only success from this show during its life span.

    • Tony come back to the ward we know how much of a genius you are and how stupid everybody else is, just like you say. We all agree with you and you and you so will all three of you come back we promise we won’t lock the door again. The elvis guy and superman miss you and so does the sad clown guy ok? Come on home we can’t start the superbowl without you, your the star of the show.

  6. Grimm was my choice, but I honestly thought Jackie was going to win, but look at last year, everyone thought the opera singer would win, but she didnt. I think it comes down to preference, with opera you either love it or hate it. I would buy both their music. Either way Jackie is going to be a huge star!

  7. This show is fake all the way!!! you dont need to have a great talent like Jackie to win, you just have to be sick or poor. The last 2 years, poor signers have one!!!! They should have gone to Americain idol!!!!! Jackie didnt win because her family lis healty and not poor!!!
    I will never watch this show again.

    • This women is lost in past problems of her own and is well aware of it she sees through the eyes of a hater regardless of the situation she can make all involved feel bad, just to try to make herself feel good. Find out who you are Julie and you may fnd the good in all people then and only then you may even find some good in yourself. I hope you do you are worth it and deserve happiness.Make it happen.

  8. You’ve all missed the mark. Jackie is in an entirely different league, she is the superstar and she has a very
    bright future. You can’t allow voices like hers to be on a tour bus and blown in the name of profit and notority.
    Michael Grimm is awesome and America made the absolute right decision.
    AGT….best season EVER!!!!!

    • Michael Grimm captured my attention since the first audition. He has such a smooth blusy tone and perfect pitch. I saw the show because of him and I was not disappointed. I knew he would win and my whole family voted for him.I cried when he won because it was much deserved.I wish for all of the other contestants love and happiness. I will follow his career and wish him health, wealth.He is the only one that I would pay to see in a show. I am happy his grandparents will get a new house, They are a close family.

  9. If I were going to Vegas, who would I pay to see. A 10 year old opera singer or a brilliant soleful young man. MMM??? I am not an opera fan but indeed she has a brilliant voice and career ahead, as does all the final four. They are all winners and have gotten the exposure to make them stars. On the final performance however, Prince Poppycock who was not my favorite, did the best showing with the star, then Michael, then Jackie, the Fighting Gravity because you could not see what they were doing clearly.

  10. I like watching this show but you are wrong about how the winners are determined. What has happened, as with “Idol”, is that the tweens (girls 11-5) have taken over the voting block. You can vote as many times as you want. Most people vote only once but girls that age vote multiple times and they always vote for a cute guy. Just look at who has won Idol and AGT for the last two years. Those tweens have unlimited texting and have found a way to weild that power. Don’t expect a girl to win either contest unless they change it to one person, one vote.

    • you are limited how many times you vote and it isnt the tweens decideing my husband and i are in our 40s and we voted on who we thought was best yes jackie was great but shes not a vegas act but she will be a superstar in her own world of music and prince poppy cock lost it for himself on that last performance but you havent seen the last of him of fighting gravity

  11. I believe that there will be many lives changed for the better from this last season of AGT! Michael Grimm’s voice is awesome…I love his style…I also love Jackie’s but would not listen to her as often…and I would pay to go see any of the top 10!!

  12. Jackie had the best overall talent but 2nd place isn’t bad. Jackie has won the hearts of America and that’s all that counts. She will always be #1 to the millions of her fans. My congratulations to you Jackie.
    America’s Got Talent reminds me of the CBS reality show Survivor where at the end the best overall player of the season doesn’t always win.

  13. This season was the best yet. Didn’t like Howie as a Judge. He always stated the obvious. “Will America vote?”, “Was it good enough for America?”, “How will America react?”, “Without America’s vote you wont win”… But for vegas acts Winner should have been Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity. I liked all four of the acts from the begining. My two favorite singers were Prince Poppycock & Michael Grim. Congrats Michael.

  14. All the votes, all the time people spent watching this show to end with someone that is good but not GREAT!! what a disappointment.
    For me Prince Poppycock was the only one worth to win the high prize, he is the whole package but Pierce made sure to sink him with a buzz in the last note of his last performance… What a joke!!! this show is nothing to me anymore the talent was replaced by pity, that is not what everybody expects from a “serious” program. For me this is rigged PP or Jackie should have won.

    • The prince poppycock act can be scene at just about any gay nightclub that allows performers to get up on stage and do there act. These flamboyant type shows are not that rare and if you enjoyed it so much you can see these type shows every weekend just look up where the gay caberets are,lose your fear of the unknown, have faith in yourself that you can handle any situation enjoy that there are people different then yourself and then just go see it. This applies to anything that you are afraid of. Just handle it.

  15. I also thought Jackie would win, even tho I was
    hoping for Michael Grim. Jackie will not have any problem
    getting a contract. I believe America voted for Michael
    out of love, and compassion for all Hurricane victims!!
    God bless his big heart!

  16. I just want to wish all the happiness in the world to Michael Grimm he was my idol all the way thru this competion!! He deserves this as well as his grandparents!!!

  17. It was rigged cause Jackie is only ten years old. Mr. Grimm can’t hold a candle to jackie’s perfermance. She always got a standing ovation never missed a note. Its just like american idol another rigged show. I would pay to go see jackie over michael grimms anyday.

  18. There are thousands of men who can sing like Michael and he SHOULD NOT HAVE WON!

    How many 10 year olds can sing like Jackie, and then how mny can sing opera, Jackie is truly rare and unique.

    The AGT show is stupid if rare talent like Jackie doesn’t beat out dime a dozen talent like Michael. American voters get it wrong!!!

  19. We all have different likes and dislikes. I personally like Michael Grimm’s performances and also some of the others. I believe the right person won, and I do not think the show was rigged. I believe this show truly makes a difference in peoples lives. Blessing’s to all the performers!!

  20. The right person did win!! Little Jackie has been a professional singer with professional cd album- funny a new album coming out in Dec. she works with top composers, directors etcI feel sorry for her, missing a childhood- go to her professional official fan site!! Michael’s years of struggles has finally paided off, many fans fell in love with him, and I wish him all the luck in the world.Go Michael Grimm.

    • I guess you’ve lost track of MG and his four (4!) CD’s. Jackie has earned a right to be invited to work with top talent in a very short time becuase they consider her worthy of their attention. They heard her, they flipped, they inivited her. Don’t begrudge her because she’s found success. Her rise to this level has been astronomical and it’s just the beginning.

  21. The acts all sucked. Especially fighting gravity. Just dumb entertainment without talent. One guy even tried to do dancing moves???? lol…..back to school losers.

    • sakuraba sucks, He should start a one man act and call it fighting intelligence and class and taste. I believe he would win in a large room if and only if he was all by himself and only if he was the judge.

  22. I loved all of the last ten acts! What a wonderful season this year. Way better than last year !I have to say I was a fan of Micahel Grim from the start, I love his soulful voice, I like his compassion and care for others especially his grandparents. I liked that He hugged Jackie after she lost and consoled her. I did like the magician Grasso a lot and thought he should have been in the top 4, jackie was wonderful but she is too young and her voice is not fully matured . She needs to be a kid. She has a bright future ahead of her.Poppy cock will have a Vegas career no doubt and so will defying gravity, but they need to finish college at Va Tech.

    • I have now found the winner of the “I can’t except anything if I don’t agree with it” game show host position. The winner is whoever wrote the comments under the heading AGTisfixed. This person has problems and probably is a control freak that is completly out of control. Get a grip man not everbody thinks exactly just like you bro. It’s ok everything is going to be ok, loosen your grip on unreality, breath my friend, just breath.

  23. Michael and Jackie are as gifted as a human can expect to be. It is a matter of personal preference as to who would get the most votes. They are both deserving and time will prove that in both of their cases. Why try to believe one is better then the other, they are both extremly talented it is noticable to everbody that saw and heard their performances. Love the fact that we get to enjoy both of their god given talents. I feel that we as a listening audience are the real winners, to live in a time to get to hear these two perfect voices whenever we want, aren’t we all the lucky winners after all. God just blessed his grandparents for the gift of love they gave this man. Is their anything wrong with gods love and decisions as to who and why? God made everybody a winner and that’s the best solution would’nt you all agree. After all he gave them both the gift for our enjoyment, forget about the money for once in your lives and enjoy living it is the greatest gift of all. “Enjoy the talents of both”.

  24. I cried when Michael and Jackie sang , their efforts ring true with me. I agree with John Costa above as I love to observe people using their gifts what a joy!
    I think PP should have come out without all the fluff and really showed what he could do… all that talent obscured by a false image.

  25. I believe that if you were able to view this or anything else that is joyful and you can appreciate, realize and understand that regardless of your financial status you have the power to do and be anything you want, whether you choose to or not, then and only then you know without question that you are the winner. You have been granted such a huge prize that nothing else even can pretend to come close. The prize is life. Ask any billionaire with a terminal desease that knows that these are his last days on this earth if he or she would trade places with the poorest person in america or even the world and the answer would be, take all my wealth down to the last dollar and crumb if only I could enjoy another sunset and hug the people I love a few more times. You have won everthing there is to win already. When you know this undeniable fact you will then begin to be alive. The best gift is the gift of offering a hand to another person. Try it and you will believe that there is no better feeling on this planet then the feeling of love for your fellow human regardless of their differences, religion, race, financial level, or whatever. The gift of giving is yours and yours alone and it will stay with you to your grave. This feeling can’t be taken, lost or stolen from you, isn’t that a FANTASTIC TRUTH. Love your gift and use it wisely. You only get one. I love you all. You are blessed.

  26. All season long my husband and I were rooting for Jackie. We were STUNNED when Michael won! His voice is good, but not nearly as remarkable as Jackie’s. I was sure she was going to win. All I can say is the American people (at least those watching AGT) don’t have any taste and don’t appreciate a voice like hers. I wish both of them good luck.

  27. Based on the results of the show this year, I am more convinced that the general population in my beloved country is becoming more like the ‘fine folks’ in the movie ‘Idiocracy’ (2006 movie) and the future is already here. Allowing Jackie to compete on the premise of finding a rare talent, apparently, was all a publicity stunt. Well, that’s fine – she’ll laugh all the way to the bank and into infamy and will be remembered long after this half-baked variety show is long forgotten.

  28. Michael has a raw talent that comes along rarely. He was my favorite to win from the beginning. He definately has strong family values similar to mine when it comes to family and I truly respect him taking care of his grandparents. They must be extremely proud! Michael improved with each performance and had everything it took to win AGT. Jackie was a “wow” factor, but with her perfection, there was little she could do to top her performance. She is already a star in her own right and will only continue to have success. Congrats to both!

  29. All of my family voted to make sure that Michael Grimm had enough votes to win. All of the other contestats are good and will have careers.Lets be proud that a man that has been trying for years to make it in Las Vegas finally got his chance.We did not vote for Michael out of pity but because he was the whole package, attractive, very good on the guitar and has a beautiful soulfuld voice.We just love him and wish him happiness with his girlfriend and the rest of his dear family.

  30. Every comment thus far has mentioned Jackie at the age of 21 and her bright future also how nobody would pay to watch her in Vegas. I strongly disagree. Now is her time and hopefully the future too. Understand when this girl reaches puberty her voice will change,she may not be able to hit those same notes or have that pure perfect voice that she has NOW.I believe people would pay $250.00 or more for a full show in Vegas or anywhere else for that matter to hear that pure perfect sound (I never enjoyed opera as I enjoyed her performance, what an angels voice)that only she has and the venue would sell out as fast as the tickets are available, it is her voice which was the show not her age.I thought she actually sounded better, and her voice was much clearer and had a more attractive sound then her idol in the final show and that women is already a top performer making big $$$ Jackie already has a contract (bet on it) and she is going to sing in large venues With high priced tickets, The show will sell out in record time, RIGHT NOW with or without the AGT 1st prize credits.Thats what she said was her dream and I don’t think you can stop the dream of a that truly gifted young lady.

  31. I wish Michael Grimm would do a reality show he looks like Orlando Bloom, and sings like he can melt your heart,woman are crazy about him . He needs more recognition in hollywood, the time ticks fast. Our entire family is gaga over him my 22 year old daughter me 48 and my 82 yr old mom.

  32. Does anyone remember that there was another opera singer that Lost to a Country singer, in the past and she was older? Jackie is not the first opera singer to loose, even thou she is only 10. Jackie has a amazing voice, which will take her very far in her life, we have not heard the last of Jackie by no means. Michael is a extremely talented man, with a Outstanding Voice, he has shown much range in his talent which is god given in Both cases of Michael and Jackie. This is a talent show with the votes of the people watching, so anything goes. But I do believe that the RIGHT person WON. Michael was there from the very start and improving and going forward with every week. YES the right person WON. But we will her from Jackie also – she will go far.
    CONGRATES Michael !!!!

  33. I am in South Africa and it is 5/02/11 and i have just watched the 2nd semi final featuring Jackie+others. I could not resist the temptation to see the 2010 winner. In 2008 i picked Eli Madsen. Neil E won. No problem. America had spoken! In 2009 i picked Kevin Skinner from the start and he won.I was so happy for him i nearly cried. America had spoken! I picked Michael Grimm from the start and then Jackie came along. Jackie is such an amazing talent and will be a star in the future, if she is not one already! The fact is Michael won and deserves it!!! AMERICA HAS SPOKEN! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? WELL DONE AMERICA!

  34. I am from Zambia and watched it. Cannot believe that Jackie and Prince Poppycock were overlooked. Personally, I did not have much time for the winner. I do not think America thinks of talent like Jackie and Barbara Padilla, but more on sob stories. Possibly they feel that Jackie and Poppycock are already in demand. I would travel to America to see these both. Am on lookout for Jackie’s CD. Not so for Mr Grimm. Sorry, but that is how I feel. When he was selected I could not believe that he has reached top ten. Very disappointed.

  35. I’m Nebiyu Belay from Ethiopia. i really had a great night because of Micheal Grim,my favourite singer.congratulations once again Mr.Micheal. Bravo!!!!
    i also appreciate the decision of the great American public.
    i hope we will be astonished by your CD again. THE FUTURE IS YOURS.