Addams Family Musical


Addams Family Musical – The Broadway musical adaptation of The Addams Family was high budget and was expected to do well on Broadway. However, critics have not received the musical as well as the developers had hopes. They have said that the musical is bland and boring, and that it does not live up to the hype that it previously held. The production opened on Thursday to a sold out crowd. However, the show was derived from the 1960s cartoons by Charles Addams’. These were the same cartoons that inspired television shows and movies later down the road.

The play was said to be funny, but the musical aspect was lacking. Critics dubbed the songs of “unmemorable,” and stated that many of the songs that were supposed to be humorous weren’t really all that funny. “You’re more likely to spend a considerable part of the evening wondering how much the set cost.” one critic said. The stage show could not be rescued from their bland musical numbers and jokes that failed to engage the audience properly.

Fans of the television series will be sorely disappointed in the musical adaptation of the familiar story. Lane, the star of the show, was able to stay on the critics good side. Most critics applauded his performance and many said that he was the best part about the entire performance. Lane will likely see opportunities in the future open up from his most recent performance. Lane had previously been most known for starring in the starring role of The Producers, Max Bialystock. Lane is a bright spot in a musical that has received mostly negative reviews since its debut.
Perhaps if the comedy was more engaging, or, well, funny, the Addams Family musical would have been met with better reviews of the stage show.


  1. Addams Family is hilarious and the music is fantastic. I loved it, and unless the reviewer wished to receive an emballism or coronary from laughing throughout, how they could not hear the roaring laughter and thunderous applause around them, I have no idea.

  2. I have sen the show and thought it was very funny! What I don’t understand is how he author of this article, Jerry Reth, could draw a conclusion in the final sentence without having made any mention of seeing it himself. Interesting how easy some find it to jump on the bandwagon and not speak from personal experience

  3. saw the show 4/9-had read some bad reviews so i came prepared to dislike it…it had me from the first 5 minutes…true it wasn’t the drowsy chaperone, but what is? it was funny, poignant, and eye catching…good entertaining fluff!

  4. How could you write this article without seeing the show? I’ve seen Addam’s Family twice, each time the audience screams with laughter and jumps to their feet. The vehement negativity directed at the show stems from whispers that Addam’s Family was critic proof. Next time, do your homework and see the show first or you’ll lose all credibility.