Texas Eyeing Arizona Style Immigration Law


Texas Eyeing Arizona Style Immigration Law – Authorities in Texas have stated that they would like to follow the example made by Arizona, and make changes to their approach to illegal immigration. They are considering developing a law similar to the one that was made in Arizona, to keep illegal immigrants from remaining in the state after they cross the border. The GOP is encouraging Texas legislators to enact a law that would make it a misdemeanor for an illegal alien to be within the state of Texas knowingly. They would also deny illegal immigrants any form of amnesty that would lead to citizenship, and would rid the state of day labor work centers that attract the illegal immigrant population. They are also looking to end bilingual education in the next three years, end financial assistance for college for non-US citizens, and put an end to babies that are granted US citizenship because they are born in the country.

This law will likely be even more controversial than the last, as it does cross barriers that were not crossed by the law in Arizona, including education and work center laws. The denial of birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants will face huge opposition from both parties, because the law will likely be in violation of the constitution, which states that all children born in the country will be given a birth certificate and citizenship.

While it is true that the laws do need to change to fix the situation, many have said that the state is looking to take it too far, and is actually violating the constitution in doing so. 


  1. It seems to me that American’s as a race has chosen to follow Hitler’s approach to racial purity. Before we know it legal Mexican American citizens will be required to present their papers to soldiers, and illegal’s will be required to wear a star on all of their clothing so the German (I mean American) soldiers can identify them, and send them to concentration camps.

    • Texasmom,

      We are going to ask people for proof of residency not put them in camps and kill them. And its not about race its about money and votes.

      We couldn’t go to Mexico “ILLEGALY” and demand them to change their school systems to our lang. and py for our education, health care and welfare and then protest their rights even though they are illegal. Then to top it off protest with a Mexican Flag and then call us racists. Sounds like an invasion not immigration.

      • That’s exactly what Hitler said when Germany was going Bankrupt. Just who that did they blame for all their failures? Any resemblance as to what is going on today?

  2. American,

    I think you need to take a United States History course. You won’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. In the United States Constitution, the 14 amendment clearly defines a U.S. citizen to be anyone born in the U.S… It didn’t say with the exception of babies born to illegal immigrants. Please, you say they are invading on us. We wrote the book on invasion. All I’m saying is we have the advantage of Hine sight. Let’s be progressive thinkers and find a better way.

  3. Texasmom….I think you mean “hindsight”

    The Texas legislature is thinking economically. States all over this country are bankrupt, and things are going to get worse. Texas is one of the most solvent states in the nation, and smart enough to take action to stay that way.

    When Arizona took care of their immigrant problem, illegals flooded into Texas.

    If we continue to provide “free” everything to illegals (who pay no taxes) we only encourage more to come feed at the trough. When schools close, and colleges close, and hospitals close in Texas because they are bankrupt it is too late. The swelling illegal population also burdens the police, justice and city services as well.

    The Federal government legislates “free” services and programs for immigrants but most are provided by state funds. I applaud Texas for looking for ways to control the stampede into the state.

  4. First of all no one is providing free anything to anyone.

    Illegals are working hard and dangerous jobs that no one else is willing to do for less than minimum wage. If it were not for them this country would be in a much worse state than it is. If for whatever reason every single illegal were to leave who is going to fill their places? I do believe that something needs to be done but how can you expect things to get better when you are restricting people from having things like auto insurance to be able to respond in case of an accident. How can this country prosper when you are not giving education to the future generation. Illegals are literally living in fear day by day. There are even people (yes people because they are human just like everyone else) who are paying off morgages and auto loans with their own sweat. It is hard and even harder to believe how someone can justify the laws on immigration when this country was once only based on the stamped of immigrants. If anyone is receiving “free” anything from anyone it is those who have the opportunity to really be free in this country and are not taking advantage of it.

  5. Our problem in Texas is that the Hispanics account for about 20% of the voters. Office holders from specific areas without a lot of Hispanics (like Leo Berman) can propose strong anti-illegal immigrant measures. But the politicians running for statewide office — like Rick Perry — don’t feel they can alienate this segment of voters. Strong border issues have not helped elect some candidates who believe strongly in this issue. It’s important for those of us who have strong feelings about illegal immigration to elect people who are committed to this issue so what’s proposed in the Republican platform can be turned into law.

  6. Texasmom …. the 14th ammendment was put in place to make sure children of SLAVES were citizens. It has nothing to do with anything else and creation of anchor babies is an unintended result. That is why many of us want it reconsidered or dropped. YOU need to study YOUR history.