Tea Party Express – Road To Success


Tea Party Express – Road To Success – With all of the recent discussion in the media about the “Tea Party,” many still do not know what the party is about, and how they are trying to change the political landscape. They have already made their dent on this year’s midterm elections during the primaries, and appear to be poised to change the course of the current political environment.

It started out as a small political group of protesters that waved signs, but quickly turned into something much larger. They now stand for the staunchest of right wing beliefs. Although they are not an official party at this time, and are only a party within the Republican Party, they have seemed to separate themselves from the GOP in some regards.

The “TEA” in Tea Party stands for “taxed enough already.” The group is completely against increasing taxation by the federal government, and is in favor of all proposed tax cuts for the American people. They have been against the proposed tax cuts that Obama has offered, but only because it does not include individuals that make more than $250,000 per year.

The movement is symbolic more than anything else. Conservative bloggers have aligned themselves either for or against the tea party, despite the fact that the media has portrayed the party as racist on occasion. There are currently more than 1,000 community based tea party groups that meet and discuss the political landscape.


  1. My wife is an independent running for MA state senate. Local Tea Party does not endorse candidates. I realize it is not a national election but she is a true conservative patriot in a sea of dems here in MA. She is a 12th generation America, a revalutionary war re-enactor, a conservative, wife and mother of 2 great girls. She would love to be a Tea Party candidate. We are trying to make major changes here. Her opponents are spending crazy amounts of money but I now she can win.