Sarah Palin:American Law Should Be Based On The God Of The Bible And The Ten Commandments


Sarah Palin:American Law Should Be Based On The God Of The Bible And The Ten Commandments – The separation of Church and State just got a little bit smaller, after recent remarks by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.She recently joined Bill O’Reilly on Fox News to condemn the critics of the National Day of Prayer. She went on to say that Judeo-Christian belief was the basis for American Law during the creation of the nation and that we should continue to use those morals to guide our nation into its future.

Palin claims that the backlash against the Day of Prayer represents a “fundamental transformation of America,” and that she supports a more traditional view of the way that the country should be run. She said that she does not wish to shift the Christian Nation away from its spiritual roots, but rather embrace it.
“Go back to what our founders and our founding documents meant — they’re quite clear — that we would create law based on the God of the bible and the ten commandments. What in hell scares people about talking about America’s foundation of faith?,” Palin said on the Factor. “It is that world view that involves some people being afraid of being able to discuss our foundation, being able to discuss God in the public square, that’s the only thing I can attribute it to.”


  1. Sara half-termer gives advice which she does not practice herself. This quiter bailed on Alaska for a book deal and lucrative talk show circuit. Bye bye Wassila, hello Fox.

  2. Sarah needs to learn the real history of the US not the untruths that the right wing put into our history books in the 1950’s. I bet she believes the pledge originally included the phrase “under god”, it did not, added in the 1950’s. The US was founded on greed, just as Palin is doing today, she quit Alaska just to make money. Wake up people.

  3. but queennancy peelousy urging bishops to preach from the pulpit her latest cause doesn’t violate the NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE aka it’s fine to preach politics as long as it is progressive/liberal talking points. i have a rather extensive vocabulary but am unable to come up with a word that adequately describes how much this goes beyond hypocracy

  4. Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

  5. I am a rather unorthodox, devout unaffiliated Christian. My lack of orthodoxy includes believing in the Bible as a Holy Book, in which, human beings within the context of the very specific politics, social issues, belief system, geography, and the human exploration of causation for an effect write that history in the framework, first of their relationship to God, and secondly, spiritual parables when relating verifiable events in history.

    I believe it is indeed inspired by God. But other than Jesus Christ, human beings have to interpret their inspiration, which they do within the framework I have already defined. And being human, we are all subject to prejudices and beloved opionions that are our TRUTH.

    When one looks at the ten commandments, it seems like a coupling of Eastern philosophic thought, and very strongly like manmade laws with the flaws intact.

    When we move into the new testament, God the Father who loves us unconditionally keeps a record of our naugthy and nice attributes, and with nothing like unconditional loves, punishes us eternally by excluding His beloved children to the very worst of prisons, where he WILL NOT come to visit him.

    Timothy McVeigh – one of God’s children raised by loving but merely mortal parents who, like most parents, loved their son with all their hearts. They had both right and reason to expect that his life would be a source of joy and pride to them. And then, to put it mildy, it all went pearshaped.

    There isn’t enough compassion and love in the world to ease the pain and agony his act of slaughter engendered. One of the family’s that he annhiliated with cruel disregard for all their love, was his own. The additional agony his parents endure, the horrific guilt and bewildered, constant, minute dissection of their lives with their son as they try to find out what they did or what they missed by way of explaining the unexplainable, is beyond my imagination.

    They don’t have the luxury of being able to blame a stranger.

    What AM I going on about?

    We have merely human parents who have been dealt a mortal blow by their son whom they love, in the way of humans, imperfectly. He wasn’t breaking the commandment of stealing, adultery, slander, etc., he murdered over 150 innocent people and as for honoring his parents…

    Yet these same humans repeated besieged by questions like: do you forgive Tim, even after what he did to you (and Sarah, just look at those commandment infractions), how can you, he’s a monster, he hurt you, spit in the face of God, etc. do you forgive him, will you stand by him, do you forgive him, will you stand by him – like a horrible song you keep hearing.

    They replied that of course they forgave him and of course they’d stand by him, he’s our son, we love him. Followed basically, w/this message.

    We don’t compare our agony to those families who have been torn to shreds by Tim’s violence, but we are living and always will in a ceaseless nightmare. Our son will die, and we won’t be left to remember the good times – we will be left obsessively going through each minute we were together to see how we failed him so spectacularly.

    But he is our son. We love him as always. We forgive him. And we would never, ever desert him.

    So, since mere mortals love with Godlike compassion, I can only presume God loves us even more.

    Teaching the Ten Commandments as God’s law is saying we’re not created in His image, but we have created Him in ours. And mostly, we have endowed him with our basest, most grotesque attributes.

    And He had better be a Christian and only a Christian, or else he’s on the menu for the Sunday barbecue, just the way we loving souls condemn anyone else who doesn’t join our club.

    What an unholy mess we selfrighteous Christians have made of the world. We can continue that from home, can’t we? We wouldn’t someone who disagrees with us to interpret the Truth in school imperfect.

    Was Rosemary’s daughter a girl?