Sarah Palin Slams Jerry Brown


Sarah Palin Slams Jerry Brown – Sarah Palin has come under increased fire from a number of individuals after she made a comment about students “dumpster diving” to find out how much she makes when she speaks. She made headlines when she addressed the students at the California State University. The school, which is notoriously, broke had to pay her quite a bit of money to come speak in front of the students. Officials refused to divulge information relating to her contract with the school, and how much she was earning from the speaking engagement despite the fact of being strapped for cash.

“Students who spent their valuable, precious time diving through dumpsters before this event in order to silence someone … what a wasted resource,” she told the crowd dining in the campus cafeteria. The comment has landed her in hot water in recent days.

The material that was found by the students showed that Palin had had her first class airfare covered as well as hotel stays when she was in the area. The California Attorney General asked that an investigation be launched into the matter to see if publicly donated money was used to fund her coming to the school.

“Jerry Brown and friends, come on. This is California,” Palin retorted. “Do you not have anything else to do?” She said, almost taunting the Attorney General to pursue the matter further.
It will be interesting to see how the entire ordeal turns out. The two of them have had a tough time bickering with one another, but if the Attorney General finds out that the cash-strapped school was taken advantage of, the story could continue to gain momentum.


  1. Gov. Sarah Palin delighted & dazzled an appreciative audience. She is a powerful & persuasive public speaker.

  2. She can only be powerful and persuasive if you are intellectually challenged. The woman has a terrible command of the English language, lies incessantly with no shame, and is a dithering mass of contradictions which either she can’t keep track of in her head or doesn’t care, because she has noticed that it doesn’t matter if she reads straight from Alistair Reed Satanic Bible…the throngs will still cheer her. The idiots who elected Bush twice would vote for this moron too.

  3. Marie Antoinette Palin’s use of the term “dumpster divers” degrades the homeless, impoverished and other people that may have to go through the trash cans and bins just to get by. I have worked directly assisting the homeless. Many are Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Military Veterans, and Physically Disabled and/or have low Intelligence Quotients. Self medication resulting in drug and alcohol abuse can be both a cause and a consequence. She used the term “dumpster divers” as a derogatory term, while addressing the very well to do, who paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to have dinner with her. She owes an apology to those people that do go through the trash to survive, or get by. I assume that her solution to “dumpster divers”, and other poverty issues is “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, let them eat cake.

  4. All I know is that it is a terrifying thought to think that John McCain could have won the presidency, with this absolute idiot one heartbeat away from the presidency. Shame on McCain for deliberately making such a terrible choice and, with that choice, immediately endangering all of us in the country, had she ever ascended to the presidency. At first I thought she was George Bush in a skirt, but she is much worse. And it is a disgrace in our country that such an idiot has been elected as governor of one of our states, which just happens to be the only socialist state with huge stipends given out yearly to everyone from the oil companies.

    That Sarah Palin would be invited by one of our public universities is a shame. She adds nothing to our national discourse except dumb slogans, terribly bad ideas and her inflexible ideology, which is there even in the face of facts…historical and scientific facts. But hers is a fact-free world. And by inviting her, it contributes to the ‘dumbing down’ of our society. Why not invite someone who will elevate the discourse?

  5. Sarah Palin is one of the bravest Americans alive today. She’s not afraid to express what most people in the United States actually believe. Obama is just a manufactured puppet for Chicago Organized Crime. Every decision he makes has to be approved beforehand by his handlers.

    • Sarah does not express what “most” people in US believe. I repeat, Sarah does NOT express what “most” people anywhere believe. Her followers do not equal “most” people. Remember what “most” people said in Nov 2008.

      • In 2008 voters were not voting for Barack Obama, they were voting against George Bush. Barack Obama was the invisible man. No one knew where he stood on anything, he had no history. He voted “Present” in the Senate and refused take a position. He won’t even reveal any of his school records and financial aid application information. Suspiciously, the one person who has access to this information and knows whether Barack Obama put down he was born is Kenya on his Gov’t loan paperwork is now his nominee for Supreme Court.

      • Sarah Palin doesn’t express what “most” people in the US believed in 2008, but she does express what “most” people feel deep down in 2010. All we know of what Obama believes is what the Teleprompters tell him.

  6. Sarah Palin is an example of what modern women should strive to become. A fearless champion for people’s rights, a devout mother, wife, and community leader. She sees the evil in the current administration and is not afraid to enlightened we the people.