Sarah Palin Raises Money For GOP In Oregon


Sarah Palin Raises Money For GOP In Oregon – Sarah Palin had great things to say about Eugene, Oregon, last night praising republicans in the liberal state for having the boldness to invite her to speak at a fund-raising dinner. Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate has been doing a large amount of campaigning and fund raising in recent weeks. She headlined the Lane County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner in Eugene. While she was in attendance nearly 150 demonstrators had gathered outside of the building where the event was being held waving signs and singing chants.

“You guys are so bold to have invited us,” Palin told the crowd. “We are of the same ilk.”
Palin went on to highly praise the tea party movement, and said that she would like to see more local republicans run for office in an effort to take the country back from the democrats who have secured a majority in the federal government and have continued to gain ground in local and state governments as well.
“Many of us are saying we’ve had enough, and it’s time to take it back and put government back on the side of the people,” Sarah Palin said to applause from the 800 people who had paid $250 to listen to her speak. There was also an overflow room full of individuals who paid to watch the speech on a television screen at a reduced price. During her speech Palin made it a point to criticize the Obama administration for its latest legislation that has passed including the recent landmark health care reform bill and the allowance of off-shore drilling on the east coast.
“We have to make sure this Obamacare is short-lived or it will put us on this path toward insolvency,” Palin said.


  1. Sarah, oh Sarah. How sad.
    She represents so much of what is wrong with this nation. Inflaming the ignorant whith what they want to hear, abandoning her family to stroke her ego, abandoning Alaska to stroke her bank account and making a fool of herself and her party wherever she goes.
    Her popularity can be explained by this simple excersize:

    Lay down a map of the red states, overlay a map of the least educated states in our country, overlay another map with the least healthy states, now add a map of those most likely to believe we are visited by aliens from space.
    Outside of the state of Arizona, it is a perfect match on each account.
    Ignorance fuels ignorance and Sarah is the queen of these dolts.
    The good news is, her followers are not typically those that actually get involved beyond screaming. They don’t understand the issues nor do they seek the truth, they would rather hear vitrolic blathering. Sadly, thats how Bush was able to get us into such a collossal mess.

    • Tom,

      I went to an excellent University, live in a blue state, have voted in every election since I was legally able to do so, served in the US Navy, have worked on campaigns and charities. I happen to like Sarah palin very much and support just about all of her platforms.
      Whay i do not do is stereotype those who believe in something different than I do. You see, Tom, even JACKASSES like you get to have a say in the process. Unfortunately, you just think you are smarter than everyone else, pitiful because upon reading your post, it is you who is sad, oh so sad.

  2. GO SARAH!
    how many trillion in debt has BO added?
    lets talk about the Standard of Living CUT for those making under $25K.
    raise the state taxes to pay for more coming onto Medicare. MAKING people pay out $3000 per year for their Health care.
    yup BO didn’t raise taxes. but hey. lets cut the Standard of Living for years to come.
    ps. “You Lie” – big Joe was right. abortion is in the Bill.