Sarah Palin On Arizona Immigration Law ‘We’re All Arizonans Now’


Sarah Palin On Arizona Immigration Law ‘We’re All Arizonans Now’ – Sarah Palin has been very vocal with her support for the immigration bill in Arizona in recent weeks. She has delivered speeches to a number of different crowds stating that the state had simply done what it needed to do to ensure that they were able to save the necessary money, and not allow law breakers to continue to leech off. The legislation that was passed in Arizona has caused a number of problems in the last few weeks. Many have said that the bill, which allows police officers to request citizenship documentation from anyone that they deem as ‘suspicious,’ would only lead to more racial profiling in the state. Supporters of the bill have said that the bill is based on the foundations of the country, and that it will only end up hurting individuals that are here illegally.

“It’s time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, ‘We’re all Arizonans now,'” Palin said. “And in clear unison we say, ‘Mr. President: Do your job. Secure our border.'”

The immigration law will be taking effect July 29 unless the law is blocked by a number of pending court challenges. It does require some police enforcement, and will likely cause a lot of controversy in the first few weeks following the implementation. The law states that an officer must demonstrate and prove “reasonable suspicion” that the person was in the country illegally. Being in the country illegally would become a state crime, under the law.
“I think for most American people the reaction to this would be, ‘Why haven’t the police already been doing that?'” Palin said.


  1. I just want to say how excited I was to watch the news yesterday and see Sarah Palin in support of Arizona immigration law. What she said was a very powerful message that I hope the President “hears”. I truly hope all other 49 states follow suit on this issue. If anyone person is illegal it is wrong. I keep heraing in the town I live in in Ca. that illegal immigrants feel they have rights since they have been here a long time and have established business. Well HOW on earth did they establish a business when they are not legal. I think this is horriblwe because it takes away from the business owners that are legal. US needs to stop taking care of illegals and take care of the US citizens that are law abiding and pay there taxes. I support your efforts Sarah and Arizona’s governor.

    • I am shocked that a Judge would block the Arizona Immigration Law. I can’t beleive people who are illegal feel there rights are being stripped from them. IF YOU ARE ILLEGAL YOU HAVE NOOOOOOOOO RIGHTS. America needs to make drastic changes in order for The American citizens and our kids and there kids have a better future. I think we need to adopt this law in all 50 states. The government just wants to turn the other cheek and act like it is not happening.Just like that woman who her and her husband crashed the white house party and she said it just needs to be dropped. She said the president even jokes about it. Well if it was anyone that was middle class or lower we would have been put in prison. This is poor management of policy and our country. Other countries look at us and find our president is a joke.

  2. In America, we don’t have political asylum seekers; we have immigrants. Lots of them—29 million by the low-ball official census, with 1.2 million more coming in each year. US cities compete for prime-pick foreign workers.
    Bush and or Obama would hold open the Golden Door for immigrants, but not out of a weepy compassion for the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Immigration is simply good business.
    In fact, it’s the deal of the millennium, it’s a form of reverse foreign aid. The USA gives less than $20 billion in direct aid to Third World nations and we get back $30 billion a year in capital assets.”
    By “assets” means workers raised, fed, inoculated and educated by poorer countries, then shipped at the beginning of their productive lives to the US. (The average age of immigrants is 28.)
    The US “imports” about $25 billion a year in human “goods”. It is the lubricant to our capitalistic economy, giving US companies a big edge over European competitors.
    What an odd standard for choosing new citizens.
    American industry saves a bundle due to its access to an army of low-skill, low-wage foreign workers who can be hired, then dumped, in a snap. US industry also siphons off other nations’ best and brightest, trained at poor nations’ expense.
    The habit of siphoning off other countries’ high-skilled workers, let me note, permits America’s monied classes to shirk the costly burden of educating America’s own underclass. So far, this system hums along smoothly. There wouldn’t be an economy without the illegals. He estimates that undocumented workers total between seven million and eleven million.
    Our local businesses, turn a blind eye to the suspect status of the workers stooping in our strawberry fields and clearing our construction sites. Our business community’s “blindness” goes beyond ignoring someone’s counterfeit “green card”. The local shop paid illegal alien the legal minimum wage, but worked him twice the legal number of hours.
    And that’s another advantage to US-style immigration. the workforce is flexible. “Flexible” means millions of workers too scared of La Migra to blow the whistle on illegal working hours, or to join unions or make a fuss when, at the end of the harvest season (or tourist season or production run) they are told to get lost.
    By keeping the Golden Door only slightly ajar, with a third of all immigrants fearful of deportation, America’s employers profit from something that works quite a bit like the old South African system of migrant workers. “Workers just materialize,” then are expected to vanish, leaving neither businesses nor communities with any responsibility for their survival nor their families’ when work ends.
    Now for the happy American ending: today, Mino, the illegal alien, owns a landscaping business, drives a flash pick-up truck, plans to buy a home, get rid of his accent and finish a degree in accounting. Isn’t that what we want for Milo? Of course we do. What Milo doesn’t know is that he can Americanize himself but he still will be treated as a second rate American citizen. The irony behind this is that America is turning brown and many Whites know about this already. Too bad that our day of reckoning is not coming in too soon so that we can give those Anglo-gringos their due. Yep, we can ship all of them back to England. After all, they came here also illegally.The only legacy behind a true American are the native Americans. Those Americans are of Mexican descent from Mexico and South of Mexico. You so called Americans exterminated the North American Indian, enslaved the Black Americans upon which this capitalistic society was built on, along with the Chinese,and Hispanic people.

  3. I think Palin should do her patriotic duty, get off the stump, and get her stylish self out picking melons, gutting chickens, roofing houses, pouring concrete etc. She can lead by example- if enough Americans will begin to do menial, tedious, unpleasant, dangerous jobs for much less than minimum wage, the illegals will soon be out of business.