Sarah Palin Gulf Oil Spill:Blames Environmentalists For Gulf Oil Disaster


Sarah Palin Gulf Oil Spill:Blames Environmentalists For Gulf Oil Disaster – You heard that right you tree-hugging, lettuce munching environmentalists, the 15 thousand barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico every single day is totally caused by you!

The charismatic former Governor of Alaska evidently understands the required steps in order to resolve our own country’s energy troubles. In fact, her Facebook page content makes it quite clear that she’s blaming “radical environmentalists’ as the main cause of this disaster a mile underneath the ocean.

“Intense deep water drilling is absolutely not the recommended solution to fulfill our nation’s energy requirements. Sarah admonishes radical environmentalists by pointing out that their protests and legal cases as well as lies about “onshore” and “shallow water” drilling completely closed any other less hazardous locations. Now, It’s coming back to haunt you.The devastating, unparalleled deep water Gulf of Mexico oil spill testifies that this is the case.

Sarah Palin asserts those environmentalists who are every where arguing against the issue of meeting our county’s energy needs are the exact culprits influencing public policy enough to block oil drilling in any “safe” regions such as the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve that could finally free the United States from its reliance on foreign oil.

Absolutely yes! At fault are the particular activists who are obviously the initiators of many thousands of gallons of oil to devastate the waters of Gulf of Mexico. It is most certainly not the malfunction of the mechanism designed to prevent a blowout that has been presumably ignored just weeks prior to the calamady by an official representing the drilling company, Transocean. No, It could actually not have been the decision to not ever make use of or demand an acoustic switch to be a back-up to the blowout prevent malfunction. Not to mention, any kind of alleged neglectfulness Transocean’s part. British Petroleum as well as the Minerals Management Service, both of which are accountable for regulatory offshore drilling of this variety, is never mentioned.

Seriously, merely pin the consequence on those Eco-environmental warriors.

Sarah Palin said: “Radical environmentalists: you’re destroying planet earth with all your efforts to shut out less dangerous drilling locations. Absolutely nothing is associated with clean air and green energy with your misdirected, silly radicalism. People in America have your number as we all question your genuine ulterior motives.”


    • She is right. Think about it.
      The Environmentialists force oil compines out of towns and states and into federal lands. The Enviromentialists then shake down the Oil companies for money – and the federal Government too, and finally use oil companies as a straw dog to attack to help recruit supporters, volinteers and donators.

      Actions have consiquences. Big Environmentialism has a lot of money and power and thats why BP is dilling in deep water instead of shallow water, or on the land.

      • Environmentalists shake down the oil companies for money? The injustice! It’s amazing that the champion of ‘drill baby drill’ is still trying to pin blame on someone. First it was the evil foreign oil company BP, now it’s environmentalists? Why do otherwise seemingly intelligent people continue to listen to what she says?

        • The only truth which is remotely like that is that environmentalists demand that oil companies pay for the damage they cause. Even closer, actually, would be REPUBLICANS taking bribes from oil companies in exchange for drilling rights and lenient safety regulations.


  1. Could you drop your bias for a minute and THINK about what she is saying? Enviro-whiner restrictions have forced drillers to dangerous locales when less dangerous spots would have been accessible without said restrictions. How difficult is it to follow that logic if you are sober? Let’s blast over to Berkeley – they will protest solar installations in the desert because a lizard could be burned and wind power because a bird might bite it. Sarah Palin has a valid point and your condescension will not play well to the average citizen who is interested in practical methods of energy production.

    • Penny,

      Your feisty, argumentative (and insulting) reply only proves one thing …that you must be ignorant of any reasonable method of making your point. You loose the argument by default!

    • You must either be stupid, insane, trolling, or some combination of the above. Nobody gets upset about solar arrays nor wind farms when they’re nowhere nearby. In fact, the environmentalists love them. Furthermore, ecologically disastrous accidents can and do happen both on land and at sea. Imagine for a moment if the environmentalists had gotten even MORE restrictions to require all oil wells to have remote cutoffs, more thorough safety inspections, and more training for workers and emergency responders. If they had, accidents like this wouldn’t happen, and even if they still would, they’d be rare, and would be cleaned up quickly. Environmentalists didn’t tell them that crew to keep drilling in a well that was known to release huge pockets of combustible gas. In fact, if BP hadn’t lied in an attempt to downplay the known hazards, the environmentalists would’ve told them to stop. Environmentalist didn’t sink that oil rig. It was the morons working on it. Environmentalists didn’t tell BP to exclude remote cutoffs on the well. Again, no environmentalist would sit still for that. Environmentalists didn’t demand that BP withhold information about the spill. Environmentalists didn’t tell BP to worry first about saving their precious oil from the spill while it gets worse. Environmentalists didn’t tell BP to take their time cleaning up. Meanwhile, Republicans (in case you haven’t heard Sarah Palin is one of those) take huge bribes from oil companies in exchange for relaxed safety regulations, allowing them to drill without remote cutoffs(you know, those things that would have prevented this).

    • The scary part is that she does. Unfortunately, she’s either insane, or trying to be clever(correction: evil) to convince the people who actually don’t think.

  2. Sarah obviously inhaled waaay too many glue fumes when she was a kid while assembling all of those model oil rigs that she keeps in her basement.

    Please Sarah, seek help.

    Meanwhile, I feel that oil companies, big mines, and other high impact resource grabbers need to provide proof that they have an effective contengency plan to fix this kind of failure PRIOR to drilling, digging, harvesting, and otherwise taking things from our Earth.

    These are supposed to the some of the greatest minds on the planet. They have a group of guys just sitting around in a room just dreaming up scenarios like this. They could make sure their company can be prepared, plan ahead, be responsible….


    • Unfortunately, as we discovered with the financial meltdown, the greatest minds were lured away from idustries that actual create and generate to Wall Street where comples mathematical calculations make profit out of paper.

  3. The location was chosen by BP based on a simple analysis – cost, risk and benefit. The analysis conducted prior to building a rig and drilling in that location evidenced that BP could generate the most profit by exploiting that specific plot of land. If there were inland locations or shallower depths, with a similar return on investment, BP would have sought to drill in that location. BP has certainly gotten the bang for its buck in the Gulf. The company has privatized its profits and now will seek to socialize the losses. Given BP’s profits, never mind its overall revenue, neither the US Federal Government nor any State of the Union should have to pay out one penny in the clean up and all economic, current and future, losses in the region should be applied to BPs income prior to any executive being reimbursed or any stockholder receiving a dividend.

    • Well said, except I don’t believe for a moment that they factored risk into their analysis. There’s plenty of evidence that they lied to regulators about the known risks to get approval to drill.

  4. There is one reason drilling is done in deep water – oil is there in abundance as proven by this spill. That is called “market forces.” As a barrel of oil increased in price, drilling in more remote places became profitable. Environmentalists had nothing to do with deep water drilling and the government allows it with safeguards. Anytime a problem like the explosion on the oil rig is caused, we expect government regulations to have prevented it when it is the industry that needs to adopt more fail safe standards – for their own good as well as others. Ms. Palin has no evidence to substantiate her claims and I doubt if we will ever see her use anything more than innuendo to make a misguided accusation.

    • And to think she could have been our vice president. She is an idiot. And to think, too, she has a cult following. That is scary.

  5. It’s bad enough that Sarah Palin is just stupid and says things like that to cast blame away from the real target (people like herself), but what is truly scary are the amount of people that will go along with her half-wit comments.

    Sarah Palin is the worst mouth piece to come before the public. I blame John McCain. He should accept responsibility for giving this ignorant trailer park queen the microphone.

  6. “People in america have your number as we all question your genuine ulterior motives.” – Sarah Palin, adding insult to injury.

    Genuine ulterior motives? For the life of me, I can’t think of the tiniest thing or outcome I would get as a result of the evironmental tragedy taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Great, we’ve been caught! She’s figured out that we hate white men with their fancy automobiles and electricity! Or is it that we all own stock in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power companies? OH GOD, NO, I hope she hasn’t discovered that we actually hate dolphins, and we’re plotting to destroy the oceans to wipe them out, and covertly forcing the oil companies to do our dirty work for us!

  7. Without even reading beyond the title, I submit that it’s environmentalists who have compromised drilling in ANWAR, subsequently compelling off-shore drilling, which is the current boogie-man on steroids.

    Siphoning a SUCCESS? My god! Tell THAT to all those oil-soaked pelicans, etc. Recovering about 20%? That way the spill won’t be a TOTAL loss to BP. The market value on the little oil being recovered for the NEXT THREE MONTHS, will tide BP over for the winter of OUR discontent.

  8. Lets keep this simple, Sara Palin is a Republican trollop, no more, no less, and to be honest everything I’ve heard her say or written speaks of pure trailer-trash. If I were her husband, I’d be embarrassed to no end in being married to her. Her blaming environmentalists is sick as it is hilarious in its ridiculousness. Its amazing she got through college. Now I’ll say a word on this, I once knew an idiot woman who really had no brains but got through college simply by intimate acts with a middle age dean at a local community college. Grades? Why worry when one is good in bed! Because federal requirements were stripped away under President George W. (Duh) Bush, the ground was laid for the BP oil spill in the gulf. BP conducted a criminal act, but got caught in the headlights. As to promises of ’clean-up’ until the job is done, and I’ll only believe that when it actually happens – deeds speak louder than words. You know, Sara is simply embarrassing to women everywhere – and to us guys, it’s a good reason to keep it in our pants. The fault is pure BP mismanagement and nothing else. I would agree that BP who created the mess is the best source to clean it up, and that politicians really have no answers except to holler a lot and pass the buck. This is where we the world can speak loudest in disciplining BP, and that is by boycotting BP products and services – put Shell gas in your tank instead, and send a message to BP to stick it! As to Sara, will someone please put duct tape over her mouth…in the news business, she’s simply an ignorant media whore.

  9. Please don’t call her “governor”; She quit for the usual “fortune and fame”- which has been her chief life goal—How about “half-governor”? It has a familiar ring

  10. This is off topic but I think it does a disservice to everyone when comments are hidden due to unpopularity. Yes I realize that I can click on them and read them, but why hide them at all? “Acceptance of dissent is the fundamental requirement of a free society” – Richard Royster.
    That said, I agree that Sarah Palin is an idiot, but her charisma and disingenuous average Joe rhetoric make her a dangerous idiot. Sadly (and frighteningly) there are many people who will read her statements and believe in the specter of a “Big Environment” so powerful that the poor populist oil companies that are working to keep the people of America safe, warm, employed, etc don’t stand a chance. It used to be a chicken in every pot, now it’s two cars in every garage.

  11. Sarah Palin is an ignorant, narcissistic, self serving witch! I hope this brings about the end of hearing about that half-wit idealistic bitch.

  12. Enviromentalists are not the cause of this! We’ve had over 30 years since the gas lines of the 1970s, yet we have increased our dependance on oil instead of improving the technology for renewable energy sources! Thanks to the Republican corporatists.

    The planet is running out of oil deposits, so we have to drill in deeper and riskier areas to feed our demand (and corporate profits that are killing American families).

    But let’s continue to put off the improvement to renewable resources, shall we? After all, we still have nuclear power (can anyone say “Chernoble” or “Three Mile Island”?).

    Republicans like Palin: “let’s take the shortcut instead of actually using our brains to come up with a GOOD plan”