Sarah Palin Cal State Stanislaus Speech=$75,000?


Sarah Palin Cal State Stanislaus Speech=$75,000? – Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will reportedly receive $75,000 from a speech that she will be giving at Cal State Stanislaus next month. The controversial event has made waves across the Internet and has caught the attention of a number of groups that are not in support of the event. The criticism surrounding the event is mostly related to a speaking fee that the university had previously refused to disclose. The amount of money that Palin has received in recent speaking engagements has been huge, and has caused a number of Democrats to speak out about the matter. The Cal State Stanislaus had kept the amount that Palin would be receiving a secret, but two sources inside of the University confirmed that she would be receiving nearly $75,000, prompting many students and organizations to ask where that money was coming from, and whether or not donations to the school would be footing the bill.

The school will also reportedly be paying for her airfare, planes and transportation. At this point, her travel is yet to be booked but that too is expected to be paid by the school. The payments will come in to separate checks that each amount to $37,500. One of those checks was paid up front, and the other will be delivered after Palin delivers her speech at the event. Officials at the school are not permitted to discuss the contract.
Representatives for Palin have yet to return calls regarding the amount that she will be accepting from the school. Some have called the amounts thoughtless, and selfish.


  1. “Some have called the amounts selfish and thoughtless.” That seems an apt description if the woman herself. Selfish, thoughtless, greedy, manipulative, insensitive..sums up the liar from Wasilla pretty well. The big question is, of what benefit is her speech to the school? Just what educated person would pay any amount of money to sit through her canned diatribe?

  2. How is this a problem, exactly? Former President Clinton commands $100,000 a speech. What about Al Gore? It’s a hypocritical double-standard that people pay so much attention to how much a former VP candidate and U.S. Governor commands; especially considering how valuable many people find Sarah Palin’s viewpoints and experience.

  3. Matt,

    the difference is Clinton and Gore have actually accomplished things. Sarah is nothing but an immature, self centered, hypocritical moron.

  4. Since her speaking fee(s) are not publicly funded, so what? Other then paying for travel and lodging expenses the money goes to SarahPac to support her choice of conservatives candidates. As far as Clinton and Gore? Gore has taken the American public for over 100 million dollars on the global warming scam and Clinton contributed significantly to America’s housing collapse, both practiced in the art of social corruption.