Sarah Palin 2012 vs Mitt Romney 2012?


Sarah Palin 2012 vs Mitt Romney 2012? – Tensions between the Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney camps recently hit an all time high. The two 2012 presidential hopefuls have been busy creating controversy before they face off in the upcoming primary. An aide to Palin said that the Romney camp was not taking her very seriously.

“She’s not a serious human being,” a Romney adviser said regarding Palin. “If she’s standing up there in a debate and the answers are more than 15 seconds long, she’s in trouble.”

The Palin camp quickly responded to the attack, firing back at the Romney camp, saying that she was shocked that she had been attacked, and that she thought that they were all working toward a common goal.

“It shocks me that anyone would try to do that…You’d think we’d all be working together toward a common goal – that being 2010 – and that should be the focus right now. Those who try to claim the mantle of Reagan would be good to follow one of his most sacred tenets,” the Palin camp said in a statement.

Romney attempted to defuse the situation by reprimanding his adviser of Twitter, saying that Sarah Palin has “proven her smarts.” With the 2012 election already heating up, it’s going to be interesting to watch these two sides face off.

They have not gotten along well in recent months and things are only going to get worse the closer we get to the primaries.


  1. During the last two years of the Bush administration the congress was majority democrats…that’s also when the money started going out faster than it came in. I’m just saying….

    History will show President Bush to be a good President…one who loves his country. Our current President wants to change this country from capitalist to socialist…obviously he doesn’t love what it has stood for for over 200 years. In 2010 we will begin taking it back and in 2012 we will say goodbye to the absolute worst President this country has ever foolishly elected. I’ll bet Jimmy Carter is a happy man – he’s finally been topped!

  2. The anonymous ‘adviser’ and anonymous ‘intimate’ of Mtt Romney who Mark Halperin (Time article author) quoted are NOT advisers to Romney.

    Romney’s tweet: “TIME says unnamed advisors disparaged @SarahPalinUSA. Anonymous numbskulls. She’s proven her smarts; they’ve disproven theirs.”

    Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s spokesman, emphatically stated that the comments in the article were not authorized, approved, or encouraged by Romney: “These anonymous voices don’t speak for Governor Romney,” Fehrnstrom said in an email (to the Daily Caller). “The truth is Governor Romney has a small circle of people who advise him, and they all know the high regard that he has for Sarah Palin, and he has expressed that view in numerous interviews over the years.”

  3. Jerry, your partial quotes of Romney’s Tweet reveal your bias. The source of your information, an article in Time magazine, quoted anonymous sources which appear to have been made up by the left wing author.
    The left is so afraid of Romney and Palin that they will do anything to try to stir controversy between them which does not exist. Romney graciously refuted these lies with his tweet. You should have included the entire tweet. It was much more interesting. Oh, I know, it didn’t meet your agenda.
    Leftits, Romney is our best hope for cleaning up the Obama mess. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • I also agree that Brother Romney,or Sister Palin would be Great Candidates for President in 2012.I wish to tell them both,that if they do not take me as a Vice,I expect to take the Whitehouse for all the Christian People of Father Gods,Country here in America. Marion Mc Kinzie of Minn. 5Th Out of 8,in first Political Run for Office

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  5. Obama Bush Clinton they are all from the same progressive big government mold. R & D does not mean anything. Obama has accelerated spending beyond anything Bush did. The Cloward and Piven rules for radicals to destroy the country and rebuild it in a Marxist communist government is in full court press.
    The only hope for our country is with Ron Paul. Then we need about 400 more of him in Congress.
    So here come the distractions already.