Oklahoma Immigration Law?


Oklahoma Immigration Law? – With the nation’s eyes fixed on the immigration situation and recent law changes in Arizona, you wouldn’t imagine that other states would be eager to throw themselves in the middle of the mess. The recent immigration legislation that was passed in Arizona is being boycotted around the nation, and has received negative input from several government officials, including President Barack Obama who stated that he felt that the bill was not properly reviewed before it was passed. The bill calls for police in the state to use reasonable suspicion to request documentation that individuals are legally in the United States. According to a recent Gallup poll, the bill is supported by 51% of Americans. Those that don’t support the bill have said that they believe that the bill will cause unjust racial profiling, as a large number of the illegal immigrants in the state are from Mexico.

At a recent Tea Party rally that was held in Ramona, California, Republican Representative Duncan Hunter told the crowd that he supported the bill, and that he also supported the deportation of children of illegal immigrants – even those that were born in the United States.

“Between $10 billion and $20 billion in this state that we spend on immigration – that’s health services, that’s education and jails. We just can’t afford it anymore.” He told the crowd.
Conservative lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma have also been considering a similar bill, reportedly. Republican Representative Randy Terrill recently told the Associated Press that Oklahoma could even take the example set by Arizona farther, and include asset seizure provisions and harsher penalties for illegal immigrants than the provisions that were previously included in the similar Arizona bill.


  1. It’s good to see that someone is upholding the constitution and protecting the citizens of the United States of America. It’s just unfortunate that it isn’t the Commander and Chief providing the protection we need.

    • Gee, its funny that you would disagree with this “jorge”. I wonder why that is? Bye the way, if your in the country illegally, your not a citizen, so you dont get those rights.

  2. If you, or a member of your family, has ever been a victim, of a crime committed, by an illegal, or group thereof. You should be grateful, that some legislator,s are finally, attempting to do something about it. I applaud, Arizona and Oklahoma, as do most American,s, Black, Brown, and White. And wish all 50 state,s would follow suit. Enough all ready!
    Why? The Latino anger? Simply the notion of loosing benefit,s social, and welfare, that they have exploited for decade,s. The accusation,s of Racial Profiling is just a smoke screen. We American,s are not buying into it, so rant on if you wish! God bless the great state,s of Arizona and Oklahoma!

    • Who would that be? The people who want the law followed? The people who realize the government can’t afford (nor should it) entitlements for 12 million law-breakers? Or would the “ignorant” be those who think everything is lollipops and unicorns now that His Majesty is at the helm?

    • easy to insult the debater, this will cast attention away from the issue… to deny 20 billion wasted California tax payers money to illegal aliens is being ignorant of the facts….there is a problem, and it will go away with those looting the coffers of hard working Citizens who have a cultural mind set to build a community rather than exploit, pillage, and take advantage of an imperfect system.

  3. Yea Arizona!!! I just hope they enforce their new law better then Oklahoma does.
    Maybe if all the states would pass, and enforce, similar laws, maybe the unemployment rate would go down.

    As for racial profiling? It’s wrong!!! So ask everyone for proof. Most legal people have a D.L. I don’t mind showing mine.

  4. I sure love me some Tacos, but something about them being made from illegals nauseates me. Go home, spend the time and energy to get here legally, make money.