Obama Wants Comprehensive Bill To Fix ‘Broken Immigration System This Year’


With the recent health care bill being passed by congress, President Barack Obama and other politicians have set their sights on the next hot button topic that has been sweeping the nation. That hot button topic is immigration. While immigration may have been a high priority in the past, it took a back seat when Obama was elected and shifted the focus toward the economy and health care. With both of those topics firmly out of the way, having passed a bill to help the country with both of them, he is setting his sights on the controversial topic of immigration.
He has pledged that with his focus finally off of the health care system, he will be able to give the “broken immigration system” the attention that it deserves. Recently, democrats blocked the funds to build an electric fence around the border that was supposed to deter illegal immigrants from entering the United States.
The fence was originally passed by the Bush Administration and has been met with harsh criticism from both parties. Many have said that they do not believe that the fence will be the be all end all, and that the country needs to look for another solution to the growing immigration problem.
He may have started with the health care bill, which does not allow illegal immigrants to collect federal health care. This was a piece of the controversial health care bill that many republicans insisted be included, before they would agree to vote in favor of the bill. Obama has not commented on what he plans on doing about the heightening immigration problem in the United States, but has said that he will be addressing it in the near future.


  1. Mexico has been imported north. Along with roosters that crow all hours of the day.5 or 6 families living in the house next to you all have cars. The garage is an apartment, and the laborer that rents it has a dog that he lets run loose around the neighborhood attacking 12 year old girls. Taco stands pop up in the front yard. Music blares all weekend long. If you are in an accident, they don’t have insurance. The children you speak of don’t speak English so your child suffers, because 60% of the class speak English as a Second language. They beat up your kid, Or, the gang shoots him to kill someone for a gang initiation. If your wife walks by they make lude remarks and gestures, so she lives in fear. They urinate in your front yard. Not so romantic when your neighborhood is invaded and they bring Mexico to you.
    If we don’t enforce our nation’s borders to protect our neighborhoods, why should anybody respect the law? These people don’t respect our law.
    I have seen all these things

  2. Steve is right. I’ve seen the same things. America is starting to look more and more like a third world country. Most of the jobs out there these days require people to be bilingual. The only people that fit that bill are the American born Hispanics. That’s a roundabout form of discrimination against English speaking Americans. Illegal aliens really don’t care one bit about assimilating into our American society. They are only here for the goodies that our political leaders and unethical business people freely give them. Out of the millions of illegals that are here, how many want to join the service, ship out to Afghanistan, and pay the real price for America’s freedom. Practically none. They only want the good stuff; when the going gets tough it’s adios amigos and back to Mexico. The American People are being played for the biggest saps on the planet, by both the illegal aliens and the scumsuckers that continue to facilitate their unlawful and immoral presence in this country. There is an unspoken idea among the illegal alien community that lets them know that will take this country over if we continue to be as stupid as we are being. Imagine that, conquering the United States of America without ever firing a shot. God forbid, not while I’m still drawing a breath.

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  4. realy immigration reform sound like a good idea. For a few good hard working people. The fence is too expensive let them pay fines like thousand dollar fines. thats the tchunk of doe were talking about. Imagine over 11 million people paying fines like crazy for a piece of the american pie. Soundslike a good deal for the depleting economy. Lets do it money talks in god we trust. So do it for them the economy needs this. Go Obama we love you!1!!!

  5. well there are good hard working MEXICANS out there… that have honest hard working families.. that WILL do the jobs us lazy americans WONT do.. Put urselves in there shoes immagine leaving a wife and three children all US citizens behind.. Being tossed around from jail to jail just because u crossed a border illegally 8 years ago.. COME ON AMERICANS THEY ARE JUST LIKE US>> SAME HEART DIFFERENT COLOR… look whats going on in mexico.. i sure wouldnt wanna be living in that crap either.. hellllo Wake up america its time for something to be done..


  7. You know if your as loyal to this country as you were to yours
    We dont need you deserters!
    Americans dig in and deal with our problems we ride out the storm,we dont up and run! All throughout history it’s been like that,that’s what we are about!
    I do not see why you don’t fix your country?
    Your making problems in this country because you will not deal with the problems in your country.

  8. i love how preachy and selfish most of you people are.
    you get on your soap box and proclaim what an american is, i seen my fellow marines wives face deportation due to red tape, and a broken system.
    forced to hide because of the 10 year bar, studies have shown this bar causes more illegals than it does deter.
    would any of you preach to those marines , to their faces, about what it means to be american? no. youd hide behind your screens , posting and blogging. whats more american than a marines family? he fights for the land and has to love according to laws? at one point their were laws saying women cant vote, and their were cowards saying ” thats the law thats the law” . you people make me sick. support the troops eh? but only on bumper stickers.

  9. trent
    you are full of sh*t..maybe you will be happy when there is not enough room to tern around in this country.there has been many of my family in every generation in the military.
    I am military,you have to come In this country and any other through the proper channels!I think you know nothing of military life ,support the troops I AM ONE!!!!!!!You people are idiots I have herd it all now.the American people are not going to let you invade this country.

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