Obama Terror Attack Quote SLAMMED By The Right


Obama Terror Attack Quote SLAMMED By The Right – The political right has been Obama’s case for stating that he believed that the country could “absorb” another terrorist attack much in the same way that the country was able to absorb the attacks on September 11th, 2001 and move on to become a stronger and better country. Of course, in the same statement Obama said that we absolutely have to do everything in our power to defend an attack of that magnitude, but the political right does not seem to want to pay attention to that half of the statement.
The report with Obama’s comments first appeared in the Washington Post on September 22nd.

The information was reportedly in a new Bob Woodward book titled “Obama’s Wars,” which claims that the President has been bombarded with threats of terrorist attacks and really has no idea what the opposition is planning.

The right wing media has portrayed the situation as if Obama is inviting the terrorist groups to attack us again, but really the situation was just misquoted. Can someone really trust what Bob Woodward has to say in his book anyway? He is known as a right wing (almost extremist) who has spoken out of turn on a number of different subjects. Now, with the popular political right talk shows on Fox News picking the story up, it will likely spread much faster than the White House first estimated that it would. It will be interesting to see how Obama responds to the allegations against him.


  1. And all the people who predicted 911 based on what the government was doing and saying at that time were “left-wing” communists? eh.

  2. Makes me laugh that so called journalist like the idiot who wrote this some how think the people are going to forget the ones that covered up the 9/11 attack .
    Im sure after the people are finished with the polititians they will soon seek revenge on the scum that covered it up in the media.
    id start running if i worked for main stream media….
    Im personaly taking down names of all the media reporters that are covering this up and i will remind the people after the revolution starts . (yes i have a very big list)
    …………..power to the people, we are awakening……
    They are getting desperate as the 2012 “vibrational force change” draws closer and the awakening takes hold , so watch out for more attcks and false flags as they try there last ditch efforts to keep us asleep. but they know their time is ending as it is written in ancient text, good always beats evil , they have had there dark ages , now its time for good and harmony to start taking hold, remember … we are one and to beat them we must think as 1 .. 1 force all connected , 1 unbeatable, vibrational force.
    Billions of souls all connected AS 1.