Immigration Reform Dead:Obama Hispanics Approval Drops


Immigration Reform Dead:Obama Hispanics Approval Drops – President Barack Obama’s approval among the Hispanic community in the US has reached an all time low, according to recent reports. The approval rating for Obama among Hispanics was 69% in January, and has fallen all the way to 57% in May. By contrast, the approval rating with both whites and blacks has remained fairly constant throughout his time in office. There are a number of reasons why Obama may be experiencing this decline in approval rating among the Hispanic community.

First of all, during his State of the Union speech in January, a number of leading Hispanic figures criticized Obama for not dedicating more time to talking about immigration reform. Along with a number of recent bills that have passed in various states that deal with the immigration laws (including a law in Arizona that has received the most attention), the approval for these laws have been divided. Many individuals lump the President in with the actions of the states, and believe that he should be doing more for or against it.

The Spanish speaking respondents to the survey saw their approval for the president fall the most. At one point, they approved of Obama 73% of the time. Now, only 52% of Hispanics approve of the job that President Barack Obama has done in office. However, Obama’s approval rating among English speaking individuals has remained constant throughout his time in office, only dropping 5% at a gradual rate.


  1. Obama must lead on immigration; the system is awful; millions are suffering!!! No more excuses, wait, and failed promises! No human being is illegal.

  2. Immigration reform will bring prosperity to our nation, 15.000.000 will start buying homes, cars, appliances, paying more taxes, and contributing to our nation.

    MOST Importantly, 70,000.000. Seventy MILLION Boomers are retiring in the next 10 years in addition to the 55.000.000
    Fifty Five Million Seniors= 125.000.000 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE MILLION. who is going to replace the 70 Million Boomers workforce to pay SOCIAL SECURITY & TAXES? WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM IF WE DON’T ADD YOUNG PEOPLE TO OUR NATION WE WILL BECOME LIKE JAPAN.

    • why would you start paying taxes and go thru all the hastle and end up making less then you do now when you can stay as you are and still own homes and cars, etc. i don’t know where you live, but where i live, immigration status does not preclude your ability to own anything.