Obama Deception : Youtube Hit


Obama Deception : Youtube Hit – Back in 2009 Radio host Alex Jones released a very controversial film called “The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off” on DVD.

The documentary allegedly sheds light on President Barack Obama’s plans to become the “New World Order” and take down other political leaders.

Jones who is also asking for Obama to step down has now re-release “The Obama Deception” on Youtube in hopes that it reaches a broader public and convinces a bigger mass.

Critics of the DVD claimed that Jones was unable to prove any of the statements that he made about Barack Obama, while conspiracy theorists say that Obama is indeed with the help of his circle, the banks and his likable persona trying to become the world’s most powerful leader.


  1. Forgot to mention that is was removed from youtube, and all Facebook reference’s gone…

    Governments new censorship program in beta testing…

  2. This movie is a must see. Just the fact that it is censored should tell you something. Or just go back to believing MSM lies, red or blue pill, its up to you.

  3. Alex and the conspiracy theorists are NOT saying Obama is trying to be the worlds most powerful leader. Just the opposite actually, the film exposes how he is just a puppet for a much more powerful global elite pulling the strings. Most of it is in the globalists own words so the so called critics saying alex cant prove it is just asinine. Watch this film folkes,very important stuff!