New Arizona Immigration Bill Target Anchor Babies


New Arizona Immigration Bill Target Anchor Babies – As the immigration debate heats up, some have raised concerns that the recent Arizona immigration law would hurt children as well. The author of the bill that allows officers to ask for proof of lawful presence inside of the United States is attempting to produce a new bill that will cause even more problems between the two opposite sides. As the law currently says, children are given citizenship in the US whenever they are born here, regardless of the status of their parents.

This new bill would change that, and would deny citizenship to babies that are born on US soil to illegal parents. A number of birth certificates are handed out each and every day to what he calls “anchor babies”, and he would like to stop that from happening. 

“How the hell are they going to try to keep us from being citizens, when half of them came on ships and started this country,” said Steven Banuelos.
His parents had been living illegally in the US for many years when he was born. His parents were able to get him citizenship, and he believes that the new law would go against the constitution.

Some have argued that the law makes it hard for people to support it, when it so openly contradicts the 14th amendment of the constitution. The bill will likely find very little support when it is introduced, and a legal fight will ensue in the wake of the passing of the bill, assuming that it does get passed. 


  1. Governor Brewer is far more representative of the American taxpayers’ needs than the traitor in the White House. Brewer for President! Impreach Obama!

  2. I vote to repeal the anchor baby law. It is costing our States and Country millions of dollars. One cannot enter Mexico if one would be a burden to the economy. Mexicans are taking advantage of this law.

  3. Thank you! Finally some Americans have the guts to do the right thing. I have a family to support and I am getting fed up with my tax dollars being used for welfare, education, medical treatment, food cards, and housing for Illegal Immigrants and their Illegal children they have on U.S. soil. Remember when Immigrants came to this country to work hard and make a better life for their children? Now it’s all about “What can I get”, and then being a victim when not getting it. This bill needs to be done nationwide!

  4. Hey Jerry–
    Wow, your reporting is anything but unbiased. Opinion, eh? Well, the 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This was written on behalf of the slaves, so that children of African-American slaves would be granted U.S. citizenship. There is a powerful legal argument regarding the term ‘ and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…’i.e./ the parents, being here illegally, ARE NOT PROTECTED under jurisdictional penumbra of the State. They have not participated in the process of naturalization. They are also required to “RESIDE” in that state. Being here illegally, they do not “reside” in the state as recognized by the Law. They are in effect SQUATTING, sucking our welfare services dry. Would the child of a tourist, say, from Norway, who happens to give birth in the U.S. while on vacation be granted United States citizenship? No. They do not RESIDE here. It is a warped and twisted understanding of the 14th Amendment that has led to the Anchor-Baby phenomenon. In every border town in the country, there are folks who LIVE IN MEXICO, WHO SHIP THEIR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN NOGALES, EL PASO, SAN DIEGO etc…, get government subsidized free breakfast and lunch, GO TO SCHOOL IN THE U.S. (because they are “citizens”), then go home to MEXICO at the end of the day. How is this right? How is this equitable? We are literally being TAXED TO DEATH, and the cost to ALL OF US for their “free” healthcare WE pay for. How many doctors lawyers, and engineers are there in I.C.E. holding facilities awaiting deportation? Not one. That is because the Mexican government is OUTSOURCING THEIR POOREST 15% OF THE MEXICAN POPULATION TO THE UNITED STATES, WHERE WE PAY FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!! 15% OF MEXICAN CITIZENS LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES ILLEGALLY!!!! This is a travesty. And they have the cojones to PROTEST and DEMAND rights which they have not earned? Do you know what would happen if you went to Mexico and protested for your “rights” there. Just ask those Mexican employees of Texaco working refineries in Chihuahua, THE MEXICAN ARMY MACHINE-GUNNED 600 PEOPLE!!! This is no less than an invasion of our country by a foreign power.

  5. First of all if you cannot support your families you shouldn’t have started one to begin with! Complaining about your taxes is the cheapest excuse for not being able to support your loved ones. I still cannot understand how you people can say that illegals are getting everything for “free.” Hello? Thanks to these illegal immigrants the hard and dangerous jobs are getting done for less than minimum wage. Many of you are complaining that you cannot support your family well how about trying to take a job the illegals do.(Yea that will never happen)People have not done it before and they will not do it now. Immigrants are a part of this country like it or not. In some way or another they have contributed. Thanks to ignorant people that were all mostly the result of an ancestor immigrating to this country others are living in fear every single day. Illegals are paid less than minimum wage but are charged the same for anything else as anyone else. If anyone is recieving anything for “free” it is those who are in this country with all the freedom to be here and are not taking advantage of the opportunities. So if you are complaining on other people you are probably one of those.

  6. anchor babies was used for the slaves that were brought to this county and later had childrenand declared free now our goverment has decided to use it as they see fit so if awoman is 9 and three quters prenten comes to country she can stay with child and get all the benfits from the tax payer

  7. I am for the law. I think arizona is on the right track. We need to take care of our american citizens.
    Also I am tired of our tax dollars pay for the pregnancy and med care for the achor pregnwncy. My money could be better used for myself, my children,grand children,….. Also if we need federal peoples to track the illegals down HIRE ME and I bet I could find alot of other people that would do it too. Oh wow Jobs!!!
    Think about it each state having people actually doing work!

  8. janice sibug of 1631 el camino real #7 tustin ca 92780 was born to an illegal alien name ligaya fabian who jumpshipped her flight at lax from germany to canada.