Natasha Pettigrew Dead


Natasha Pettigrew Dead – The Maryland Green Party have found themselves in a horrible position, with their candidate for the U.S. Senate having a tragic accident befall her.

Natasha Pettigrew, 30, was riding her bike along a road, when an SUV came and ran her over. Christy R. Littleford, 41, who was driving a Cadillac Escalade, didn’t stop, as she thought she hit an animal. When Littleford returned home, she found a bike under her SUV and called Prince George’s County Police.

No charges have been laid as yet, according to police, and the matter is still under investigation.

Pettigrew was the candidate for the Maryland Green Party. A replacement for her has not been found yet, however the party has until the 4th of October to make a submission. The party is coming together later this week to speak about a new candidate to have stand for the senate.

Pettigrew’s mother, Kennis Henry, spoke in an interview on WJLA-TV news, and had a message for the driver who hit a person and paid no attention.

“Could you at least, you know, stop, hold her, call 911, talk to her, say, ‘It’s going to be all right?'” said Henry.


  1. What was lost here was an amazing woman the world will never get to know. The fact that there has not been an arrest yet is sad. I am ANGRY … but more I feel for her mother who she adored and looked up to so much! I love them both and wish them peace and for the lady who hit her shame on you! You have robbed the world and I hope that you are plagued for the rest of your miserable life! there is nothing you can do now your chance to show that your human died with her! You are a monster! I hope you cry every night and die of your shame!

  2. What a loss of a Beautiful, intelligent, go getter who was about to take this world by storm.The woman who killed her will have to live with the fact that she took Natashas life & GOD will take care of her on judgement day. It would have been nice to see her show some sympathy or something (not that it would bring Natasha back) but it’s the moral thing to do). I will continue to keep Natashas Mom Kennis in my thoughts & prayers & I am amazed by her moms strength through this whole ordeal. Natasha will be missed.