John McCain And Sarah Palin To Campaign Together In Arizona


John McCain And Sarah Palin To Campaign Together In Arizona – Both sides of the John McCain and Sarah Palin camps had their fair share of bad press during their campaign run. Palin was accused on several occasions of overspending the funds that she was allotted for clothes, and she retaliated by criticizing several McCain staffers. It was in 2008 that the two of them conceded the election to the democrats, helmed by Barack Obama, making him the first African American president in the history of the United States. It appears that John McCain and Sarah Palin will be reunited on the campaign trail once again. They will be campaigning together at a picnic and rally that will be held in Tucson, Arizona at the end of march. They will also attend another event the following day in another near by city.
The two of them will be making their first public appearance together since the seceded from the election together in 2008. McCain is currently fighting an uphill battle to retain his current position as the senator of Arizona, and is pulling in all of his old friends to help him campaign for his current position. The former Arizona Congressman, JD Hayworth (who worked for quite some time as a radio personality) is campaigning to take McCain’s spot, and the republican party is in no position to lose any of the seats that they currently hold.
Palin has been the subject of many scandals since she first entered the public spotlight when John McCain shocked the world by naming her as his running mate. Not only did her teenage daughter become pregnant after Palin had made several public remarks about teenage pregnancy and how it should be avoided, but she also recently stepped down from her position as a governor from Alaska in order to pursue other opportunities. Many assumed these opportunities would revolve around the upcoming presidential election.


  1. It is so awesome to watch, listen and see the endorsements roll in for McCain. I have yet to hear of any respectable endorsements for JD, no surprise why?! JD is the same blowhard he has always been, he has nothing available to help AZ or this Nation. McCain and Palin will continue to embark on the welfare of this Nation.

  2. JD was in Washington once, and JD DID win an award. It is not similar to the one McCain just won, as McCain was voted 3rd MOST fiscally conservative. BUT, JD did win…he won the award for the dumbest member in COngress. There should be nobody in AZ that thinks this guy could represent our state again!

  3. jOHN mCcAIN, IT’S TIME TO GO TO BED and Sarah you could not even to be governor of Alaska, you are a quitter.

    lol I do not care for JD either but he is the lesser of 2 evils as they say.

    get a real job john you to sarah

    good luck jd

  4. it was just announced yesterday that blagojevich had spent $400,000 on clothes is his 3 yrs. as governor. in a perfect world, that info would be more interesting and timely than palin. probably not though, he’s a chicago democrat and things like that don’t get covered by msm just like we’re not liikely to hear anything from them about the black panther dismissed case now that obama’s justice dept. is about to burn to the ground if obama and pelosi can lie enough to cover for them.