John Boehner Slams Democrats On Healthcare Bill


John Boehner Slams Democrats On Healthcare Bill – With the passing of the health care reform bill, politicians from both parties are scrambling to figure out what their next move is. The republicans appear to have decided to target certain leaders of the Democratic party who voted in favor of the bill. The most notable of the members of Congress who have received the brunt of the criticism is Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, who campaigned hard for the health care reform bill, announced a week before the vote had even taken place that she expected the bill to pass. This made her the target of quite a bit of criticism from both sides of the table, but most notably, from the republican side.

The debate seemed to reach a head when one republican Congressman yelled “baby killer” while a democrat was making a speech on the health care reform bill. This, coupled with the inappropriate comments that have been made in recent days towards politicians by ‘tea party’ protesters, have made this an interesting political season to say the least. On Monday, Joe Boehner also slammed the democrats. He expressed how disappointed he was with Congress when the bill originally was passed, claiming that he felt “sad.” He later went on to say that passing the bill was equal to not listening to the citizens of the country and accused the democratic party of stuffing the bill with pieces that further their cause.

He also went on to say that he felt that the masses of American people should feel that they have been disappointed with the current leadership who has “failed to hear them out.” It is unclear at this point if Boehner plans on retracting his statements, but in this hostile political environment many similar statements have not been recanted.


  1. I’m so sick of all the fighting, name calling, and insanity. Republicans get over it – you lost. You just look like a bunch of sore loser babies and the party of Archie Bunker. I for one don’t want to go back to the 60’s. The Republicans under estimate the America people. Standing out on the balcony cheering on those same people that the day before had called their fellow congressmen faggot, nigger, baby killer, and even spit on one democrats leader. The republican party has turned into a bunch of greedy old white racists – who preach hate. They should be ashamed of themselves, the Republicans Leadership John Boehner need to wake up and realize they are doing more damage to this country than any healthcare bill could ever do.

    • Let’s think this through….We’re fighting two wars which will continue to cost billions, we’re currently $13 trillion dollars in debt, $1.4 trillion budget deficit, no solutions whatsoever for Medicare or Social Security which will soon be bankrupt, and 10% unemployment. So passing a trillion dollar health care bill into law by way of zero republican votes, and in spite of total disapproval by the public is a good thing right?? I wonder if LynnD101 has any children or gives a shi* about her own future?? All taxes, including SS, Medicare, and federal marginal tax rates will skyrocket. They have too at this point as there is no other solution to get this country back or even remotely close to a balanced budget and a responsible amount of debt. I am truly fearful of our future, my children’s future, and mainly the next 3 years of this criminally socialistic behavior in Washington. When there are so many ignorant and uneducated people cheering on this type of spending, legislation, and total government invasion of the private sector, I wonder what the future holds. This bill scares me and to say the least, disappoints me. The bills will come due and we’re all going to pay big time and for a long time. At least we’ll all have health care though.

  2. Disappointed? Try furious. This bill was rammed through against the wishes of American voters. Worse, our tax dollars were used by Nancy Pelosi and Obama to bribe Representatives to vote for a bill that they themselves hate.

    This whole thing has been an absolute disgrace. We the People will REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER! You can count on it.

    • I guess we’re the bad guys because all we want is a well thought out health bill. I can only imagine the threats that were taking place Saturday/Sunday. I’m with you all the way; we will see what this country is truly made of this November. Unbelievable how hard Obama rammed this bill down everyone’s throat. I remember clearly that this man promised to look over every bill closely, and to make everything transparent to the American public. I do like some items that are in the bill, and I am all for restructuring the current state of healthcare, but why not slow down and sector out the bad items and compliment the good? Not happy with congress right now – both sides of the table.

  3. Lynn,

    In a few years when hyperinflation bites you in the liberal butt, you will have no right to complain. You think it’s bad now? You haven’t seen anything yet!

  4. Some people see oh yea free health care. I see government intrusion into my bank account and my personal health records. I see a bunch of crooks running things in Washington and using health care as a spring-board for an agenda that we Americans do not want. Vote them out in November and vote them out again in 2012. Maybe then they will listen. This bill had nothing to do with health care and everything to do with more government control. Car Co.- Ins. Co , student loans and now health care. What will they think up to control next? Any business that makes a profit is not bad. That is America people. Not all good but not all that bad either.