Hank Johnson Congress:Guam Tipping Over Video


Hank Johnson Congress:Guam Tipping Over Video – Hank Johnson, a very well respected Congressman has addressed some concern that he believes Guam is at risk of tipping over and capsizing. Yes that’s right, actually crumbling apart. At a House Armed Services committee Hank Johnson was speaking with a commander of the United States Pacific fleet about the effect that the Marines and families of the Marines are having on Guam. Johnson told the commander that he is truly fearing that the entire island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize. I couldn’t think of anything more horrible that to witness that happening and if it’s true, I am glad the issue is being addressed ahead of time, we need to get this issue sorted out.

Johnson may not have expected this but the video of him making these remarks quickly spread to the media and when viral. All over the internet people are talking about the congressman’s latest remarks. Johnson has since tried to speak out on his concern and why he said what he did.

He said, “i was using a metaphor to say that with the addition of 8,000 Marines and their dependents – an additional 80,00 people during peak construction to the port on the tiny island with a population of 180,000 – could be a tripping point which would adversely affect the island’s fragile ecosystem and overburden its already overstressed infrastructure.”

Judging by that statement it seems that the Congressman is still very concerned with the issue and with Guam’s increase in terrorism things are sure to become published very soon.


  1. can you believe that this guy is a represenative of the people of Georgia with an intelligence level of a 3rd grader.
    Maybe he should move to Guam and help in the effort to stabiize this watermelon

    • First, I am now officially ashamed to admit I live in Georgia! Third graders are much more aware of the world than you give them credit for. For comparison purposes, you might want to disregard third graders and include preschoolers in the discussion.

      It is laughable that the Congressman has since attempted to claim he was using a metaphor. The video speaks for itself and cannot be refuted. It is worth watching a time or two for sure…

  2. And people wonder why congress is the least respected institution in America today. Dimwits like this are actually making decisions, in addition to asking stupid quesstions.

    • Farney you have hit the nail on the head my friend.

      When are people going to realize that ELECTED officials are supposed to be representing them….. NOT making decisions for them. This particular “elected” official would do better to bring the issues to his constituents and say “Here’s what this bill (or whatever) says. Now how do YOU want to handle it” Not make decisions for them as it’s apparent he lacks the intelligence to do so or he’s on some mighty strong drugs that dilute his thinking process.

      Haven’t Southerners gotten a horrible enough reputation without people like this adding to the problem?

  3. I lived on Guam from 2001 to 2005. The place isn’t as small as he makes it to be. There are many towns and communities and having a car is essential as one can not simply walk from place to place in a short time. Everybody has a car. About 175,000 residents on the island and it does not feel crowded at all. Furthermore, islands can not tip over. They are not floating objects like a boat. They are connected to the bottom of the ocean. It is impossible for an island to tip over. Hank Johnson is an idiot! Who voted for this moron!

  4. when donkeys fly he meant a metaphor. How many days and how many peeople did it take to think up that to cover his stupidity.

  5. i trully believe that the sky is the limit,after seeing that guy…if a dumb low intelligence person can be a senator…i should be the MAN one day

  6. He said it would tip the hell over…..he did not say it was a metaphore. These are the guys telling us flouride is good for us and that we should allow the gov to run our healthcare……look up the VA…..look up history books on a gov that runs peoples lives. It is communism.

  7. Wow this mans district is just S.O.L first they have Cynthia Mckinny ( the cop beater ) and now this idiot. All I can say is thank God he’s a democrat.

  8. How disheartening to think that we are electing idiots like him to office. DeKalb County, Georgia should be collectively embarrassed.
    His articulation was equivalent to the guy at the end of bar after 10 beers trying to demonstrate how intelligent he is, when all he is doing is showing ignorance.

    • I live in Dekalb County, Georgia and I’ll tell you how he got voted in…it’s a very pathetic situation. He ran as a long shot against Cynthia McKinney…most people here are black (I’m not), Democratic (of course) and they love Cynthia because she is a trouble maker (I’m serious). All the Republicans switched parties for the primary and voted Cynthia out because no one is worse than Cynthia, right? (correct) Cynthia even complained about the Republicans switching parties solely to vote her out. Only blacks have a chance to win the Democratic primary here, no matter how pathetic the candidate is. Hank was a lowly and terrible County Commissioner when he ran for Congress. I am very ashamed of my Congressman…but I’m stuck here. I sincerely apologize for helping send Hank to Congress, but, he is better than Cynthia…which is saying nothing at all.

      • In reply to Jeffrey from Dekalb County:
        This will continue to go on as long as the
        blacks keep their racist voting policies. They
        will find out one day that it will be the demise
        of the entire country which they need to realize
        includes them also. I voted for a black man for
        president but it damn sure was not Obama. Therefore,
        I believe I have the right to make this type of

  9. “I was using a metaphor…”
    What an ignorant, dishonest piece of sh*t this guy is. Is he worried that Manhattan Island, with a population denstity FIFTY TIMES greater than Guam’s would be with 180,000, is going to “tip over and capsize?”

    Hey people, he is not atypical. This is how much knowledge of the world and science the run of the mill Democratic representative has. They have even less knowledge of business and economy.

    Seriously, the Democratic congress are subhuman garbage.

  10. no, no, stop it already! please tell me that what i heard was just a dream! omg, you just can’t make this stuff up. what a buffoon!

  11. Yeah, that counter response of his statement being a ‘metaphor’ (Which I’m sure he was coached to say that), it doesn’t change the fact that he 1. CLEARLY moved his arms and hands over, in one direction, 2. he used the word CAPSIZING. And, you know it’s really sad and pathetic that a well respected man of his caliber could succumb to the BS brainwashing about global warming.

  12. We have idiots like this to thank for the health care shame, the glbal warming shame, the Cap and Tax shame, and the multitude of other things Obama has planned. Every American should be ashamed of this.

  13. This is just another reason to vote the majority of our representatives out of office and start clean. These people don’t have a clue what is going on with in “our” world. This moron is another example of how our system needs fixed. The current president does not have a clue either! Kudos to the military officer that he was able to keep a straight face you tell the guy wanted to laugh.

  14. Excuse me? Sarah Palin never said anything even remotely that stupid, and look how the media crucified her! I salute that admiral for keeping a straight face–notice how he couldn’t look the congressman in the eye– I think he was trying hard not to crack up laughing!

  15. Poor guy, I think he is trying to make a joke but just su*ks on his delivery. Now if he had said it faster a little more like this, “25,000 more people, geez! That tiny island is bound to tip over!”

  16. Can you imagine being the commander of the pacific fleet and having to call this guy ‘Sir’?

    The Admirals response should have been; Capsize? You mean like your career just did?

  17. Eventually we’ll get this idiot out of Congress and then we can reward him with his retirement and health care for the rest of his life for a job well done. What a joke. We’re throwing our country away to a government that only cares about the officials within itself. Wake-up Americans!!!!

  18. this laughing stock ain’t so funny. As were the later comments regarding white hoods and racism. All speak for themselves. The racism mindset is his and add’s to a litany of like comments that will surely backfire on us.