Fire Nancy Pelosi GOP


Fire Nancy Pelosi GOP – With the recent passage of the landmark health care reform bill, it appears as if republican leaders have set their sights on another target, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi was one of the most outspoken supporters of the health care bill. Just days before the bill passed, Pelosi had publicly declared that the bill would pass, implying that she knew that certain voters would be defecting from their claimed vote. Just hours before the vote took place, certain pieces of the bill were ramified to help please more conservative voters, and thus allowed the bill to be passed. Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, continued to be outspoken throughout the entire process, a move that has apparently earned her some enemies amongst the opposing party.

It appears as if the party as a whole is on board with their next target, as well. Starting this morning, if you try to access the website of the Republican National Committee, you will be taken to another website, The web site reads “Fire Pelosi, 40 Seats Means No Madam Speaker.” The entire site is set up to convince the user to donate funds to the republican party. On the site, there is also a progress bar showing the amount that has been donated since the site first went live. It is unclear at this point who is to blame for this redirection of web visitors, but it appears as if the entire party is alright with it.
The web site is also encouraging users to share the web site with their friends and family using various social networking sites. As of now, Nancy Pelosi has not commented on the issue and it is unclear if she has been informed of the redirect to the web site asking her to be fired.


  1. At this point this is the straw that broke the camels back. The goverment no longer represents the people! They are saying to hell with our constitution. I feel nancy along with reed and obama should be impeached. These are strong words but the people of america are not being heard. Therefore I see no other recourse.

  2. This is the worst, most anti-American bill (and presidency) we have ever had! The greatest threat the US has ever faced in history is this very administration! I am glad my parent are dead and can’t watch this destruction of our nation they fought for.

    • I agree whole-heartedly with Steven. This is the most anti-America administration our country has EVER had! Make no mistake Obama is a Muslin at heart and thus an anti-american. He has single-handedly caused more harm to our nation than Osama ever could. We have had Presidents make mistakes in the past but I have never seen one evil enough to want to socialize and destroy our country like this President. I hope Michelle Obama is finally “proud” of this country.

  3. She should be fired for oh so many reasons, this last one is one of many.

    She is a truly sad representative of the absolutely worst American.

    Get rid of her!

  4. Fire Nancy Pelosi, she does not have the interest of the American People, she should have to adhere to the new health care rules that she pushed into place and then she won’t like the new health care plan so much.

    • I agree that a ll of Congress is not listening to the AMerican public. Pelosi is the ring leader. Get rid of the bobblehead.

  5. as we americans are sending our sons to fight and die for demarcracy and freedom around the globe, we are losing that battle here in america, the birth place of freedom……our contitution must stand strong for our salvation……

    • To G. Taylor: “You guy’s have been drinking too much of the GOP Kool-aid”

      NO! 219 Democrats drank the Kool-aid and come November, many of them will have gone the way of Jonestown with their political careers.

  6. She is not working for anyone but herself. Again and again it must be said. If this HCR is so great, WHY is she and other congressional members exempt from it?
    We are all Americans or doesn;t she consider herself and congress Americans. Good question, I shall next send this question to her.

  7. The overwhelming amount of distrust, deceit and backroom chicago mob tactics have gone on long enough. Stupak has sold his soul to the power that listens to no one, only out to serve their own self-interests regardless of the hell to be paid in years to come. Whatever happened to, “the will of the people?” Impeach them all. What a disgrace.

  8. Fire Nancy Pelosi !!!!!!!!!!!! Who is for the people ? Tell us They all say for the people by the people but what happened to the voice of the people I THINK THEY GOT ERASED !!!!

  9. The best way the GOP can counter the Democrats hiding the Speaker is to fund 30 minutes of prime air time seven consecutive days for her to speak directly to the American people. Immediate end of Pelosi as Speaker.