Did The Health Care Bill Pass? Health Care Vote Results


Did The Health Care Bill Pass? Health Care Vote Results – It appears as if President Obama will get his wish, as all signs point to a consensus on the recently highly criticized health care bill. The bill, which also contains several measures aimed at reducing the costs of education in the United States, has received a large amount of criticism from republicans in recent days and weeks.

The bill saw a boost in support on the day of the debate when certain pieces of the bill, namely the piece that allows abortions to be funded by federal funds, were ramified and changed just hours before the historic vote was set to take place. President Obama has done a large amount of campaigning in recent weeks for the health care bill, and shocked many when he declared recently that it was time to take a final vote on the bill without securing enough votes to ensure that the bill would pass. The health care bill has been a focal point of Barack Obama and his campaign for the United States presidency from the time he first started campaigning.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, has also campaigned heavily in recent weeks for the health care bill. She, too, has seen a large amount of criticism from the republican party in recent weeks for her support of the bill. Pelosi predicted last week when that the controversial health care bill would pass. At the time that she made the statement, it was unclear if democrats would have enough support for the bill. 216 votes are required for the bill to pass. At last count, over 214 individuals had claimed that they would be voting in favor of the bill.
The bill is expected to pass tonight at around 9PM EST.


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  1. I hope all the republicans make sure they throw every name who voted for this bill out in the open. Then I hope the American people vote there A$$ out of Washington. HE GUYS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T WANT THIS BILL.

    • More Americans want this bill than people think. The detractors just take the fact that so many people objected to the previous disaster suggested that they erroneously believe it to believe people don’t want health care reform.

      The Republican apologists who swear up and down that the Dems and especially Obama will pay for this in the next election have set themselves up for another big disappointment.

    • no shit, they need to kick hi ass out of office and put a republican in that knows what they are talking about, like we arent already bankrupt as it is, we ll never be out now!!

      • You are broke because of a Republican Regime in control for 8 years……wake up: Iraq, deregulation of Wall Street, Banks, Corruption, FATCATS, etc., etc., etc. You were being screwed and did not know it!

      • hmmm…if memory serves me well…wasn’t the reason that the economy is in the toilet because of the last president…who got tanked buy starting an illegal war…wait…wasn’t he -REPUBLICAN-

        • illegal war? Missy annonymous…where would you like to fight the taliban….new york? California? people like you are soooo niave….they are among us now…and if 9/11 did not impress you enough…there will be more…you can count on it…just like in WWII there were sabetours here..I know…we had our own shores guarded every day to keep us safe…now we are so blase we think we cananot be attacted ..Was Roosevelt “tanked” when he started TWO “Illegal” wars..???? Dumbell!

    • i wont pay, they can arrest my ass. its not in the constitution that we have to be forced into something like this, its unconstitutional and they should all be fired.

    • The majority of the American people (the “middle” class) do want this bill to pass. It is the ignorant people who don’t think about people who are not like themselves that didn’t want this bill to pass. It is the ignorant people who blindly follow Fox News and other biased (against Democrats/Liberals) reports and assume that it is factually based. The American People WANT this bill. The American People spoke on this bill when they voted President Obama into office. Unfortunately the Republican’s arrogance in the house and the senate are not speaking for the people and supporting their president.

      • Well actually…the middle class are the one’s who don’t want it to pass since its gonna be them who pay for it…its more like the low class to poor who want it to pass…and again, I’m all for helping out the poor, but thats not what this bill does…it more or less gives government more control over the people (big government is typically favored by democrats/liberals…)

        • actually its kinda interesting, the health care bill is a lot like the universal health care in Denmark, I spoke with a few and they are actually really happy with it.

      • Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to America I wish he would get kicked out of office my brother who is in the army said he will not make a carrer out of it since we put a muslim into office and they are the people we are fighting

      • Obviously you make enough to afford ur own insurance if your for this. I on the other hand dont. luckily i have a boss to pay for my insurance but my soon to be sister-in-law is married with 3 kids and they are scrapping by as it is. Her kids are covered with a medical card but she has no insurance because she thought that them having groceries was more important, as anyone else would think. Now because of Obama she is going to be FORCED to get insurance. What is she going to do about groceries?????? tell me what in that is RIGHT!? her husband already works two jobs. if she got a 2nd job they’d have to hire a sitter and there would go the income from her second job along with seeing their children grow up. so will someone please explain to me HOW in the H*LL this is a good thing?????!

        • Either way its a ticking time bomb, what if one of those kids fell and broke their arm (as kids often do) how much is it to fix a broken arm? 2-300? Not to mention if any of them get seriously sick, what would happen then? Health care shouldn’t be a privilege, its a basic human right.

      • It is a somewhat ignorant statement to say that The American People spoke on this bill when they voted Obama into office. Not everyone voted Obama into office…this American was not fooled by him. And just because you voted a person into office does not mean you agree with every law or bill they put into place. For the record…I know some democrats who would vote differently if they could.

        Just one of those ignorant Republicans who cares about our country and has a person in my family fighting for your freedom.

      • Its not that we don’t want health reform…but HOW can they vote for this one that the president himself said he didnt read it and so did Pelosi!!! Beware….we need all parties to sit down and draft up a new and fair one….I can see people laid off or can’t find work and have famile should be given health care…but not the ones that have been on welfare for many years and illegals and young women who get pregnant to get on the welfare rolls…this is a condition that its ok not to work….good ole USA will pay the bill….now they are saying that a new deduction is on your paycheck…besides medicare deduction there will be a “long term care” deduction from 20 to 40% to care for you in your 70’s if needed…like in 50 years the money will be in there…how foolish….foolish…dumb.

    • This bill has been a long time coming. People needed health care for a long time and were refused care and treatment and were charged way to much money and were rejected by insurance company’s. I live in Canada and our health care is all “FREE” you pay nothing for routine checkups or emergency surgery and anything else . And the only people against this BILL are the high class Americans and i think that is selfish and unjust.

  2. This American wants the bill! It’s the moral thing to do – and much appreciation to those who have fought the good fight!!

    • Amen! Has America lost it’s moral compass? This is the right thing to do and millions don’t have the time (literally) to wait around for a better bill!

    • if its so good and the moral thing to do why is obama included in it that him and his family along with congress and their families are excluded??? You’d think if it was such a good thing they’d want to help it. but NOPE! the ppl that make 200k + a year are going to pay extra taxes while Obama and congress is paying LESS taxes to them. try to explain how thats fair?

      • *sigh* if Obama (your supposed to capitalize peoples names in case you weren’t aware) was included in the health care bill you would complain that he wasn’t objective because he is included in the health care bill. For a change try supporting the person who you elected to lead you instead of just complaining.

  3. I hope they pass this bill. We need a change from Bush’s Decimation from the Government. We need to be more like Canada and not argue about something that is necessary for United States!

    • for whoever says we need this because the U.S needs to be like Canada, move to Canada. Anyone who thinks this is the right thing clearly has no idea what it will do. Takes huge money out of education, the quality of health care will plumit, and for people over 65, the plan says screw you.

      • LOL Why not take it out of education? I mean whether or not health care reform will fail or succeed is still up in the air, while it’s fairly obvious the education system has failed.

        As far as I’m concerned the nations number one domestic product in today’s world is a nation of uneducated simpletons. The scary thing, for me, is that I have one in the first grade and one getting ready to enter into this disaster called public education.

        • Get rid of the standarized testing and let teachers teach the children, then maybe the education system wouldn’t be failing. Why not have all the government poeple who believe “No Child Left Behind” is a great thing, then have them take all the stadarized test that they require and see how they feel.

        • A child’s home-life influences education, and I can maybe change 1 out of 10 cases of children that are doomed because of their lack of educational influence at home. I’m teaching 98% immigrants in the south, and it’s clearly evident which children care about learning from me, and which do not – the children whose parents are emailing me, the children who complete their assignments, the children who are behaving well enough to listen and practice the lessons I’m teaching – those are the ones who are learning from me. The failure of education in American is not in the system, for we (well, most of us) are highly educated teachers who are teaching because we are driven by the subject and children; the failure is in the home. The home that is influenced by the majority of illegal immigrants is not one of education, but one of lying, stealing, and illegality. So these families will not get health care or education; therefore, they are failing America by creating this inevitable cycle of failure.

          • Exactly!!! And, it’s usually the parents that yell the loudest that are the worst! “It wasn’t my child, he/she doesn’t do anything wrong….yadda, yadda, yadda…..” Take a short time, a very short time and be quiet, look around you and actually see the people around you. It might be the kids that come from a prominent family or kids that come from terribly uneducated parents, all of which don’t give a damn. It doesn’t matter the financial status of a family – it matters that you CARE for your children and TEACH them well before school age in order that they have the respect and discipline to listen to the teachers you keep blaming for not teaching your children! And, to JO: yes, it is being taken from education to fund other areas – in SC. And, there’s NOTHING funny about it! You worry about teaching your first grader and the other one starting in public school and make sure they do as they should – not as everyone else!

      • Today a nurse friend had to make a 40 year old dying woman(will literally die within weeks) without insurance fill out hours of paperwork, submit financial statements and health records in order to be CONSIDERED for hospice care.
        If you don’t think we need reform NOW, you have no
        since of morality!


        • My father is dying of lung cancer- and has been fighting it for 7 years– and he is on hospice care- which did NOT take hours of paperwork to get him covered. I agree there are changes needed – we can not affect everyone who is sick – lets be realistic. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?

      • No! We don’t need this health care bill to pass. Pass this bill and more health care policies will make companies, people, and our economy to go into a bigger deficit than it already is. Why should we pass a health care plan that will allow federal funds to pay for abortion. Why would anyone vote to take money away from education to pass a health care bill. Education is the first step to success in life. Give the money back to education and forget about the health care reform and putting our nation in a bigger deficit than it already is.

        Make people get out there and get a job and stop living off the goverment and then maybe we would be able to get relief of some of our debt.

      • Lets face it, American education isn’t exactly world class anyway, In addition America spends almost as much money as the entire European Union, and every one of those countries have Universal health care, hell, America is the only developed nation that doesn’t have some sort of universal health care in place.

    • Wow…are all the liberals still saying its Bush’s fault?…Your savior has had the power for a year now my friend, and all we’ve seen is a failing economy continuing to fail…but that is Bush’s fault too isn’t it?

      • Well its a little difficult to haul a countries ass out of hundreds of billions of dollars of dept overnight, either way it was still caused by the pointless illegal war. If your really jonesing for money, disband the army, they haven’t protected America from a legit threat in over 50 years.

  4. Lets pass this bill, i do not see anyone in congress or senate that is willing to give up their government run healhcare plan.

    S party of NO go home

    it is time for a change one that matters to me and the American people I know.


    • we wont get the same healthcare they get!! are you kidding me, its not affordable for them to give us that kind of care, we are broke already, lets just make it worse, again, unconstitutional, should not be rammed down our throats and forced to pay, it should be a choice, thats why we live in america!!

  5. This is completely BullS**t IF he pass the the bill. We aint gonna receive Heatlh Care in at least another 10 year. Whoever who is either stupid or such a moron. Never listen to what Obama said but look at what did. Completely disaster.

    • “Whoever who is either stupid or such a moron.” You seem like you aren’t going to win any prizes for greatest intellect yourself there sir.

    • Its nither republican or democrat- its a bad bill – and YOU are being sold a bag of goods!!! The American process is being RAPED – and you have the audacity to call it republican- didnt the democrats complain about the same thing when they did not want the tax cuts? But TAX cuts make sense– HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS???? Print money??? This BILL IS WRONG–

    • Wow, and you’re the genius who should be running my life since you know better…(is that really you
      –> “typical liberal mindset” or are you just slightly ignorant?)

  6. This is a sad day when we are going to have something like this forced down our throats. What they are doing is not right. I hate to see this health care come. WE need our current H/care reformed, but not this. For the people who voted for this President I hope you like the change. We will soon be a socialist country, with the government in control of EVERYTHING. America will no longer be a free country. Don’t get me wrong I know that GOD, the ONE TRUE GOD, is the one in control. Maybe this is HIS will that one day we all in this country, will humble ourselves and PRAY. And turn from our wicked ways, seek HIS face. And then HE will hear from the heavens and HEAL this land. Abortion is Murder. GOD help us.

  7. This bill is bad for America – This bill is being PUSHED though – without a VOTE from the American Voters— CONGRESS is CORRUPT PELOSI is CORRUPT– and they dont give a damn what America thinks– ONLY what they WANT..
    I agree – healthcare is important– but NOT this bill- NOT this time– and NOT this way!!! – Lets rethink intelligently – on a good solution- instead of jamming a half assed version thru congress so we can say YAY we got “it” done. What you did Mr President- is cause a massive title wave– that will thunder– back to you politically– Medicare is broke– HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS MR PRESIDENT?? ON our backs and the backs of our children.

  8. This is just one more step towards socialism! Has anyone actually read the Constitution? I do not remember FORCED healthcare in there!
    Everyone is saying, ‘oh the government is paying for it!’ NO! the only money the government has is MY money…and YOUR money! WE are paying for it!!
    We are screwed

  9. Have any of you who support the bill read it all the way through…? Didn’t think so…now I’m not gonna sy I’ve read ALL of it, but i have read some of it…it looks nice and happy, “lets help poor people”, I’m all for helping poor people who are legitimatly poor and need real help, however, I am not for giving the gonvernement access to my bank account, that is just one of those extra “perks” some jackass snuck into the bill…its there, read it…

  10. I think its time we take back out country we need to stand up agains Washington get Obama out and all of his so called cabinet I will not pay for his health care send me to jail nor will I pay for someone else to have healhcare its America we all have the same opertunities to better ourselves but some chose not to I am 29 and about to start college my mother didnt go to college untill she was older and had four children and she makes good money so why should she be punished and have to pay for someone else America is now a country that rewards lazyness and that is not how it was created and I am tired of this idiot in office trying to control all aspects of American people pls America stand up

  11. The Health-care bill will lower tuition fee’s my ass. Isn’t that what Obama said he would do when he comes into office. What an empty fallacious claim. My state college fees went up 20% this year alone. Now with the Healthcare bill….expect more government spending and a perfect incentive for illegal aliens and non-tax payers to dodge reporting their bank savings & pay check records in order to get freebies from the big government that is all in favor of selling out the middle class…..to corporate insurance companies and a s h * t load of freeloaders. If I had the power and resources…I would move away from planet earth and live on another civilization that has some common sense.

  12. I am NOT paying for YOUR healthcare! GET A DAMN JOB!!! Sure, they are out there, maybe a little less than what you think you should have, but at least for now it’s a JOB!!! It will put food on your table, clothes on your back, and if you’re smart enough, a little money in the bank! You do what you have to do – sell your house if you can’t afford it. Downsize the pricetag on your car if you need to, but you be responsible for you! Over 20 years ago I carried the suspicion of cancer around with me for three years(!!!!) until I found a job with insurance before I’d go and get a diagnosis. I didn’t look to the government, or even my parents to BAIL ME OUT! I took a deep breath, took another step everyday until I could deal with this on my own. Grow up people!

    • Robert, I understand completely! I didn’t get to go to college until I was 45. Fulltime student, full time job and still graduated with honors in four years! I chose to do better for myself and not rely on anyone else!

    • haha, that’s too bad, looks like you don’t have a choice, don’t forget all those illegal immigrants that you will be paying for too.

  13. Ignorance is bliss, and those in support of this Bill have not yet made the connection between their wallet and this government run healthcare.

    I don’t know how many people I’ve heard complain about the taxes they pay and how unfair it is and yet they are liberal in every form and fashion. Well it is only going to get worse now so lets get ready for the long haul.. Get these guys out of office.

    People who want free healthcare, get a damn job and quit relying on other people to pay your way. Opportunity for opening your own business says Pelosi. Those that allow healthcare to get in the way of entrepreneurship won’t be opening their own business any time soon because they don’t have the determination for it.

    Oh and on a finishing note, those that blame the current financial situation on the ‘republican regime’, do you really believe that this financial disaster evolved in a few terms? This beast has been on the prowl for upwards of 25 years of government overspending.

    • Well this is very true, but while Bush was in office he racked up over 3 trillion dollars on the American tab, that didn’t exactly help.

  14. I’m 18 yrs old not even in college yet and one of the worst things has already happened. We, the Y-generation, are going to have to pay for all this BS! I appreciate all of the Democrats and Republicans who voted against this bill and gave it their all. I think I’m going to go study abroad in Australia in a few years if things don’t change. I love my country believe me I do I just hate to see stupid decisions made by powerful people.

    • You mean like…invading another country? Or perhaps the banks that made the economic collapse by selling bad dept etc etc. I believe on the grand scheme of great evils committed by “powerful people” making it so everybody has health insurance isn’t quite so evil.

  15. I have heard a lot of people saying they won’t be able to afford the health care reform, does anybody actually know what it will cost?

  16. You see, the problem with being the one with the big stick (the American military for those who do not grasp metaphors)is you got to pay a lot of money maintaining that stick, and even more if you decide to use it. but because most of the American people either get caught in a torrent of propaganda or are truthfully ignorant and they feel its fine to push the rest of the world around and look down on other countries. I am not saying don’t be proud to be American, you guys have a great country, but at the same time don’t decide that it gives you the right to look down on other people and other cultures. Due to the fact that international relations are in shambles the American people have gone from the ones just having the big stick, to the ones -needing- the big stick. Not only that now you live in fear because your surrounded by people that really don’t like you. soon you might just find that 63% of your national budget spent on military related expenditures.

  17. MR.T FOR PRESIDENT NOW THAT’S A BLACK MAN I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nearly every advanced country in the world provides some form of socialized health care. I just wish we as americans could finally say without prejedous for class, race, religion, or social economic background that we all diserve the benifits of good health care. It is progress of a nation to find our common grounds in the basic needs of a people. Japan, Tawian, Switerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and even Canada understand this.