Barack Obama Slams Arizona Anti-immigration Bill


Barack Obama Slams Arizona Anti-immigration Bill – Barack Obama stepped in today to give some insight about the new anti-immigration laws that Arizona wants to bring forth that would give the state the toughest laws regarding immigration in the entire United States. It started just last week when Arizona State lawmakers decided to pass a bill that would allow police to stop, question and even arrest anyone in Arizona that looks suspicious and is suspected of being an illegal immigrant. This would give policeman the power to act on their gut feelings and ask anyone in Arizona to show proper identification.

Obama spoke about the plan during a White House ceremony. He said that this plan is misguided and not organized. President Obama is ordering administrative officials to investigate whether or not this is actually constitutional to implement into Arizona laws and if it was too close to threatening civil rights.

There are some democratic leaders in Congress that said that they were looking into immigration reform and that the matter would be addressed as early as next month. This would put the matter ahead of what is already there to be addressed, climate change.


  1. Why is Obama concerned about the constitution now? He hasn’t followed the constitution ever! Why have someone else look into whether it’s constitutional or not, when he should know the constitution? I guess this answers the Question…that he does not even know the constitution.


    • Whether or not something is CONSTITUTIONAL is for the supreme court to decide, not the president. Any 8th grader would understand this, but apparently not you.

  2. I totally disagree with the president. The bill is “misguided and disorganized”? Really. I would say Mr. President, that you backed Gov. Brewer against the wall by refusing to respond to her requests for federal assistance in keeping Arizona safe. By the way, that is a big part of your job description.
    I congratulate Gov. Brewer on her backbone for doing the right thing. Guess the states will have to pick up where you refuse to do so Pres. Obama. Shame on you. It is said a Leapord’s stripe never runs, but a coward does.

  3. Misguided and not organized? You shouldn’t look any further than the White House and our unresponsive congress.

    How about listening to the citizens of the United States and what we want? Maybe we should be checking the IDs of people protesting.

    Illegal means illegal, why are we even talking about this? Our only options are to protect our borders with armed border patrol,complete the wall and send the illegals inside the US home.

  4. Yeah, why are we talking about this? Just last week, a terrorist tried to do harm to our nation once again and we are focusing on kicking illegal immigrants out of this country?! What have they done do us. It’s ridiculous because we are giving visas and citizenship to the wrong people. Hello, wake up and smell the coffee.