Arizona Immigration Law Outrage


Arizona Immigration Law – Earlier this month, lawmakers in Arizona approved a huge immigration bill that would increase the presence of law enforcement officials even though critics have claimed that the law would likely lead to racial profiling, and other abuse and corruption. Senators in the state voted for the bill 17-11, and sent the bill up into the hands of Gov. Jan Brewer, who has not yet decided how she feels about the law that was written by republicans. This bill was approved on the 13th of April.

“This bill goes a long way to bringing law and order to the state,” Sen. Al Melvin of Tucson said to reporters.
This newest bill would is putting once more the focus on Arizona. The state has an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants, and many of the illegal immigrants who come to the United States do so through the borders between Arizona and Mexico. Arizona commissioned laws in 2005 that made human smuggling a state crime. In 2007 the state made it illegal for businesses to knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

In the document, it also instructs police officers to question those whom they believe may be in the country illegally. While this bill is a change from the past regulations, the state has been heading in this direction for quite some time, and has really ramped up efforts to enforce the border since 2005.
Other provisions in the bill will allow citizens to file lawsuits against government agencies that attempt to hinder the enforcement of these new immigration laws, as well as make it illegal for citizens to hire illegal immigrants for day to day labor or transport them to and from job sites.


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