Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Text


Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Text – A recent development in the ongoing immigration reform debate comes from a top official who claims that the federal government may choose to not process illegals who have been referred to them by Arizona. The statement comes from assistant secretary of homeland security for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton. The comment was made on Wednesday, when Morton was meeting with the editorial board from the Chicago Tribune.

He went on to say that he did not feel that the law would be the solution to the immigration problems that we have seen in recent weeks.

He said that the best way to deal with the problem is not through individual state laws which can get confusing and go overboard, as the one in Arizona has, but to come up with workable comprehensive reform at the federal level. President Obama recently ordered the Department of Justice to take a look at the law that recently passed in Arizona, that states that police officials will be able to request documents from individuals that they consider to be suspicious.
“The review will inform the government’s actions going forward,” said the DHS spokesperson, Matt Chandler on Fox News.

Morton started working federally in 1994, and has held a large number of positions within the Department of Justice. He began working as a trial attorney, and later moved up to become the special assistant to the general counsel in the Naturalization and Immigration Service.

Arizona currently has an estimated 500,000 illegal individuals living within the borders of the state. The state has seen a number of people flee their homes in the wake of the recent bill, so that number may be steadily dropping. Opposition to the bill has been country wide, with demonstrations taking place in several large cities in recent weeks, including in Los Angeles.

Read the text here.


  1. I think it is very revealing when a writer says that opposition to the law has been nationwide, while ignoring that a clear majority of Americans support the new law.

    • “Illegal Aliens” are called illegal for a reason. If anyone doesn’t understand the meaning of illegal, go to

    • In view of this proposition, we would respectfully suggest to the assembled wisdom of Texas, that it might be well to ascertain the number of free citizens of Hispanic descent to save any embarrassment which would result from an appropriation of law against its citizens. Our minds are made up to live here if we can, or die here if we must; so every attempt to remove us, will be, as it ought to be, up to no good. Here we are, and here we shall remain. While our brethren are being put in bondage on these shores; it is idle to think of inducing any considerable number of laws against the free Hispanic people to quit this for a foreign land.
      For two hundred or so years has the Hispanic man a native American by right has lived here and used here by devious local, state and federal governments. Hispanics have toiled over the soil of America, under a burning sun and a driver’s lash—plowing, planting, reaping, that land barons men might rock their chair in ease, their hands unhardened by labor, and their brows unmoistened by the waters of genial toil; and now that the moral sense of mankind is beginning to revolt at this system of foul treachery and cruel wrong, and is demanding its overthrow, the mean and cowardly oppressor is meditating plans to expel the Hispanic man entirely from the country. Shame upon the guilty wretches that dare propose, and all that countenance such a proposition. We live here—have lived here—have a right to live here, and mean to live here as American citizens of the U.S.A.

      • I have two ancestors on the memorial at Goliad. They were executed and along side were Tejano fighters who joined them to fight off the Mexican tyrant Santa Anna.
        If you really feel that we are the “mean and cowardly oppressor”, then you really don’t need to be here. Do go somewhere else…! I suggest Arizona.

        If you mean to “overthrow”, then it will be a fight to the death…Goliad, Alamo or San Jacinto….your choice.
        For there is no better country than the US. Where is your evidense of a “Driver’s lash”…? If you have lived here as “American Citizens of the USA”, you are living a lie by your statements

      • *We live here—have lived here—have a right to live here, and mean to live here – as American citizens of the U.S.A.

        *Our minds are made up to live here if we can, or die here if we must;

        *For two hundred or so years has the Hispanic man a native American by right has lived here and used here by devious local, state and federal governments.

        And die here if we must… I think I should report you to ICE for making a terrorist threat! Are you saying if the American democratic system decides to not grant you amnesty like Ronald Reagan and the congress did… you are willing to wage war?

        I suggest that you research the Mexican/American War of 1812… You know the one your for-fathers STARTED against my for-fathers. By the way… we kicked your asses!!!

        Then after kicking your asses… we negotiated a deal with your political leaders to BUY the territory that people like you and LA RASA (the Race)… claim is yours. Reference the records of congress… you will find a bill of sale for that property and a paid in full receipt! Just like we have for the Louisiana purchase-from the French, like when we bought Alaska from the Russians and like when we purchased Hawaii… we have all of the paid in FULL receipts.

        • Whoa buddy! I wont argue with you about the other claims you made but Hawaii was purchased?! Are you out of your mind?! Hawaii was a sovereign nation that was STOLEN and had its monarchy overthrown and imprisoned so that wealthy white male businessmen could make money off of its resources without the burden of actually having to contribute something back to the native people who yes, were the their own damn country…. you need a history lesson. No one agreed to the annexation of Hawaii except the businessmen who planned it.

        • If someone has a gun at your head. He ask you to sell your $10,000.00 ROLEX or he will kill you. the payment will be $100.00. will you sell it? tha’s what hapens with the Texas “purchase”.
          and how about the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treat?

      • EVER HEARD OF THE WAR OF 1812….? The one where my for-fathers kicked the asses of your for-fathers? Be on notices that your for-fathers started it!

        At the end of that war… We negotiated a deal to buy the southwestern United States from your for-fathers. Check the records of congress… we do have a paid in full receipt – signed by the president of Mexico.

        Now…. that your for-fathers and all those that have followed them have proven that they are corrupt and not smart enough to form and lead a country that can serve all of its people… you want to use our laws as your WELFARE system. You want our superior lifestyle but for some reason you want to make us more like your corrupt and failing homeland. Why?

        NO DEAL…!!!

        We are not STUPID like Mexico… we have immigration laws that are more lenient than most countries in the world. Mexico has the most stringent(harsh) immigration laws in the world!

        Now regarding your comment that… (Our minds are made up to live here if we can, or die here if we must;…

        LOL… you show that after 198 years since the war of 1812… you are still stupid. Mexico will fight a war with a donkey and a pistol! Against our Blackhawk Helicopter and our unmanned Drones.

        Now… Be on notice, we have no problem with Mexicans… in fact, some are elected members of the Senate, the house of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

        We like Mexicans that want to come here through the front door, prove to us that they have no criminal record, prove to use that they are not rapist, killers or any other form of low lifes. Prove to us that they want to try to be a contributing member of the American Dream.

        Not a big problem right…?

      • We are finally standing UP “WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE’!!!!!!!!! COWARD RETURN TO YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN!!!!!!! Or become a LEGAL CITIZEN if you can!

          • Hello pimpin your mom. I’ll take that challenge. Should I bring a bag of mulch so you’ll have something to do after I kick YOUR ass?

  2. I think it is time for the States to address these issues. The government doesn’t care about anyone but the government. It’s all about money and power, republicans and democrats don’t want to mess with the hispanic vote. This is fact, so the States need to start throwing these criminals out of our Country. Thats right I said criminals!! They are breaking our laws just being here. There will be a race war over this in the not to distant future. The States must act, the Hell with the federal government, let them keep loosing touch with reality, when we the people stand up and Hang them at the capital building because we have had enough, maybe then they will understand. But I dought it.

    • @CWS, perhaps grammatical errors and not knowing how to spell should be a felony. People and the government are such hypocrites. Why not go to the crop fields, raid them, and then let the Americans pick crops for everyone. Or better yet, why not go to Home Depot Stores, stop exploiting illegals, and allow the Americans to do some real labor. Just a thought. And no, I am not illegal.

      • I’m a 58 year old (25% American Indian) my grand father was 100% American Indian from Mesgogee Oklahoma)read the history on that! …

        I picked crops when I was 13. Then Congress passed a law that said people that age could not work.

        So… Mexicans and Cesar Chavez worked the fields.

        Congress also took away my other childhood job… delivering papers! Then the Congress – through the draft – sent me to Veitman… where they shot off my right thumb.

        Then I came home and entered the American Dream. No GI bill in those days… basically the Army said thank you for the service but… fuck you very much.

        No free education, no free medical care, no wefare, no subsidzed college tuition… like you mexicans get…

        I expected nothing, asked for nothing and was giving nothing… and I am in the top 2% that congress feels that is not giving enough!

        You want to bitch about others not giving your people enough… kiss my ass!!!

        • Don’t assume what “my people are.” You don’t know me. I am a college educated professional. I worked full-time to put myself through school. I didn’t receive anything for free. I work within the welfare system and I am also tired of people exploiting America. People come here undocumented, breed, then expect me and everyone else to pay their way via the welfare system…and to add insult to injury, they demand it! “Undocumented”, regardless of where they are coming from, I, nor you, should have to pay for their offspring to live comfortably. The government allows this abuse. People from other countries who have not worked 1 day in the U.S., receive free medical insurance, cash assistance for immigrants, food stamps, housing, etc. While our Veterans and people who retire, do not receive the same benefits. And its not just the “Mexicans”, so kiss your own ass! Every race exploits the system…and the government allows it to happen. Sounds like you shot off your own thumb…

    • shold I agree with you? Who asked the “criminals” the from Mayflower to prove their legal status? and your fathers? your grand ? yup. We are the real americans..we are from here. You are from Europe

    • @ij,you can exploit illegals at Home Depot stores? Illegal what? It’s obvious ij that you are not very clear on the issue or how you make your statements. Illegal aliens have and will again bankrupt the state of California if “legal” actions aren’t taken. Arizona is simply trying to avoid this same diaster in it’s state among other very scary and very real issues that plague illegal aliens. {Do you want an illegal alien who has commited crimes in his or her country that would be considered indecent or immoral spreading your mulch?} American’s don’t do real labor? Boy, I bet you are a welcomed sight at the union hall.

  3. I totally support the Arizona law. I would go much further. I am sick of being laughed at by thieves coming in my country. Send them back and if they return before proper documentation is achieved put them in a prison in their own countries. I’m sick of being the dumping ground for all the failures of the world.

    • lol you stuck up ungrateful bitch. With a mindset like that, it seems your existence is the only one that indicates failure.

    • The anti-immigation law movement in Arizona, like many other institutions of hate in this country, was largely derived from haters. The defenders of White America from the great state of Arizona often excuse their villainy on the ground that they inherited the system from their forefathers. The sin—the crime—the curse of these laws, were all demonstrated in the light of reason, religion, and morality, and by a startling array of facts of myth and infamy.
      Deep down beneath the stormy surface of the wide, wide waste of waters, a pathway has been formed for human thought. Men do not live by bread alone, so with nations. They are not saved by art, but by honesty. Not by the gilded splendors of wealth, but by the hidden treasure of manly virtue. Not by the multitudinous gratification of the flesh, but by the celestial guidance of the spirit.
      This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or ballots, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
      Degradation, mental, moral, and physical, ground into the very bones of a people by ages of unremitting repentance, will not depart from that people in the course of many generations.

      • E Zapata… Cloward and Piven – in order to impose tyranny – one must bankrupt the economy.

        Hitler did it in Germany and went from democracy to socialism to fascism to Marxism to Communism.

        When mothers and fathers can’t feed their babies they will submit to anything!

        Be on notice that there are only 2 major economies in the world – that have money today… China and Germany… out of what 158 countries.

        The United States just gave… gave – read that again GAVE… 54 BILLION dollars – to Greece, because they bankrupted their economy.

        The United States is already bankrupt!!! With the national debt and unfunded liabilities we owe… $121 Trillion dollars. There are only 149 million tax payers in the US… lets see – $121,000,000,000,000 divided by 149,000,000 = $812,000 per tax payer. The average American taxpayer makes about $50,000. We are tits up!

        So… When uncle Sam comes and says – if… you do this I will let your babies eat – you will say yes sir – just like they did in Germany during the Hitler regime.

        Guess what… everything repeats its self. We are simply experiencing exactly what our Founding Fathers felt. That’s why they risked life and limb to come to the great unknown country of America… and give us the Constitution.

        Vote all incumbents out of office, both parties. Say no to illegal immigration. Stop Government from controlling our lives.

        Make all new elected officials commit to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…!!!

  4. I am sick of some citizens of this country too Diane……the ones that believe they are perfect like you.

    many years ago the grat grand parents of my great grand parents were immigrants too…just like yours I’m sure.

  5. I am NOT,a college graduated “legal” American, but, it is my firm belief that this issue is going in the direction it is meant to go. I believe that it may be pushed along by obama and the progressives of this country. I would like to say they planned it, but I feel that it is something they stumbled upon. When Arizona took the lead in real government action, obama decided to take counter actions to “appear as” understanding, caring, & lovingly at those that would break the laws of America. Votes and money equal power, and obama is all about his power and his ego (just listen to his speech at West Point). I think he will use this to further divide and conquer legal Americans with his true plan for America.
    I know that his intentions is NOTHING less than “changing the FOUNDATIONS that America” was built upon. (his words not mine, ok, not his exact words)
    I am convinced he is a true ISLAMIC radical that intends to destroy America from within. Yes, I am a right wing CHRISTIAN that feels the worst is YET to come with this
    anti-christ like “want-to-be” named obama. Americans, get ready for the ride is just beginning. We needed to get rid of “ALL” multi-term politicians a century ago. They have their interests at the center of all their actions, not Americas.
    Fasten your seat belt—the ride just started!!!

    • To make my self clear I am a legal American, I am disabled veteran of the Navy with 6 1/2 yrs active duty, and 3 1/2 yrs in the Naval reserve. What I meant to say is. I am NOT, a college graduate, but I am a “legal” American. I am so upset I did not proof read, sorry.

    • And were they not Aztecs, our forefathers, never more
      Mexican than when they shook the dust of her sod
      From their feet forever, angrily seeking a home
      Where in his own way a man might live in peace.
      Rebels against her–that stem intractable sense
      Of that which no man can stomach and still be free.

      Writing: “When in the course of human events . . .”
      Writing it out so all the world could see
      Whence come the powers of all just governments.
      The tree of Liberty grew and changed and spread,
      But the seed was English, woe to me what a sight.
      In their haste double standards were to them a delight.

      I am American bred, A Native American of Mexican decent,
      I have seen much to hate here–much to forgive.
      I do not wish to live, but change it I must, or
      Do we dare say it must all go to dust.

      Say I am right so that our might can be right,
      In our plight I ask you do what is worth a fight.
      In the sun’s delight cast your vote ao that others
      May note that your vote is just not another pawn;
      As surely as we are here we might just see a new dawn.

      Vote for Change in la Vida Loca aqui en Arizona.

      • Guess what pal… when there was nothing in this country – but lots of natural resources and strong backs. Mexicans didn’t want anything to do with it.

        Now… that you think we are the riches country in the world – and have a government that has most most open border in the world – you say my great, great, great, great grandfather lived there… and you owe me!

        Kiss my ass!!!!

  6. Rick if you are Christian you wouldn’t be talking that way STOP THE RACISM!!! HISPANIC ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZEN, ALL because we don’t have blue eyes and blonde ..ARIZONA THE STATE OF EXTREME …AND THERE IS A GOD WATCHING US

    • See… screw balls like you (white supreme) are so stupid that you try to make it a race issue.

      You lose…

      Hard working, tax paying Americans have willfully elected Hispanic’s to the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

      Those people came here through the front door. They learned to speak english, they got an education, they paid their taxes and asked their fellow Americans to allow them to lead them… and WE said – YES!

      So… Don’t get stupid and blame everything on racist WHITE people.

      You are the reacist!!!

  7. White supreme,
    READ the Arizona LAW, I have it strongly restricts the mis- use of wrongly detaining illegal aliens (not I or the law mention as you wrote “Hispanic”) . Where in my statement do I every mention a race of people. I only mentioned Radical Islam, because that in there holy book they strongly say ALL none Muslims must die. I am a Christian, I do not or will not hide that fact. I am not a racist, but, I do detest those that imply because I am a CHRISTIAN I am not entitled to express my opinion without being called a racist. I suppose you are a member of our U.S. Congress, Senate or the white house staff. As they have admitted they do not read bills before signing them, condemn a state law before reading them, or as a so-called president has stated before gathering his facts said. “the police acted stupidly”
    Now, white supreme, check online here and look up
    Arizona Immigration LAW and try reading it. I know it may hard for you to do because, THERE ARE NO PICTURES…or the progressive drool to tell you what is there and how to think.

    • To White Supreme,
      I would like you to tell me where in the Koran it says that all non-Muslims must die, I assume you mean by their hands. There is no such statement in the Koran and where do you get your information? The Koran reveres both the Bible and the Torah and those who believe it them.

      • [2.191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.

        [9.123] O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).

        [8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

        [9.30] And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!

        Would you like some more Sylvia?

    • Already it seems well to look forward to the future to which we are hastening. No state like Arizona was ever called to the contemplation of a destiny more important and solemn than ours.
      The state of Arizona has made pathethic adjustments to the new law pertaining to enforcing the immigrations laws of that state. It contains various provisions limiting the advantages which it is designed to secure. Browns, and people without the appropriate paperwork that look Hispanic are to have no part or lot in the rights it secures, to the citizens of that state or of the Republic. In the political eyes of the state legislators of Arizona, these latter have no right to live. The great legislators above, according to the magnanimous governor of Arizona, legislated unwisely, and in a manner which independent Americans can never sanction, in giving life to people of brown skin or any body with a Hispanic surname. May we not live in the states; may we not emigrate to any state, and are told not to settle without any security on the Land of the free! Were we made to sport?—given life to have it starved out of us?—provided with blood simply that it may gush forth at the call of the scourge so that we may be used as cannon fodder when our country needs us? Some deeds there are, so wantonly cruel, so entirely infernal, as to stun the feeling, and confound all the powers of reason. Men that act as they have now acted, do not appear to believe either in the existence of, or in the justice of God. It is impossible for us to argue against such mean, cowardly and wanton cruelty. We are native Americans by birth—attached to the country by every association that can give a right to share in the benefits of its institutions, the first successful tillers of the soil were Native Americans and we are the decendants native to this land, but nevertheless we are to be kept off from it by the flaming sword, of the Republic. Shame on the outrage! Time, experience and culture must gradually bring society back to the normal condition from which long years of freedom have carried all under its iron sway. If so,what shall be our status in the new condition of things? Shall we exchange the relation of our existence to the Supreme Law of the Land, only to become the slaves of the community at large, having no rights which anybody is required to respect, subject to a code of Jim Crow laws, denying us school privileges, denying us the right of suffrage, denying us the right to sit as jurors, denying us the right to testify in courts of Law, denying us the right to keep and bear arms, denying us the right of speech, and the right of petition? Or shall they have secured to themselves equal rights before the law? Our work does not end with the abolition of these laws but it only begins. People who use cowardly and wanton cruelty to super impose laws that defy the laws of reason serve no purpose but to provide a great hindrance.The structure of the American Constitution and Government imply the existence among the whole people of a fraternal good will, an earnest spirit of co-operation for the common good, a mutual dependence of all upon each and of each upon all. The Government is not enthroned above the people but is of, by and through the people. Those legislators of Arizona thwart the pathway of knowledge and progress, dreading nothing so much as the enlightenment of the people it oppresses.

    • “The Spanish Conquistadores came with the Bible, and we had the land. When they left, they had the land, and we still have the Bible. And that has been the rationalization for Western civilization.”
      With a slightly different twist, the Africans have the same saying. Same results except the Muslims sold the Spaniards and other Europeans non Muslims as slaves. That’s history.
      Our story, should be that we found God, even though they forbade us to read or even to learn how. We found God and with our faith, the size of a mustard seed, we came out better, stronger, freer and able to create a better world.
      I can’t control what they call me; I can control what I respond to.

  8. I have been trying to find the text of the Bill but I can’t find it anywhere; I’d like to read what it actually says instead of everyone’s opinion of it. WHERE CAN I FIND IT PRINTED?

    • The mission of the political-religious propagandist of this state of Arizona is the right to hold this police state accountable to its laws on immigration. The means to accomplish this great end is, first, to disseminate religious-sentiment; and, secondly, to combine that sentiment and render it a
      political force which shall, for a time, operate as a check on the immigration policies. The end sought is sanctioned by God and all his holy angels, by every principle of justice, by every pulsation of humanity. A better cause never summoned men to its support, nor invoked the blessings of heaven for success. Its opponents (whether they know it or not) are fighting against all that is noble in man. Men may laugh, they may scoff, they may wrap themselves in heedless indifference; but every fact of history, every sentiment of religion, every indication of Providence proclaims, trumpet-tongued, that a day of reckoning will come. The people want to do what is best. They must be shown that to do right is best. The great work to be done is to educate the people, and to this work the citizen should address himself with full purpose of heart. Let him make his mark a part of his very being, and God will bless him and increase him an hundred fold. Now is the time for a real revival. The efforts to silence discussion should be rebuked. We must not, we must not be “hushed and mum” at the bidding of an unknown evil in the state of Ayran Arizona.

  9. leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake employment records to obtain a US work visa. she also used fake documents and paid $5000.00 for a US tourist visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

  10. Benevolence with justice is harmonious and beautiful; but benevolence without justice is a mockery. Let the American people be induced to try what virtue there is in justice. Efforts at such expulsions have been made in Arizona and are being considered in Texas, and all have will come to the point of failure just because the Hispanic man is a useful member of society. To drive him away, and thus deprive the South of his labor, would be as absurd and monstrous as for a man to cut off his right arm, the better to enable himself to work. It shall come to a point that the mental activity to be use shall be amazing; all sorts of excuses, political, economical, social, theological and ethnological, will be coined into barricades against the advancing march of the Hispanic that is giving the good old USA a brown tan. Former Texas governor Clements coined the phrase that cost him his election “there is nothing that you can do about it, just sit back and enjoy it”. Viva la Raza aqui en Tejas!! Para todos!!!

  11. OK… hears the deal. I have a 2 year old child. Here is what i am going to teach him.

    I intend to prepare him for life – so that he is a good and capable member of society by the age of 18. I am going to base my teaching on the possibility and assumption that I will die on his 18Th birthday and leave him with – no inheritance!

    My other assumption is that he is born with average intelligence. Average curiosity. Average emotional need.

    1. Until he is 2… just love, hugs and respect for his place in life. Make him FEEL safe, loved, protected and happy.

    2. Oh my… now is the time to get really serious. I believe that the VAST,VAST… majority of what a child learns from their parents is done by the end of their 5Th year. So you must teach them how to LEARN.

    3. How to learn in all aspects of life… intellectually, emotionally and socially. Remember… the big picture is that you’re going to be dead – when he turns 18.

    4. Teach him how to love… not to love you. That will come when he is older and more mature. I once knew an Italian Momma that thought loving the family was what love was… it is not! Loving life, loving people, loving your work and loving opportunity – is the healthy way of thinking.

    5. Teach him how to compete… golf, academics, football, basketball, baseball or spelling… who cares what it is! His god given talent will surface – at some point in his 18 year project… just allow it to be.

    6. Being a loving parent means allowing him to hate you… or think – you not are too smart! They all get there at some point in their learning curve… understand it and let it happen. Your ego can take lots of neglect to allow his growth if… you want him to learn to learn. His understanding of how he was tough on you – will make him a better person – later in life and – is the start of learning to father an offspring.

    So… if you have done your deed. You have thought and trained this offspring to be a good person… you didn’t talk about skin color. Hopefully you spoke out about not allowing anyone to be bullied or abused.

    By the time he is 18 years old he will know the history of the United States. He will know we are a country of laws and that without laws – we will just be a disorganized country like Mexico.

    He will know why there is no free lunch, no free ride and… he will know – it is NOT RIGHT to ask for it.

    Now… what the Italian Momma doesn’t know is – he will love me for making him a better and Independent human being!

  12. Hi, I am a Mexican woman who lives in Mexico by the way. I watched the news and then I looked at your comments on this issue. All I have to say is that you guys are seriously contradicting yourselves in terms of law enforcement. You want laws to be enforced only when it is convenient for the United States. You can´t deny the fact that your governments opened up USA borders on purpose so that Latin Americans could easily access to the United States when they were needed for working in plantations, etc.
    Now that the problem is out of control you certainly feel like doing something, right???. For Mexicans to cross the border they needed Americans to allowed them in the first place. And you did it while it represented a good deal. Basically you did not care about laws being enforced, but all of the sudden you are so worried about enforcing them??. I see a serious contradiction right there.
    I know illegal immigration is a big deal and you need to find the solution. But racial profiling will never be it. It is only promoting hate and racism and trust me, we do not need any of that.
    You people have proved to be smart enough to become leaders around the world. I am not saying you USA citizens are perfect but you have some of the most remarkable people I have ever met. You can come up with a better solution than a racist law which happens to violate basic human rights.
    Think about it, under the USB 1070 law, Ricky Martin would have a greater chance of being arrested than Jeffrey Dahmer for example, and who happens to be the real criminal??
    I know it is hard, but try to look beyond the skin color and the cultural background of people and then come up with a smarter law.