Protein KROX20: An Accidental Discovery That Will Redefine Cosmetic Science

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An accidental discovery in pursuit of normal cancer causing discovery has lead to an unprecedented leap in the hair regeneration and growth.

Premature graying has been the trend these days but one of the most harrowing experiences that any teenager or youth might experience is when they have witnessed hair fall at an unprecedented scale. These days the increasing tensions followed by pressure from work, relationships, family, and education have taken a toll on the health. But an accidental discovery that has been encountered by the scientists of UT South western Medical Center will completely change the face of the hair transplants in the world.

Recruit Hair
Crew haircut

In their pursuit of finding the clues of rare genetic cancer that has been caused by lack of Neurofibromatosis type 1, the scientists have found out a hair progenitor cells that can naturally speed up the hair growth. With the breaking of the codes related to hair growth, it will not be long when humans would be able to have fully grown hair-cells with an improvised genetic mutation.

The scientists have also found out the secret of the law governing the graying of the hairs with the passage of the time. In the hair tissue the melanin contents get reduced from lower to negligible and with the loss of the melanin in the hair, you come across graying of the hair as the age progresses.

With different medication and therapy, the graying can be checked and kept in control if not completely treated. But for the hair fall, there is no other alternative that can be devised to control it. But this feat has completely redefined the possibilities with defying standards reached with respect to the hair growth. Back then in the past, the common rule of thumb was applicable for hair generation and degeneration. During the degeneration phase the skin cells located on the bottom of the hair were to blame for the hair-fall but it was hard for the scientists and doctors to devise a methodology that would stimulate and manipulate the path of regeneration. But such scenario has been done away with as the scientists have found out the protein that can be easily separated from the stem cells and this protein with the name “KROX20” will bolster the growth of the new cells that will support hair regeneration. This protein was earlier analyzed and upon in-depth research and consecutive tests were done on mice it was found out that this protein activates the hair shafts which pushes up the hair follicles and the growth is followed by the active participation of this heavenly protein. It has also been said that with this finding the gene therapy can also be made possible and this can be a breakthrough in the field of science as those individuals with a history of no hair in their family and clan can undergo the gene therapy with the release of the “KROX20” playing a pivotal role to support quick growth of the hair.

With this discovery, many of the dreams would be turning into a reality and those folks who have been subjected to inferiority complex among the friends, families, and acquaintances will altogether have a new way of life.

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