The Most Unethical Business Practices

Misleading Consumers

One of the most annoying, and dishonest business practices that is still common is misleading consumers. Some of the more notorious examples of this are as follows:

Sketcher’s Toning Shoes

Nutella’s Class Action Lawsuit

Dannon’s 45 Million Dollar Settlement

Unfair Competitive Actions

Unfair Competition Laws are designed to protect consumers and businesses alike against deceptive business practices. Some common examples of unfair competitive practices in commercial law include: trademark infringements, trade defamation, and misappropriation of business trade secrets. As pertains to consumers, unfair competition laws usually prevent unfair pricing strategies, like gouging, and false or misleading representations.

Some examples that are clear examples of this would be

Gas Stations Who Gouge During Hurricanes

Tree Trimmers Who Gouge Companies

Roofing Companies Who Over Charge After A Natural Disaster

Stealing Trade Secrets

Recently Huawei has gotten into a lot of trouble in the US and part of it is allegations against some US workers who worked at Apple, and Tmobile who allegedly stole trade secrets and sent them to Huawei.

Stealing trade secrets is a huge deal in the corporate world. Some examples of highly guarded trade secrets include the recipe for Coca Cola, and WD-40.

Google Search Algorithm

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

Coca Cola Recipe

Lena Blackburn’s Baseball Rubbing Mud

NY Times Bestsellers List

Listerine Recipe

WD 40 Recipe

Twinkies Recipe

Krispy Kreme Recipe

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce

Mistreating Employees

While some companies have a bad reputation in how they treat employees such as Amazon, Fedex, and UPS. None come close to these companies:

Family Dollar has been plagued with allegations of unpaid overtime.

Target busted for Union Busting & Propaganda

There are numerous examples but these are some of the worst.

Financial Deception

Financial deception is really bad especially for investors and stock holders.

Waste Management’s Billion Dollar Fakery

Enron Scandal, need I say more.

HealthSouth’s inflated earnings


Bribery especially happens in the developing world and big corporations have long used it as a common business practice to enter into markets that set hurdles for big companies. Here’s a few chief examples.

Walmart’s history of international bribery

Fifa’s Bribery Scandal

Big business is notorious for unethical business practices. These are just a handful of examples. Take note you don’t have to be unethical to be successful. But it helps.

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