Ground Zero Mosque Protests In New York


Ground Zero Mosque Protests In New York – Is an Islamic Center being built near Ground Zero of the 9/11 attacks a good or a bad idea? Does it disrespect the dead, or is it a sign of America and Islam making new ties in a world that screams for peace, love and understanding?

The argument went to the street, with protesters lining the streets with chants of “Hallowed ground, that’s a lie, you don’t care if Muslims die!” blended with “USA, USA!” taking over some New York City streets.

The Islamic Center, which is going under the project name ‘Park51’, is dividing many people, and is bringing into question religious tolerance and sensitivity to the victims and deceased of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“I am surprised that in America in 2010 racism and bigotry has found another face. Now it is against the Muslims,” said Ali Akram, a supporter of the proposed center.

For the side against the center, around 1000 people showed up in protest, with a quarter of that number, 250, turning up in support of the center.

“I am here to protest this nonreligious mosque, which is a symbol of Muslim victory,” protester Carl Blum said.

Even the construction industry is divided, with some construction workers refusing to work on the site, under a union based ‘9/11 Hard Hat Pledge”, with one worker saying “I would definitely refuse to work on it,”I think it’s just too close to home here.”


  1. if i lived in new york i would be protesting be cause those muslims were the ones who are jealous envyous killing terroriists! i highly doubt the final disicion is that they will build this mosque

  2. Islam is a totalitarian Ideology, not a religion. There Is no provision for this in the constitution that supports it and in fact should be considered treasonous to try and install another form of government and law

  3. Mohammedans trying to ride the “race card” is just too funny. Since when did this cult get “race” status??? If they can’t ride the “freedom of religion” strawdog to political victory, the “race” card is always good for sucking in some useful idiots. Mohammedans are NOT a race. Mohammedans get no extra rights, quotas, set-asides, affirmative actions, or “race-based” privileges. This assault on the sensibilities, culture, and national identity of America and Americans will be repulsed. The People, formerly known as The Silent Majority, are silent and tolerant no more.

  4. Muslims died too at the World Trade Center, so I don’t know what this whole mess is about ‘disrespecting the dead’.

    Please, the people who are there protesting against the cultural center are just like sheep who are following along with what the people in the suits say. They don’t realize that they’re simply part of the ‘scare white people’ agenda.

    This whole thing is embarrassing and stupid.