Dr. Laura Quits: Dr. Laura N Word Controversy


Dr. Laura Quits: Dr. Laura N Word Controversy – Dr. Laura has quit after creating controversy after using the n-word multiple times on her show. The radio host had come under fire since that time, and sponsors continued to drop out. She was constantly being charged with being racist on editorial pages, and she was unable to survive the latest round of fire. Her career has been filled with controversy, but racism is something that many are just not willing to put up with, especially sponsors.

On “Larry King Live,” Dr. Laura Schlessinger addressed her use of the n-word once again. She also announced that at the end of this year, her contract will expire and she will not be renewing it, effectively ending her long run as a radio show host. The decision was not seen as a sad thing by the doctor, and instead she said that it would allow her to regain her first amendment right to the freedom of speech.

While her decision to quit seems surprising to many, she acted as if it made perfect sense to her. Some of her fans are perplexed, as she has faced accusations like this before and has always remained on the radio. She did release a public apology the day after using the word, but when making her announcement to quit she seemed to be much less apologetic.

She used the word alongside the age-old complaint that African-Americans were able to say the word, so she should be able to was well. You can understand why she would receive negative responses for the viewpoint, but few expected it to force her into retirement.


  1. I mostly liked Dr. Laura, but she was very foolish with this caller. The woman was not whining or complaining about the world being racist, etc. She was telling about a situation of being married to a white man and his family constantly making degrading racial remarks. She hadn’t finished describing it when Dr. Laura cut her off and went on a tirade about black comedians not being criticized for their slurs, blacks being oversensitive, etc., etc. She then had the nerve to say “let me finish” when the woman tried to speak. Well, she was the 1st to butt in, not the caller. How would Dr. Laura (Jewish) like it if she married a Gentile and at every family gathering heard something negative about Jews? Dr. Laura was the only 1 blowing anything up here. BTW, I am a white conservative, not a liberal bedwetter. 53, grew up in the south. Seen racial politics from many angles.

  2. Dr. Laura is NOT A RACIST!!! And the hypersensitive media is to blame for her sadly quitting. Gee why didn’t Jessie Jackson quit after he called New York “Hymietown” oh I see Blacks can say what ever they want but Whites cant even use the “N” word even when referencing the fact that Black entertainers use it.

  3. Laura Schlessinger(by being a radio celebrity) has enjoyed 1st amendment privileges to which 99.9% of the general public has no access. And she has, at times, used it to condemn and vilify minorities (like Gays) with sweeping generalizations which would not be tolerated if aimed at Jews or Blacks. Now she says her rights are being taken away because sponsors don’t want her. This isn’t a case of losing 1st amendment rights. It’s about how dare anyone think to criticize her. Look, she (Americas finest moralist) dodged the bullet (and managed to keep her show) when she got caught posing naked on the internet. How full of one’s self does (or out of touch) one have to be to learn nothing from that experience? This is the result.

  4. How sad that her brilliant advice won’t be available to all of those that really need it. Children will be the biggest ones that suffer from her wisdom not being on the air. I hope the libs in the media are happy with what they’ve done.:-(

  5. I am SO glad that this woman has one sane thought in her head! I was delighted to learn that she would not renew her contract or maybe that she was forced out. She wants her freedom of speech and in essence her freedom to be a racist…then let her have it. All I know is that I won’t have to fume everytime I hear the garbage coming out of her mouth any longer! YAY! The best news ALL week!

  6. Good riddance to this filthy hate filled witch – she is a racist conservative – and like all or majority of conservatives she is in total denial of what a piece of *hit she is – to hell with her and all cons.

  7. Ive always liked Dr lauras style,she would never let people get on the pity pot about their situations and at the end of most calls the viewer saw the light and she taught many to get out of the victim mentality alot of her callers were in
    I didnt hear this particular call,so cant say I know what happened but Im certain shes not a racists after hearing her addressing the subject in past calls.MAYBE it was blown out of proportion but if I were here Id quit anyway she has money ,and alot of past times she enjoys,maybe this is a good time to kick back and have some fun

  8. I am a full blooded Black American woman. I am the same color as Angela Bassett; and I don’t believe that Dr. Laura said anything racist. She was simply being completely honest about what she thought the way she always is. She is always very frank, and bold about telling the truth; and that is one of the things that I’ve always liked about her.
    She did not call anyone a Niger. She was simply using the word to identify what other people say. The Black lady that she was talking to proved her point – that some people are too sensitive.
    I feel Black people need to have more courage and stop getting all upset and anxious about simple things. Dr. Laura was doing Blacks a favor by being so honest. A person like her is your best friend (someone you should prefer to stay around), not your enemy.