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The star sales rep uses the occasion to reframe the discussion and turn a customer with clearly defined requirements into one with emerging needs

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The major crack across her waist was cleanly ripped through across most of the photo, and was only connected by the paper at the far left

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Those in the program must complete drug treatment and other program requirements, such as paying court costs and fines

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Without disputing the sad truth that drugs designed to treat Alzheimer's have had notoriously high rates of failure, Wyeth execs are clearly upbeat about bapineuzumab's potential

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This article reviews some of those efforts that have come to fruition in recent product introductions.

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of infectious disease transmission. In a survey of 501 office workers in seven cities nationwide, four

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Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately, it's not so simple

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Darauf Doch gerade in den Lndern, in denen Malaria auftritt, sind viele tuschend echt wirkende Flschungen im Umlauf

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boundaries that could symbolically contain the integrity of the masculine subject In this context, the

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