Anibal Macias Jr Killed in Los Angeles Hit-And-Run Accident on Alameda and 22nd Streets


Anibal Macias Jr Dies in Los Angeles Pedestrian Crash at Alameda and 22nd Streets

Pedestrian Crosswalk
Anibal Macias Jr Dies in Los Angeles Pedestrian Crash at Alameda and 22nd Streets

Los Angeles, California – Anibal Macias Jr., 33, was killed in a Los Angeles hit-and-run crash early Saturday morning at Alameda and 22nd streets, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

At around 4:30 a.m. January 23, police said Macias Jr was walking on the sidewalk when a vehicle struck him and dragged him into the street.

The driver then fled the scene after the accident.

Macias Jr was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The police are looking for the driver responsible for the deadly accident.

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