Mark Alarcon Killed in Crash on 280 Freeway in Woodside; Multiple Similar Incidents


Woodside, California – A beloved and helpful Freeway Service Patrol driver, simply doing his job, died in a crash Tuesday afternoon on Highway 280 in Woodside, while helping a motorist. He has been identified by the San Mateo County coroner’s office as 61-year-old Dublin resident Mark Alarcon.

The CHP responded at about 3:40 p.m. to southbound Highway 280 between Farm Hill Boulevard and Edgewood Road. A lumber truck was traveling southbound when it left the road for unknown reasons and struck the Patrol vehicle and Mr. Alarcon.

Alpine Law Group’s Managing Partner and CEO suggests a swift investigation. Mr. Khodaverdian was awarded one of the Top 10 Truck Accident Settlements in California as well as one of the Top 10 Wrongful Death Settlement in CA in 2019 per TopVerdict. In researching the issue, Mr. Khodaverdian was made aware that Highway 280 in and around this particular location has an extremely high incidence of swerve collisions such as this one. Mr. Khodaverdian spoke with someone who has data and reports on similar collisions who states she met face-to-face with CalTrans to advise them of the issue at this roadway. She noted, “Our studies showed Highway 280 had over 20 fatal swerve collisions in a five year span whereas the perpendicular Highway 101 had only four. We ran Highway 101 because it also had four lanes and similar traffic patterns. Highway 17, which also has a very similar number of wildlife strikes as Highway 280 — both in the hundreds — only had 2-4 fatal swerve deaths.”

The above data and the fact that CalTrans had potential notice of this issue would suggest possible government liability.  Furthermore, the family of Mr. Alarcon would have access to a host of sources of financial recover in their quest to obtain justice to hold those accountable for this tragedy. Mr. Alarcon’s family would likely be able to immediately obtain a death and funeral benefit from his employer and/or the workers’ compensation system if Mr. Alarcon was covered by such benefits, which he likely was. More importantly in holding those accountable, Mr. Alarcon’s family would want to immediately investigate and potentially pursue the lumber truck driver and his company — and perhaps even the company that supplied the lumber.

“Swift action includes sending a preservation of evidence letter, hopefully through counsel, to seek preservation of important evidence regarding the truck, its event data recorder, and the truck logs of the driver. This will reveal a lot of evidence about the speed of the truck, when it veered off the road, possibly why, and the amount of time that driver had been on the road,” Mr. Khodaverdian said. “Frankly, I’d also be interested in finding out if Mr. Alarcon was given the proper personal protective equipment he needed to do his job safely.”

Attorney Khodaverdian was consulted for this article and can be reached for a free consultation by calling him at 800-984-4123 or by completing the contact form on this website. Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Alarcon – a helpful Californian who fell victim to a tragic incident. If anyone is aware of a GoFundMe campaign for this family, please contact us using the form on this website and we will update this page to include the reference. We are also happy to provide the above crash data and studies to anyone interested in contacting our offices.

While Mr. Khodaverdian does not represent any of the parties involved in this incident, he has recovered over $100 million for thousands of injury victims and their families. “In one case, we were able to recover a 7-figure settlement within 11 business days of being hired by the family of a victim killed by a negligent driver. While this result is atypical and does not predict future outcomes, justice in this case help bring about closure and a swift sense of justice for the family.”

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