NYPD calls on the public to help fight the illegal use of fireworks


New York City residents Complain about Illegal Fireworks

In the wake of weeks of skyrocketing pyrotechnics incidents, the New York Police Department was calling on city residents to help crackdown on illegal fireworks.

Fireworks complaints skyrocketed to 6,385 between 1st June and 19 June this year.

Juneteenth saw the highest number of complaints in a single day, with 1,689, followed by June 18, with 1,221 complaints.

The NYPD said officers seized illegal fireworks on 26 different occasions from the beginning of the year until June 14.

Police officers stated that they also responded to two injuries related to the fireworks.

However, some officials were pushing for what they called a pragmatic solution to illegal fireworks. They were suggesting for people to stop depending on the police and start looking for alternatives that could solve the issue.