Ex-Missouri Officer Charged with Assault after Driving Cruiser into Man


Former Police Officer Charged with Assault after Driving Car into Man in Missouri

A former Missouri police officer was charged Wednesday with first-degree assault and other crimes after he was captured on video barreling a police cruiser into a man earlier this month.

The former Florissant police officer, Joshua Smith, also received misdemeanor assault charges for punching and kicking the male victim who lay injured in front of a home in the suburban St. Louis city.

According to the authorities, the June 2 incident was captured on a doorbell video and posted on social media. The video showed Smith driving into a man seen running downtown the street.

The alleged assault happened after Smith, along with two other officers, spotted a vehicle that matched the description of a suspect’s car.

The officers tried to pull over the car, a Dodge Charger, but it kept driving. Smith then followed the vehicle with his lights and siren turned off.

The victim was among three people inside the Dodge. When the other two occupants ran in opposite directions from the car, the victim, who was in the rear passenger seat, also ran. At that very moment, he was struck by Smith.

The victim, who was not yet identified, suffered a severe leg injury in the alleged assault.